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Lost One Leg Of Power: A Complete Solution Guide

We know how helpless you might feel if half your house loses an electric connection.

You can’t use any appliances fearing that might lead to even more severe problems.

Well, it’s time to resolve your power leg problem. 

What should you do as you’ve lost one leg of power?

Firstly, you should check the meter and the internal condition of the wires. Then repair the loose connection. If you cannot do so, call the power company for repair. Finally replacing the thermal if needed. 

That was just a highlight. We need to dig deeper into this. 

Let’s get started with our segment- 

Losing One Leg Of Power – What Does It Mean?

Losing one power leg can turn into a severe problem at times. Not sure why or how that happens.

Leg refers to a hot conductor in an electrical system. Using legs is widely shared in both residential and commercial services in the USA and Canada. 

What’s the mechanism of hot legs? 

We all know that power comes from a transformer. But do you know the system of conducting power?

That power comes from a center-tapped transformer. 

The 240V between the transformer and the outer legs is split between the three legs. So, 120V comes from the neutral wire and the rest comes from any one of the other two.  

What Happens When One Leg Loses Its Power? 

You might not understand the severity of the consequences of one leg losing its power. This can affect the whole power system, just like one bad receptacle affects others

The electric connections of a house are divided between the two power-carrying poles. Hence, when any of the two legs lost power, only 120V would be available. So, half of your house loses connection. 

Moreover, there’s a chance of crossing over the 240V when one leg faces this problem. So light blinking, flickering, or circuit tripping can also happen. 

Finally, you should never use 240V appliances because this can lead to appliances combusting or losing the power of the other outlets. 

The most severe consequence is a fire explosion. Using appliances during this time can start a fire like a gas fireplace turning on itself

Now that we know all the possible hazards of this problem. Let’s focus on the solution part. 

How To Solve Power Loss Of One Leg: 3 Solutions 

When one of the power legs loses its power, it can lead to many problems. So, this issue needs to be addressed as early as possible. 

How to troubleshoot a leg that has lost power? 

There are quite a few ways to solve this problem. Here we’ve added 3 troubleshooters to do so. 

Troubleshooter 1 of 3: Checking The Meter

Corroded or melted wires can cause power loss to one leg. Check the meter panel and make sure the wires are alright.

Any wiring like 12-2 wiring is very important for a device to run smoothly. So, if your wires get affected that can ultimately affect the whole circuit. 

Don’t forget to check if your meter panel is dropping the voltage. At times, voltage dropping might result in a partial power loss. 


If the wires are damaged, you should replace them. You should call an electrician for safety issues. Doing it by yourself can be risky. In case of voltage dropping, contact the power company. 

Wondering how you can check the voltage drop? You can use a digital voltmeter or an Ohmmeter to check the voltage. If you’re confused about which ohmmeter would be perfect, here’s your solution. 

We’ve added our favorite picks here. This should help you in purchasing your desired Ohm meter:

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Just grab your preferred one and check the voltage. If you find the meter is on 240V, then it’s alright. Just move on to the next step. 

Troubleshooter 2 of 3: Repairing The Loose Connection

Check the wire connection to see if your meter and wiring condition are exemplary. Speedy airflow or storms can loosen the connection. If the connection passes through a tree,  the chances of losing the connection rise.

At times, the loose nuts can quickly cause wires to lose connection with the power source. This incident eventually leads to one leg losing power.


For loose nuts, tighten the connection with the primary source and check again. Suppose it doesn’t work contact power suppliers. You might need an expert’s opinion.

If the connection is lost due to other reasons, get a professional for the repair job.

Troubleshooter 3 of 3: Replacing The Thermal In The Main Breaker 

Even though a problematic main breaker is a rare issue. Still, you can check if the circuit breaker is okay. If not, you might need to change the thermal. Thermal is the central functioning part of a circuit breaker.

The circuit breaker’s mechanism trips the power off when the heat is too high. It stops the excessive current from flowing through the wires. Which ultimately melts the coil or the thermal. So, the power might be disconnected. 


If you think the breaker is problematic, replace the thermal. Thermal has a higher chance of getting affected by excessive heat.

For a thermal replacement, here are some of our handpicked products. This list will help you choose the right thermal for your needs. 

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Grab the one that suits your demands. But you should call an electrician to replace you because this requires specific expertise.  

These troubleshooters should help you. But they’re just a few issues that may arise when solving the issue. 

Don’t hesitate to call an expert if none of these work for you. Power loss-related problems should be prioritised so you can stay safe from further hazards. 


What do electrical grounds do?

Electrical grounds ensure the safety of appliances. It’s considered the most effective way to pass electricity to the ground. An electric circuit has both positive and negative electricity. At the same time, it has a grounding wire that passes to the ground for safety.

Question: How do most electrical fires start?

Removing grounding wires can cause an electric fire because grounding keeps the device safe and passes the electricity to the ground. 

Old and outdated electrical appliances and receptacles can cause fire too. Faulty wiring and switches can lead to severe consequences at times. So, don’t overlook even the most minor electricity-related problems. 

Why is the power out in only one room?

If only one room lost connection then the problem is with the circuit breaker. A tripping breaker can cause this. It can happen due to an overload on the circuit. At times, faulty appliances can cause the breaker to trip. Thus it cuts the connection off in one particular line.