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How to Turn a Sunroom Into a Bedroom: Complete Upgrade

People hardly use their sunrooms nowadays. It simply sits around like the white crayons in a color box. Well, why don’t you put it into some use? Despite having endless possibilities the most useful thing would be an extra bedroom.

Now, the question is how to turn a sunroom into a bedroom without tearing up the house?

You’ll have to cover up the windows to make a bedroom. For this, you need to close up the windows. And then you have to fix the floors, insulate the room, and get new electric lines. Afterward, you can add new furniture to make a warm little bedroom.

And yes we know we didn’t give you much detail. But don’t worry; we won’t leave you stranded. So, stay tuned to find out more.

How to turn a sunroom into a bedroom: 5 crucial changes

As promised we’ll show you the ways you can transform your sunroom into a bedroom. But before we do, a fair warning, this process costs a lot. In fact, it might cost somewhere between $75,000 to $90,000.

And you should get an architect to check the location before doing a major makeover. That’s because if it’s in the wrong location it’ll tear down your house. Anyway, if all of these factors do not bother you then we can start.

Close up the windows

One feature of the sunroom is that they are always lit up. That’s because of the huge windows all throughout the room. They allow the sun to pour all its light in the room, never stopping them on their journey.

However, you don’t want all that light in your bedroom. More importantly, you won’t enjoy the lack of privacy in your bedroom. Come on, who wants their neighbors to see them while they’re sleeping?

No one. So, to block the excess lights and to build more privacy you need to replace the windows with walls. We know this might sound like a lot of work.

But there is one way you can cut down this heavy work. You can build a half wall from the base and make small windows across the room.

Then you can put on heavy drapes or curtains. If you want you can also make the curtains yourself to pump up the room. And once the windows are dealt with you can focus on the floor.

Fix the floors

Most of the time the sunroom has a concrete floor or a patio style floor. Now, if you turn the sunroom into a bedroom the floors will have to match with the other rooms, right?

Since the bedroom is part of the house and not an outcast like the sunroom it has to be similar to the other rooms in the house. So, it makes sense to change the floors of the house.

And don’t go overboard with the floors. Try to find the tiles that match with your other bedrooms.

Otherwise, the bedroom will look like a guest and not a family member. Now, if you have a pier and beam house make sure you buy the best type of floor for them.

By the way, a fair warning, you cannot do this task on your own unless you have some expertise as a contractor. So, you’ll have to call in a professional for help.

Moreover, this will require quite some time. So, for a cheaper solution and faster solution you can use seagrass carpets or go for laminating the floor.

And cover the entire floor with it. Afterward, you can even put on a designed rug on it. This won’t let anyone else find the color of your floor and your problem will be solved.

Insulate the room

Now, if you live in a cold place you’ll definitely have to insulate the new bedroom. Otherwise, the cold wind won’t let you sleep at night. And you’ll keep on shaking all throughout the night.

You might ask, how do you insulate a room? Well, you already did half of the job. Getting warm and thick curtains to insulate the room to some degree.

However, your work doesn’t end there. You need to close up all the leaks in the room. That means fully sealing the windows so that the cold wind can’t make its way to the room.

But if that’s not enough you can also install a floor heater. They’ll keep you warm and happy for sure.

On the contrary, if you live in a warmer region then getting an AC will do the trick. You won’t have to worry about insulating the room.

Get the electric lines and outlets

Alright, now it’s time to focus on the most important thing. That is electricity. You need an electric line and some outlets to charge your phone, use the TV or run the iron.

And most of the time sunrooms don’t have that. But it’s crucial for a bedroom. You don’t wanna live in a room where you can’t charge your phone. That’s a nightmare.

So, call up your mechanic and set up an appointment right now. But just a heads up, the newer outlets are hard to plug in. So, you gotta prepare for some struggles that might come your way.

But hey, at least your phone won’t end up dying in the middle of the night.

Bring new furniture into the room

Lastly, after everything has been taken care of you can start bringing in your new furniture. This will make you feel like the sunroom really turned into your very own bedroom.

Now, it’s needless to say that a bedroom requires a bed. And since your sunroom obviously didn’t have one you’ll have to get a new bed. Or bring in any spare one that you might have.

And then you can start bringing in your other furniture. Like chairs, your work table, a bookshelf and something to put your clothes in.

You can also put a one cushion sofa but do make sure you check out this sofa’s pros and cons beforehand.

Stack them up nicely in different places and you’ll see how the whole room suddenly looks different. And that’s when you’ll realize that you don’t have a sunroom anymore.

Instead, you have a sweet little bedroom where you can sleep and relax all day long.


Question: How to make good use of a small sunroom?
Answer: You can use your sunroom for different purposes. Like you can use it as an office during the day time, you can meditate there or turn it into your own craft center.

Question: Can you turn a deck into a sunroom?
Answer: The decks can most definitely be turned into a sunroom. All you have to do is put walls around it so that it can support the windows.

Question: Can you turn a bedroom into a sunroom?
Answer: You can certainly turn a bedroom into a sunroom and vice versa. However, to make the bedroom you need to install more windows to allow lights to enter.

The finals words

Well, that’s all there is to know on how to turn a sunroom into a bedroom. We hope you have fun sleeping in your new and improved bedroom.

However, if you still have more questions leave a comment below. We’ll reach out to you with the answers.

Anyway, goodbye folks. Take care. Adios!