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LG Refrigerator Size by Model Number: Complete Guide

LG refrigerator model number structure differs based on the region in question. For instance, the structure used for Australia differs from the North American one. I will take you through the model number features used in the US and Canada.

LG Refrigerator Size by Model Number: Complete Guide 1

This information is vital if you intend to buy an LG fridge. This model number captures all the basic information about the refrigerator. It also determines the size.

Proper interpretation helps you know the type of fridge. It also helps with fridge door numbers, depth, volume in cubic feet, and the color of the fridge.

I will explain this information further. Note that the model number will not say the year of manufacturing. This info is in the serial number.

Finding the LG Refrigerator Model Number

All vital information about your LG fridge is on the inside. This includes the serial number and model number. Find these details on the side of the fridge. In some instances, it is on the fridge door.

You can also find the model and serial number details outside the fridge. Check the side for this information

The outside information is available in the barcode form. There are two barcodes, one for the serial number and the other for the model number.

We find the model and serial numbers under these two barcodes.

Note that this is a packaging sticker meant for barcode scanner reading. It is often used by the company when packing the fridges for delivery.

Decoding the LG Refrigerator Model Number

LG Refrigerator Size by Model Number: Complete Guide 2

The model number of LG refrigerators has changed since 2019. There has been an extra letter that helps identify the product.

This model number also has extra information about its generation. The changes/ additions may not be too significant. It helps to understand the product more.

I will explain the meaning of each letter and word in the model for better understanding. In the example LRSXS2706V:

  • L signifies (LSU) – LG, Studio line, Signature line
  • R signifies refrigerator
  • S shows the type of refrigerator. These may vary and include:
  1. F for French 3-door type
  2. T for the fridge with top freezer
  3. B is a two-door with a bottom drawer
  4. D is a two or 3-door with a drawer
  5. N, U is a fridge with two doors
  6. M has two doors and two drawers
  7. S is a fridge with two doors, two freezers side by side
  8. H means home décor
  9. E is a wine refrigerator
  10. K is for kimchi or specialty foods
  11. O is a single-door fridge
  12. C for chest freezer
  • X shows the extra features, which include:
  1. X for ice and water
  2. C for installed ice maker
  3. W for external water dispenser only
  4. I for internal water dispenser
  5. N for no ice or water dispenser
  6. D of the door in door
  7. P for the door in door no dispenser
  8. V for instaview door in door
  9. E for instaview glass only no dispenser
  10. T for instaview ThinQ
  11. G for instaview internal water dispenser
  12. B for object
  13. F for freezer only
  14. O for instaview only ice and water
  • 27 shows the fridge’s capacity, which includes 20, 22, 23, 24,27, 30, and 33 cubic ft.
  • O represents the width of the fridge, which is broken down further as
  1. 7 for the 17-inch width
  2. 6 for 36 inches
  3. 3 for 33 inches
  4. 0 for 30 inches
  5. 4 for 24 inches
  6. 8 for 28 inches
  7. 2 for 42 inches
  8. 5 for others
  • 6 represents the generation of the fridge, which includes 0 for generation 1, 1 for gen 1.1, 2 for gen 2, and D for drop-in.
  • V represents the fridge color. The options here vary and include the following:
  1. S for print-proof stainless
  2. T for stainless steel
  3. B for black
  4. V for stainless VCM
  5. D for black stainless
  6. C for a luminous black
  7. N for scattered reflection
  8. M for matte black STS
  9. P for painted coated metal
  10. W for white
  11. A for ashwood

The different letters and numbers are interpreted based on what is on the model number.

Calculating the Size of your cubic size?

LG Refrigerator Size by Model Number: Complete Guide 3

Your LG fridge will come with indicated width measurements already. To calculate the cubic feet size, multiply the length by the width and depth. Once done, divide the total by 1728 to find the cubic feet of the fridge.

There are 1,728 inches in one cubic foot.

In most cases, the depth, width, and volume in cubic feet of the LG fridge will always be indicated in the model number. Consider the example below and the interpretation I have made.

Fridge Model Number: LFXC22596S is interpreted as follows:

  • L – indicates that this product is an LG refrigerator, in some countries, also uses the letter G.
  1. L – LG
  2. S – Studio Line
  3. U – Signature Line
  • R – refrigerator is the second character included after 2019. Before then, it was missing in the model number
  • F – indicates the type of refrigerator and the number of doors.
  1. F – 3 doors, freezer bottom. 3 French doors type
  2. T – fridge with top freezer.
  3. B – refrigerator with two doors and bottom freezer
  4. D – 2 or 3 doors, with a drawer
  5. N – fridge with four doors
  6. U – fridge with four doors
  7. M – refrigerator with two doors and two drawers. 4 French doors type
  8. S – two doors, side freezer. Side-by-Side
  9. H – Home Decor
  10. E – Wine refrigerator
  11. K – series for Kimchi/Specialty Foods
  12. O – Single-door refrigerator
  13.  С – chest freezer
  • X – Shows additional options, and features (I have discussed the extra features earlier)
  • С – refrigerator depth
  1. S – standard depth
  2. С – counter depth
  3. B – built-in
  • 22– refrigerator volume in cubic feet, refrigerator capacity
  1. 20 – 20 cu.ft
  2. 22 – 22 cu. ft
  3. 23 – 23 cu. ft
  4. 24 – 24 cu. ft
  5. 27 – 27 cu. ft
  6. 30 – 30 cu. ft
  7. 33 – 33 cu. ft
  • 596 – This is the refrigerator model. It shows the control type too. After 2019, only two digits apply. It allows you to identify the refrigerator’s generation and width.
  • 0 – generation refrigerator
  1. 0 – generation 1
  2. 1 – generation 1.1
  3. 2 – generation 2
  4. D – drop-in
  • 6 – width refrigerator
  1. 7 – 17 inch
  2. 6 – 36 inch
  3. 3 – 33 inch
  4. 0 – 30 inch
  5. 4 – 24 inch
  6. 8 – 28 inch
  7. 2 – 42 inch
  8. 5 – other
  • S – refrigerator color (These come in the variants already discussed above)


What does the model number say?

The model number is a combination of letters, digits, or characters. They represent the appliance’s manufacturer, brand, design, and xc performance.

Is the model number important?

Model numbers have importance and can considerably narrow down a part search. Manufacturers also rely on model numbers to identify parts. This will help to build a particular line of products.

How many cubic feet is LG model lsxs26326s?

The LG lsxs26326s is 26 cubic feet.

This video explains how to find your LG refrigerator’s model and serial number