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Gas Dryer Flame Goes Out After 10 Seconds? [Quick Repairs]

A gas dryer should stay on throughout the entire drying process. But turning it on and after a few seconds it’s going off? Well trust me, you’re not alone. To help you out, we’ve just the solution.

What to do when your gas dryer flame goes out after 10 seconds?

Firstly, you have to check the vents and inspect for clogs. If there’s any, clean them out. There also might be problems with the gas coil or gas valve. Thus you’ll need to replace those. At times, the power cord and fuse can be the root of this problem too.

Curious to know more about each of the solutions in detail? Well then, keep on reading to find out! 

Fixing Gas Dryer Going Out After 10 Seconds: Problems & Solutions

So you’re going about your day. You load your clothes into the dryer and hear the click. It’s on. Then after 10 seconds or so, you notice your dryer isn’t making any sound. It’s off!

This can be frustrating. That’s why we’ve curated this list of problems and solutions! This will clear all your difficulties.

Take out your handyman hat, and let’s get to fixing it. 

First, make sure to turn the power off. The dangers of working with electrical appliances are significant. If it’s a bad day, you might need to be rushed into the ER. 

Clogs In The Venting System

This is a very common problem. The airflow gets clogged causing the dryer to heat up and turn off.

The lint and debris stuck in your dryer can even cause a fire. But the fuse will blow out as a precautionary step to prevent an electrical fire.


To avoid this, clean the vents after every laundry load. Now onto the repairing part.

First, pull the dryer from the wall. Next, take the vent hose and clean it with a little water. Check the other vent on the wall and make sure it’s clean. Now, turn on the dryer without the hose and let it blow. This is similar to how we clear a clogged air admittance valve.

You might see some lint and debris from the dryer. Thus, keep the dryer on for about 5 mins on air settings. This will clear out the vent. Now, attach the hose and check if the air is flowing outside. It should blow just as strong as it did with the hose off.

Check The Gas Coils & Valve

Sometimes the gas valves and the coils cause the dryer to turn off. This might be due to the coil burning out. To check which one’s faulty, we need to do a small multimeter test here.


To fix the valve and the coil, we need to open up the dryer. To do so, we’re going to need the following tools:

First, take out the lint screen and remove the two Phillips screws. Take a putty knife to remove the top part off. Next, disconnect the lid switch connector.

Use a 5/16 driver to remove the bolts from the front part. Lift up the front cabinet and remove it. Remove the idler belt and the drum as well. Next, take your multimeter and check the ratings of your gas coil and valve. The range should be anywhere between 20-50 ohms.

After that, remove the mounting cover using a Phillips screwdriver. Then, replace the faulty valve with the new one. Finally, plug in the gas coil. Afterward, put the mounting cover on. Then reassemble the entire thing similar to the way you took it apart. 

Voila, your problem is solved!

Broken Power Cord 

If you find that the power cord is discolored, then you’ll have to replace it. This is similar to your pull cord problem in your shower


Take a nut driver to unscrew and release the power cord. Remove the power cord strain and disconnect the two wires. Next, unscrew the ground wire. 

Then, take your new cable and screw on the ground wire. After that attach the wires and the power cord strain. Put back the panel and plug it in. And you’re all set!

Now for the power cord, those are available at any store that sells appliances. Here are some options you can choose from:

Certified Appliance Accessories 30-Amp Appliance Power Cord
General Electric WX09X10004 3 Wire 30amp Dryer Cord

Believe me, these are the best in the market.

Problems With The Fuse Box

A dryer might stop due to the fuse burning out. The amps of the fuse and circuit might be mismatched. This might also cause the circuit to break. 


You need to replace the amps for this. Opt for a 30 amp fuse since it’s compatible with most amps. Then run the dryer for about 15 mins and turn it off. 

After that, take out the fuse and check if it’s hot. If they’re touchable then they’re fine. Otherwise, the fuse might be melting. In this case, contact an electrician immediately!

These are the problems that generally occur with dryers. We hope our solutions will help fix them. 


Question: How does a flame sensor work on a gas dryer?
Answer: A flame sensor identifies the igniter temperature. It is found on the burner funnel. When it is hot enough to light a gas burner, the sensor shuts down the igniter. After that, the burner ignites and the coil opens the gas valves.

Question: How do you clean a dryer heat sensor?
Answer: For this, find the dryer’s moisture sensor. Then take your fine sandpaper and clean the moisture sensor. After that, use a dry cloth to wipe it dry.

Question: How long does a flame sensor last?
Answer: It is recommended to use it for about two to three years. And then replace it! But most technicians advise changing it every time there is a flame current issue.


This brings us to the end. So did we solve your gas dryer flame problem after 10 seconds

If you face any more issues, contact a professional.

Until next time, goodbye!