Washing Machine Drain Hose Is Too Long [Problem Solved]

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A washing machine drain hose is similar to a garden hose. But, your machine’s drain hose has to have a standard length. If the hose is too long, it can create many problems for the washer.

What should you do now as your washing machine drain hose is too long?

Either you have to replace the hose with a new one. Or, you have to cut the drain hose to a standard size. If you want to cut the hose, make sure you cut the end that goes inside the standpipe. Don’t make it too short, just make sure it doesn’t create any loops. 

This was a brief discussion of the entire process. If you want to fix the drain hose, you need to know more.

Let’s get into the details then!

What Happens if the Drain Hose is Too Long?

First of all, a long drain hose can overflow and clog your drainage system. A clogged drainage system can make water stuck in the shower tray. Also, it can make water trapped in your washing machine.

Trapped water can produce a bad odor in the machine. Trapped water can damage the machine parts.

If the drain hose is too long, there’s a high chance that it will kink. This means it can break or leak at the weakest points of the loops. As a result, the entire laundry will be flooded with drain water. 

What is the Ideal Length for a Washing Machine Drain Hose? 

Drain hoses for washing machines come in different lengths. They are available from 4-6 feet. It is best if your drain hose is 28’’ high from the ground. 

For a top load washing machine, 5’’ of the hose will go inside the drain pipe. And for front load machines, the length should be 7’’. The universal diameter for the drain hose is 1-1 ¼ ‘’.

The height of the standpipe connected to the hose should be between 39’’ to 69’’. You should make sure that the washing machine is kept closer to the standpipe. It’ll ensure a proper drainage system for your washer.

The hose should come from the bottom and be able to reach the standpipe. For the perfect length of the drain hose, you should consider two things.

The Height of the Standpipe

The standpipe should never be under 30’’ from the floor. The standard height for the drainage system is 39’’. If your drainpipe is higher, the length of the hose will increase. If the standpipe is short, the length of the hose will decrease. 

The hose should reach the height of your standpipe. Also, you need to put at least a 5’’ extension of the hose inside the pipe. Before cutting the drain hose, take proper measurements of the standpipe.

The Distance of the Machine from the Standpipe

If your washing machine is far from the standpipe, you’ll need a longer drain hose. A long drain hose fitted horizontally is the main reason for backflow. 

Backflow brings back all the dirty water inside your machine. This will be very unhygienic and your clothes won’t clean properly.  It is best if you keep your machine very close to the standpipe.

How to Fix a Washing Machine Drain Hose That’s Too Long? 4 Easy Steps

Shortening the drain hose of your washing machine is not very difficult. As the drain hoses are made of a rubber-like material, they’re easy to cut. 

We’ve put together some steps to follow for you to shorten the drain hose easily. Let’s go through the instructions one by one-

Step 1 of 4: Turn off the Main Water Supply System

First of all, turn off the water supply valves which are in the back of your machine. Turn the knobs clockwise slowly. Keep turning until the knobs automatically stop. 

If the valves keep turning without resistance, you might have a problem. They’re damaged and need to be replaced. 

If your water supply valves are lever-type handles, turn them in perpendicular motion. Now disconnect the washer’s electrical plug from the socket.

Step 2 of 4:  Cut the Drain Hose

Pull out the drain hose from inside the standpipe. Don’t open the other end of the hose that’s connected to the washer. You’ll notice some water inside the hose. Take a bucket and drain the remaining water there from the hose. 

Take a marker and mark where the hose needs to be cut. A sharp edged knife might come in handy to cut off the extra inches. Be careful while cutting, don’t leave any leaks and holes in the hose.

Step 3 of 4: Connect the Hose to the Standpipe

Put the hose end back into the standpipe. Don’t insert more than 8’’ hose into the standpipe. If you put too much hose into the pipe, you’ll lose the air space. Air space is essential for the washer’s drainage system. 

Now you need to seal the connection. Don’t use tape or glue to do this. This will block the air gap and fill the washer with drained water. 

Use a special plastic drain hose adapter to keep the hose in place. We have a list of top-notch quality hose adapters for you. Check out the product list-

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These plastic hose adapters are durable and long-lasting. The price is also very reasonable.

Finally, use metal clamps for keeping the hose in a secure position. Make sure there isn’t any loop or kinking in the pipe.

Step 4 of 4: Check the Washing Machine

Go on and let the water run using the water supply valve. Plug in the washing machine and set it.

To check if it is working or not, press the rinse and spin option. 

Watch if there’s any water leaking from the washing machine. If there isn’t any water, it means the machine is working fine. 

Now you have all the information needed to fix your long drain hose. This will surely help you to successfully shorten the length of your hose.


Question: How much does a drain hose for a washing machine cost?

Answer: The cost of drain hoses depends on size and material. The price starts from $12 to $18 and can go higher. It’s better to use a good quality one if you want it to last long.

Question: How do you clean a clogged drain hose?

Answer: If your drain hose is clogged, you have to ensure that you can blow air through it properly. It’s better to replace the clogged drain hose. Cleaning doesn’t help much in this case.

Question: Can you extend a short drain hose?

Answer: Of course you can. If you own a short hose, you can connect it with another hose using strong glue or tape. You just need to ensure that there’s no leakage in the connection.

Parting Words

That’s all you have to know about when the washing machine drain hose is too long. If you put every step that we showed into action, we can ensure that you won’t be disappointed.

We really hope that you won’t face any trouble doing the work now.

Till next time, happy plumbing!

Richard Allen