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How to Keep Shepherd’s Hook from Leaning: 3 Easy Methods

It must be annoying to have a morning stroll around your enchanted garden only to find a shepherd’s hook in the wrong direction. 

We get you. A leaning shepherd’s hook can give you all sorts of nightmares. However, you need to set your action plan if your shepherd’s hook keeps bending.

How to keep shepherd’s hook from leaning?

Put cement around the post. Adding more J-stake anchors also helps. But if you don’t want your hook to be fixed, you can put a heavyweight on the base or tie it with something for support.

These were just the nuts and bolts you needed to know. But if you’ve got a minute, take a look at all the beginner-friendly methods we’ve gathered to stop the shepherd’s hook from leaning.

How to Keep Shepherd’s Hook from Leaning?

A shepherd’s hook is an all-time favorite of a gardener. From hanging summer blooms to adding lanterns for a Halloween spirit, a shepherd’s hook can make you smile in more ways than one. 

What’s more, it’s a cost-effective way to style up your green heaven.

Bending a shepherd’s hook can give you a major headache. Especially if the holiday season is around the corner and your garden needs a decorative touch up. But don’t worry! We’ve got your back.

We’ve gathered a few ideas for you on how to keep shepherd’s hook from falling out.

Method 1: Anchor It Up

Using J-stake anchors to support your shepherd’s hook is one of the most common suggestions. If you want to relocate the hook in your garden then this method is more preferable.

Tools Needed For Things To Work

Your steps are simple:

Take 3 anchors. Use the rubber mallet to pin the anchors into the soil. Pin the first anchor in such a way that it holds the base of the shepherd’s hook. After that, pin the second and third anchors using the rubber mallet with the main pole at a 45-degree angle.

After installing the anchors, place some rocks tightly around the pole for some additional support. Make sure at least one of the rocks is placed on the base of your shepherd’s hook.

Method 2: Make It Permanent

If your shepherd’s hook keeps falling and you want to fix it for good, this method is for you. Putting cement around your pole gives it strong support and stability.

And the good news is it keeps the shepherd’s hook from bending even with a lot of weight!

Dig a hole of approximately 6 feet into your garden soil.

For a 6 feet hole, mix two bags of concrete and pour it. And leave 3-4 inches of empty space on top. Put the shepherd’s hook evenly inside the hole. Let the cement mix dry for at least a day. Chances are, you’ll have an unused cement mix, but you can use it for other purposes in your garden.

Finish it off by covering the remaining spaces with your desired materials. 

We’ve listed down the pros and cons of some of the popular options:

Materials Pros Cons
Topsoil Great for leveling out your lawn. Some topsoil are not screened for contaminants
Mulching Grass Provides nitrogen to the soil. Increases the spread of weeds
Grass Seeds Requires low labor Long time maturation

Now your post will stay firmly anchored in the ground.

Method 3: DIY Hacks

If you don’t want j-stake anchors or cement in your garden soil, you can think of some cool ways to keep your shepherd’s hook upright. Although, these methods might require your observation and attention now or then.

Here are some easy DIY hacks:

  • Tie the pole with some supporting rod
  • Put bricks on the base of the hook
  • Use wooden planks over the base/foot pegs of the pole
  • Use an empty container to put the cement and the pole. (Repeat Method 2)

Creativity has no limit. And just like that, there are hundreds of ways to keep your shepherd’s hook from falling over. So, if you don’t have the time to put cement or add anchors, you can go after anything that does the job.

Are you in a dilemma about which method to use? No worries! We’ve made it easier for you to choose.

The Material of The Hook Methods
Heavy Duty Shepherd’s Hook Use heavy-duty J-stake anchors, weight supports, or cement method.
Shepherd’s hook made from thin materials. Use thin J-stake anchors, wedges, or DIY ideas.


Question: How much weight can a shepherd’s hook hold?
Answer: A standard shepherd’s hook can hold 12 pounds of weight. But we suggest, in case you’re hanging plants, you check the stability of the post after you watered the plant.

Question: What can I hang on my shepherd’s hook?
Answer: We have a number of ideas that can brighten up your entire garden. You can also hang fairy lights, mason jars, lanterns, and whatnot! But I think we all agree bird feeder is the best choice.

Question: What is the tallest shepherd’s hook?
Answer: The tallest hook is 10 feet high! But you still have a lot of height options that vibrate with your garden.

Wrapping It Up

The essential tips of how to keep the shepherd’s hook from leaning will help you solve your trouble in heaven.

Bending hooks are now a common problem among gardeners. But before you give up, think about all the beautiful setup you can create with a shepherd’s pole.

As a bonus, you get to show it off to your friends!

Now that your shepherd’s hook is upright, you can focus on your holiday shopping.

Happy Gardening!