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How Much Does It Cost to Move a Garage? [An Easy Guide]

It’s difficult to know the exact cost of moving a garage. However, it’s important to know the estimated cost. If you don’t then brace yourself; you’re heading for a big fat loss.

How much does it cost to move a garage? 

The total cost to move a one-car garage can be around $3,000-$5000. And it’s around $7,000-$10,000 for a two-car garage. The cost is less for detached garages. However, the cost can change as it depends on various factors. The factors are size, location, equipment, labor, and lastly, the finishing.  

In this article, We did our research and tried our best to provide an estimated cost.

So, grab your pen, note, and a calculator. Let’s get into the details.

The Factors and Their Costs

By now you already know, the cost of moving a garage depends on some factors. You’ve to know the cost of those factors. Then add them to get the total cost. You also need to think about packing up your garage. But fear not, that won’t cost you any money.

So, the factors:

Size and Location

Firstly, you need to jot down the size and location.

For example, you want to move your 14’x20′ attached garage 100 ft forward. Or you’re thinking about moving a 24’x24′ car garage. Things won’t be the same. So, prepare your wallet according to that.


You’ll need basic equipment to move a garage. And for sure, those tools won’t be the same as the ones to paint metal lockers

Buying all the tools might cost you around $1000-1,500 according to garage size.

Some Useful Moving Tools

By the way, did you know? 

You can hang a headboard without nails. However, after lifting a garage you can’t move it without rollers/wheels. 

So for that, you can use:

  1. Hydraulic Wheel Dolly
  2. Pneumatic Heavy Duty Swivel caster


You’ll surely need helping hands to move the garage.

Let’s assume, you need 4 people to help you move your attached 14’x20′ garage. They will charge $15 each for only lifting and moving. So, that’s $15×4= $60

For 24’x24′, you might need 5 people and they’ll charge $30.

Then the cost will be $150.

Then, let’s say, for building the garage foundation after lifting it, they’ll charge $5 per square foot.

For 14’x20′ garage, the area here is 280 square foot.

The total cost of building foundation for 280 square foot = 280×5 = $1,400

For 24’x24′ – the cost will be $2,880.

The finishing

This part solely depends on you. You might want to install a fashionable roof or stuff like – the shepherds hook in your garage.

For now, let’s assume you do. So, let’s keep at least $1,000-$1,800 depending on size.

The Total Cost of Moving 

Finally the main part! So, let’s add up all the costs of the factors.


Cost of equipment = $1,000

Cost of labor = $1,400+$60= $1,460

Cost of finishing = $1,000

The total cost = $1,000 + $1,460 + $1,000 = $3,460


Cost of equipment = $1,500

Cost of labor = $2,880+$150 = $3,030

Cost of finishing = $1,800

The total cost = $1,500 + $3,030 + $1,800 = $6,330

For detached garages, it will cost a lot less.


Question: How much does it cost to move an attached garage?
Answer: The type plays a very important role. Attached garages cost more to move than detached. So, for an attached garage, the cost will be $3,500-$14,000. 

Question: How much will it cause to move a detached double car garage?
Answer: Now, detached garages will cost a lot less than attached ones. So, it’s between $2000-$3000 to move the garage, if you’re on the site already doing other work. 

Question: How much does it cost to move a small garage?
Answer: You need to focus on the factors. The cost can change because of the factors. For instance, the answer is $3,500-$5,000.


Well, that’s all about how much it costs to move your garage. Now we want to hear from you.

Did you understand the calculating process?

Let us know by leaving a comment. And lastly good luck!