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How To Remove Shower Head Without a Wrench: 5 Step Solutions

You want to change your old rusted showerhead. But you got no tools with you to remove it? No matter how hard you try by hand too,  you just can’t remove your showerhead. 

How to remove shower head without a wrench? 

First of all, there are a lot of ways to remove a shower head without a wrench. But proper methods will make your task a lot easier. You can use WD-40 spray, vinegar with baking soda solution to remove rust. Also, duct tapes or twine will be of great use too. 

That was just a fragment of the solution. Want to get right to it?

Preparation is the Key!

If you are thinking of removing a shower head that too with no tools. You can’t just stand and try till your hand tears off. So before going forward with anything. Think smart. 

Stop all Water Connections

The last thing you would want is to get water sprayed all over your bathroom. If you don’t want that mess. Find the connection point and stir anticlockwise to stop water from running.

Preparation of Thread Pipes and Showerheads: 

This technique is used to undo the threads that connect the pipe to the nozzle.  You can select any of the available options.

But it is essential to cover exterior surfaces under the showerhead to make cleanup simpler.

For that, you may use:

  1. Penetrating oil
  2. Cutting oil
  3. Spray lubricants 
  4. Lime remover, if there is corrosion or a large number of lime residues.

But keep in mind! Allow 12-15 minutes for each way to go inside and separate any built-up residues.

5 Easy Methods on How to Remove Shower Head Without a Wrench

Removing a showerhead may seem easy like unscrewing an arm shower. But sadly it isn’t. You might have removed the shower rail with it too. 

Due to metal corrosion many times it gets stuck badly. Rust or buildup of calcium or minerals builds up due to corrosion. Both of them cause corrosion. 

Mentioned below are the methods, required tools, and the steps you need to follow.

Let’s get started:

  1. Rust Loosening Spray 

An effective loosening spray could be your easy way out for not using a wrench.  WD-40 Spray is well-known for its efficiency.

A comparable lube will accomplish the same thing. It will remove rust and stickiness. Remove any gum, grease, adhesive residue, or metal-to-metal bind lubricant.

Things needed for this method are WD-40 spray, scrubber or old toothbrush, paper towels.

There are many varieties in WD-40 spray:

Product 1
Product 2

Now, simply spray that on the connection and keep it for 12-15 minutes and so. The rust will loosen up within this time. Then you can twist the heads to loosen up more.

There you will have a removed shower head without any wrench or tools. But if it doesn’t work out at once try again.

Don’t forget to scrub showerhead lines properly to get those rust cleaned. 

The Use of Vinegar

Vinegar is something that every household stores. Another household component is baking soda. 

Both have the incredible capacity to clean impurities. Mixing these two components saves your lungs from chemicals. 

Things needed- 

  • Vinegar 
  • Baking soda 
  • Bowl / plastic bag 
  • Paper towels 

Now, you can wrap the showerhead in white vinegar spray for a good few hours. Be certain that everything, including the connection, is completely submerged.

Here is a pro tip, don’t dip the whole shower head as it will cause discolor in the exterior part.  

The vinegar and baking soda should be powerful enough to dissolve the scale. Thus this shall allow you to undo the showerhead manually.

As depending on how far you are placing the showerhead for both methods. You’ll need a lot of extra towels later on to clean up.

  1.  DIY Wrench – Duct Tapes

You can find duct tape anywhere. Duct tapes come in handy in every chore almost. With its weight holding capacity, it can pretty much be used as a wrench tool.

How could you apply this concept to magic?

First, cut a 14” a lengthy strip of duct tape. Then you can wrap around half of it with the showerhead. Make sure you got no area for air.

It won’t hold a strong grip if there is no area left for air. For this to be perfect you can wrap the duct tape in a criss-cross way.

After you are done up to this. Time to use your hand power to pull the showerhead holding the other half of the duct tape.

Make sure to try rotating it in an anti-clockwise direction. In this way, you can easily open a shower head without a wrench.

  1. How To Use Twine For Removing Shower Head

Twine is a piled composition of rough thread twisted together. It can be tough but I doubt it would have sufficient strength for pulling.

The use of it can be the same as duct tapes. But be sure that it won’t be as strong enough as the duct tapes.

Curl the twine all around the body first. About 20 times or as much as needed for a strong wrap.

Make sure it does protect the string from ripping. Now you can use it as duct tape. But pulling it hard might cut your palm.

Here’s a pro tip. Make a knot using the loose end of the twine. Then, insert anything tough –  a rod, pole, or even a broomstick within the knot.

You want something that will provide a strong handle and will not break under pressure. 

If you pull the twine with help of something like this. It will save you from splinter cuts by the twine. 

Now, what if you break the whole wall panel while pulling knots way too hard? In this instance, you might be curious about how to remove the shower wall panel.  


Question: How can I get Teflon tape out of my shower head?
Answer: The procedure is comparable to that of removing a hard-to-remove shower head.  If you don’t have vinegar, you may need to soak it in the water.

Question: How firmly should a showerhead be tightened?
When it’s finger-tight, tighten it with a wrench approximately one-quarter turn.

Question: How to keep showerhead from leaking?
Tape it up again with plumbers tape. Temporarily you can use duct tapes as well. 

Final Verdict

So it brings us to the end of our post. We hope that our guidelines were useful. We were able to assist you in resolving the issue.

If you’re still unclear about how to remove shower head without a wrench. Pursue a professional if you need.

Until next time!