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Best Flooring for Pier and Beam House: 3 Alternatives

Do you have a pier and beam house that needs its floors repaired? Well, then it’s the perfect time to experiment with new floors and find the right one. But before you go on a blind hunt we have some great options you can choose from.

You might get all confused and ask: what is the best flooring for a pier and house?

There’s no number one floor for a pier and beam house. But we have narrowed down the list to 3 main contestants. They are vinyl, floating wood, and cork floor. All of them have unique characteristics and the best part is you can choose the champion among these top finalists.

So, do you want to know what makes them the best floor for your house? Well then keep on reading, we have everything you’re looking for.

Best flooring for pier and beam house: 3 Types of floor

Furnishing the house can be a tough job. You have to make a cost analysis of furnishing expenses and even select the best floors. It all can be quite a headache.

But we’re here to make your life a bit easier. For your sake, we listed the top 3 floors for a pier and beam house. So, let’s take a look, shall we?

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl will be a great choice for your pier and beam house that’s because the vinyl flooring comes in various colors and designs. This means you can express your creativity by mixing up the color and designs to make your own floor style.

Other than that it has long durability and lifetime. In fact, it’ll stay in good shape for 20 long years. Plus, you won’t have to worry about whether you have too many pets, they won’t cause a problem on your vinyl floor.

On top of that it’s also very easy to install.

However, vinyl is made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) so it’s kind of toxic. So, it’ll be responsible for a lot of harmful gases and eye problems.

That’s not all the problems. Yep, there’s more. Did you know that you have to install a sub floor under the vinyl floor for support?

And that’s not an easy job. Any lumps and bumps can lead to uneven floors for the rest of your life. So, choose wisely.

Floating wood floor

Another type of flooring you can go for is the floating wood floor. This type of floor is easy to install. In fact, you can get the job done in 1 or 2 days.

And that’s not it’s only selling point. This floor is also super affordable so you won’t have to worry about it draining your pockets.

Moreover, the floating floor can also expand and compress in different weather thus it can adapt to its surroundings. But that means that if you use it in a sunroom it’ll expand quite easily as it lets in too much sunlight.

However, if you convert your sunroom into a bedroom it’ll be the right floor for you. That’s because bedrooms don’t allow a lot of light to enter unlike sunrooms.

On a different note, you can use a floating floor and you’ll see that the floors shift a lot. That means it won’t be stable. And just like the vinyl floor it also needs a sub floor for extra support.

Cork flooring

You might love growing oak trees but did you know that cork floors are made of cork oak trees? Yep, this makes it a renewable resource so you’re not harming nature while using this as your floor.

Plus it’s super easy to install and quite affordable. On top of that, this floor is also super stylish so you can rock your house with this floor.

But it does get discolored when it comes to face to face with sunlight. And requires a lot of maintenance work.

Side by side comparison of the 3 floorings

Do you want a complete comparison of all 3 types of floors? Well, then here you go:

Type of FloorBuilding Material


Installation ProcessDurability

Vinyl flooring



Easy to install

20 years

Floating wood floor



Easy to install

40 to 80 years

Cork flooring

Cork oak tree


Easy to install

80 years


Question: Can you put tile in a pier and beam house?
Answer: You can definitely install a ceramic tile in your pier and beam house. However, since this type of house expands and contracts due to pressure your tile will inevitably crack under pressure.

Question: What type of flooring adds the most value to a home?
Answer: The hardwood floor increases the value of a house by 70 to 80%. In fact, its sales value increases by 2.5% more than its original value.

Question: What flooring is least toxic?
Answer: Ceramic tile is the least toxic flooring out there. However, some other options include vinyl, tile, and even hardwood flooring.

To sum up

That’s all the best flooring for a pier and beam house. Did you find the right one for your house?

If you did, do tell us which one you picked. We’ll love to hear back from you. Anyway, take care. See you next time. Adios!