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What is the Cost to Install Generator Interlock Kit [Answered]

The budget is quite limited if you’re building a house by yourself. And it gets super annoying when you need to spend on things like an interlock kit. To ease your mental pressure, it’s better to know the prices beforehand. 

How much does it cost to install a generator interlock kit?

A generator interlock kit costs around $20. But the full cost of installing it is quite expensive. You’ll have to invest around $200-$400 to gather the necessary hardware for the installation. Besides this, you’ll also have to pay an electrician $150-$300 for installing it. Altogether the cost of installing a generator interlock will be around $700-$800. 

Are you still confused? Well, this can happen sometimes. That is why we have this full article lined up for you. 

Just have a read to clear up all of your confusion!

Cost Calculator For Generator Interlock Kit Installation

When you’re in the market for something, it’s best if you know the cost beforehand. This way you can plan ahead of how much you’ll approximately need.  

For example, you might want to move your garage. In that case, it would be better if you knew the cost of moving a garage beforehand. This is exactly the case when you’re planning to install a generator interlock kit. 

That’s why without further delay let’s find out exactly how much you’ll need. I’ve added an estimated cost table for the installation below- 

Cost FactorsBudgetAverageHigh-end 
Interlock Kit Cost$20$20$150
Necessary Hardware $150$350$400
Electrician Fees$150$250$300
Other Cost$50$80$150
Total Cost$370$700$1,000

From the table, you can see that the interlock kit itself isn’t very expensive. But the labor and electrician expense will cost you quite a few bucks. 

An interlock can be purchased for as low as $20. But at the end of the day, you can have one installed for less than $800. 

This involves the price of labor as well as the cost of purchasing products. Power boxes, cords, and breakers will be among these components.

Remember that these prices can go up and down based on the region you live in. This is because electricians in different regions charge differently for doing the same work. This is the same when someone finishes their 2000 sq. ft. house

This price may change based on the cost of the interlock and the technician. For example, you might live in an area where harsh weather is common. In that case, electricians recommend investing in a backup generator. 

Built-in backup generators are relatively costly. Since they can power your house, they are the finest solution.

But the people mostly go with portable generators that are less expensive. Many households with portable generators utilize power cables. This is to supply power to their numerous devices.

If you don’t have any idea where you can buy interlock kits, I have some suggestions-

Product 1
Product 2

Feel free to use them if you like. 

Cost to Install Generator Interlock Kit (Detailed Overview) 

The expense of introducing a generator interlock is somewhere in the range of $650 and $750. That is likely such a ton higher than you anticipated. It is significant to know that the interlock, all alone, just costs $20 to $150.

Indeed, you can get an interlock pack for just $20. Generator interlocks are also such a great deal less expensive than transfer switches.

So, for what reason is the cost of installing almost $700 to $800 on average? 

The cost depends on two other factors. These are discussed below-

Hardware Setup

To begin with, the interlock kit isn’t the only thing you’ll need. You’ll also have to buy some new tools. Power boxes, breaker panels, and Chinese fingers will all be needed.

You’ll need to invest about $200-$400 on all the necessary components. This cost is beside the interlock kit.

The expense of the hardware actually depends on you and the electrician. That’s why the total cost will surely change if the hardware expense goes up or down. 

Now, this isn’t the only thing you’ll need. You’ll also need to hire an electrician. Because only that way you can properly set up your generator interlock kit. 

Labor Cost

Your generator interlock must be installed by a trained technician. Because this equipment is difficult to use. 

You risk starting a fire if you don’t properly install them. This is the reason why you should go with expert assistance.

You might have worked with interlocks before. Still, some areas have rules requiring owners to hire experts or professionals for installing them. 

To put it another way, you don’t have an option. Because generator interlock kits have legality issues

So, how much would it take to have an interlock switch installed by a technician?

It should take your chosen technician about four hours to complete the work. You could be charged somewhere around $150 and $300. 

Moreover, the labor cost also differs from one state to another. This makes the total cost also different in different states. 

All clear now? 

You should take into account the cost of labor along with the hardware cost. After that, the total average cost is likely to be around $700-$800.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can go for cheaper options for both hardware and labor. But you might want to go extreme. In that case, you can always increase the budget for better quality hardware and service. 

Alternatives of A Generator Interlock Kit

Thinking of using something else instead of the interlock kit. As a substitute for generator interlock, you can use a generator transfer kit. 

I have pointed out some differences before getting into the details-

AspectsInterlock KitsTransfer Switches
CostCheaperMore expensive
SecurityLacks a bitProvides more security
Legality Issues Not always legal Legal in most regions

Let’s now check the details-

I suggest you start with the cost of transfer switch first- 

A six-circuit switch will cost you around $650-$700. And a ten-circuit switch will cost you around $750-$800. The full cost including the installation charge would be around $1,500-$2,000.

As you can already guess, a transfer switch is much more expensive than an interlock switch. But you’ll get lots of advantages with the transfer switch.  

There are also some times when you’ll just need a transfer switch. Suppose, your generator has power that exceeds 5000 watts. 

In this situation, it switches from meter to generator power instantly. And it also eliminates return to the power wiring.

You can run the risk of accidentally killing anybody operating on the electricity lines. How? 

That’s by not installing any transfer switch. You could also potentially cause a fire by destroying your generator. 

But despite their importance, transfer switches are costly.

This is where interlocks come into play. They offer similar advantages, however, their functions are more manual.

Anyway, whichever one you choose, you need to always remember one thing. And that’s you’ll also have to buy other gadgets. 

As a result, make you budget keeping that in mind. You must also remember the safety rules of using your portable generator for your own sake!


Question: Is it safe to use interlock switches?

Answer: The interlock prevents the generator circuit breaker from turning together at the same time as the primary circuit breaker. The interlock ensures the protection of everyone operating on the electrical cables and stops the house from experiencing negative electrical feedback.

Question: What is the purpose of an interlock kit?

Answer: The Interlock Kit is an electromechanical interfering system that links the main breaker with the generator back feed breaker. By “interlocking” these breakers, you will keep the public safe. Because you’re ensuring that your generator does not unintentionally connect to the utility grid while it is operating.

Question: Is it permitted to use generator interlocks?

Answer: Generator interlock kits have been authorized by the UL per their standard. UL 67 is lawful throughout most areas of the United States. Electrical inspectors may complain about the interlock kits you use if they do not have the UL approval.


By now you have a pretty good idea about the cost to install an interlock kit for the generator.  I have tried to give you the approximate amount of money you would need.

But there can be slight fluctuations depending on various circumstances. That’s why I suggest that you have a look at the market price for these items before purchasing. 

I wish you all the luck with your new interlock kit!