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Grohe Thermostatic Shower Valve Problem [How To Replace It]

You’re enjoying a cold shower on a fine morning. Suddenly you realize the water isn’t that cold. The issue that’s causing is your faulty Grohe thermostatic shower valve. 

How to fix the Grohe thermostatic shower valve problem?

The thermostatic shower valve problems cannot be fixed without a professional. But it can be replaced with 4 easy steps. Step one is to remove the screw. After that you need to turn off the water supply. Remove the cartridges afterward. Lastly, replace the new valve. 

The above steps are not enough for anyone to replace the valve. So we invite you to read our whole article. 

Let’s start reading!

How Does a Grohe Thermostatic Shower Valve Work?

You can preset the water temperature in a thermostatic shower valve. It will ensure that the water doesn’t get hotter or colder. It will be just your desired adjusted preset.  

While you take a shower it will immediately combine water to the pre-adjusted temperature. You don’t have to adjust the temperature yourself

This makes thermostatic showers as the most dependable and controller-friendly. It also has another feature. That’s- if the cold-water supply fails, the valve will also shut down instantly. 

This is done to protect you from injury caused by hot water. 

What Are the Grohe Thermostatic Shower Valve Problems?

You might be having problems regarding the amount of hot water in your shower. In that case, it’s possible that your Grohe thermostatic shower valve is broken. 

As we know the valve operates or regulates the flow of the shower water. That’s why if anything’s wrong, you’ll receive insufficient hot or cold water from the shower system. Other symptoms can be the shower is no longer functioning properly. 

If you are facing the above problem, you cannot fix it without professional help. But you can change the valve. We will guide you to do so.

How to Replace Grohe Thermostatic Shower Valve?

To start the process, you have to gather the necessary equipment and materials. Such as the below tools-

Tools Required:

  • Flat and Phillips head screwdrivers
  • Deep socket wrench
  • New thermostatic shower valve

Got all of them? Then replace the valve by following just four steps-

Step 1: Remove The Screws 

In the first step remove the shower handle cap. It is like removing the shower riser rail. Use your flat head screwdriver for gaining access to your screw. Then the screw should be removed with a screwdriver. 

If you don’t have a screwdriver, we have the two best options for you-

Product 1
Product 2

You can buy any of the screwdrivers. Any one of them will work perfectly. 

Underneath this screw will be another screw. This has to be removed to discard the shower lever handle.

Step 2: Turn Off The Water Supply 

After you’ve removed the shower handle fully, remove the handle faceplate. As you do so, just be careful where you keep all the parts. This way you won’t face any problem while you assemble the items together again. 

By this point you should see a hole in the wall. This is a part of your thermostatic valve. 

If you see a stop check valve, you must turn it off. Otherwise, start turning off your house’s main water supply. If you don’t, water might spill off to your carpet in the bathroom.

Step 3: Remove the Cartridge

Remove the valve cartridge after making sure the water supply is turned off. Now, in some units, the cartridge is shaped like a “U”. It can be removed with a pair of pliers. 

The rest of the units will have bolts and nuts. These should be taken out for removing the cartridge.

Your work is almost finished after removing the cartridge. You can now disconnect the entire thermostatic system from the water supply. This system should include the hose and showerhead.

Remove the valve as well. To remove it, just disconnect the hot and cold water supplies from the valve.

Step 4: Place The New Valve

Place the replacement valve in its proper location. Simply replace the components in the reverse order that they were removed. Turn on the valve and reinstall the faceplate and handle. 

Turn on the water now and wait for a few minutes. Now, check the temperature to see if the problem has been resolved.

Note: Some might not wear gloves throughout the process. But we insist you use a good pair of safety gloves. Using the same pair that’s used to attach copper to the brass threaded fitting is good enough.

Easy isn’t it? We know just follow the instructions and you will be fine.


Question: Is it worthwhile to invest in thermostatic shower valves?

Answer: Yes, it’s worth it. A thermostatic shower uses hot and cold water only as needed to achieve the desired temperature. 

Question: How long Grohe thermostatic shower cartridges can be expected to last?

Answer: The flow cartridge has a two-year average lifespan. But it actually depends on how you use it. If you maintain it well it will definitely last longer than 2 years. And sometimes it might start to show problems even before 2 years. Therefore you might have to replace it.

Question: What is the average lifespan of a thermostatic shower valve?

Answer: The valves are simple to move when under pressure. By keeping them at the same temperature, you can control the volume from off to full-on. The system costs around $30 to replace, yet it lasts 20 to 30 years. It might seem expensive but it will definitely last long. 


Our journey ends here. We have shown you that you can’t fix the Grohe thermostatic shower problem yourself. Instead, you can replace it. 

Good luck with the task!