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What is the 22e Error Code in Samsung Refrigerator: Causes & Fixes

Home appliances bring convenience to a home. But they are not without challenges. They break down occasionally, necessitating troubleshooting and repairs. Knowing how to fix these errors is essential.

What is the 22e Error Code in Samsung Refrigerator: Causes & Fixes 1

The Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 22e

I opened my fridge only to discover that one side of the walls was warm. The other side was covered in ice, and the display showed a 22e error code.

I immediately knew that this was a fan issue. I tried to fix the error before I called a maintenance specialist, which you should also do.

What does the 22e Samsung refrigerator error code mean?

You can only fix or attempt to fix what you understand. The 22e error is an error of the fan and, more precisely, the error of the evaporator blower.

Once you note the error displaying, try to diagnose the issue. It is possible that the machine is underperforming or that it is broken. This error appears during the self-diagnostic phase.

It also pops up whenever you switch off and on or restart the control panel.

Depending on the model of the Samsung fridge, this error may appear independently (22e) or fused (22e). When it appears separately, the numeration display appears on the freezer temperature display. The letter symbols will appear instead of the fridge’s temperature in this case.

Whenever the error occurs, the fridge works unevenly. Some parts of the fridge have excess ice. This happens in the freezer section.

The other area will be warmer or have high temperatures. This is in the fridge section.

Its fan may also buzz since the usual blade noise is missing.

The good news is that the error is easy to diagnose. Many owners of Samsung fridges can attest to having fixed and rectified the error on their own with a lot of ease.

What Should You Do First?

What is the 22e Error Code in Samsung Refrigerator: Causes & Fixes 2

I recommend resetting the fridge as the first thing. The 22e error is likely to disappear in the following instances:

  • When you press the power and lighting buttons (these are the buttons on the left and right sides)
  • When you hold these buttons for about 8 to 10 seconds
  • If the uneven cooling issue persists, go back to the cipher designation.
  • Confirm the blower’s failure. In this case, hold the power freeze lighting buttons for 8 to 10 seconds.
  • Expect the module to beep for about a minute. This will be continuous until the fridge and freezer temperatures reset.

Understanding the Error and How to Fix It

The 22e error happens when your Samsung fridge has a fan issue. Make sure to provide access to the fun and the surrounding components.

Find the fan and related components at the back of the internal freezer wall. To access them, you have to remove the panel.

Use a blow dryer or a heat gun if you want more convenience. The goal is to ensure the flexible plastic part does not fail because it hardly cracks.

Don’t wait for the maintenance service or struggle through a weekend with a fixable error. I suggest learning how to troubleshoot such errors in advance.

Now that you understand the reason behind the Samsung error code and know how to access its work on fixing it. This begins by getting to the bottom of the potential reasons why the error keeps occurring. Several reasons could be behind it, as I will outline below.

  1. You could be Dealing with a Case of Ice Buildup
What is the 22e Error Code in Samsung Refrigerator: Causes & Fixes 3

Ice buildup has to be the number one reason the error code 22e comes up on your Samsung fridge. Usually, Ice could obstruct air circulation in your fridge’s interior.

The ice buildup does not happen on its own. To fix it, you must first understand the cause and address it.

  1. Presence of ice on the Evaporator Fan Blades

Air will not move over the coils whenever there is an accumulation of ice on the evaporator fan. This causes insufficient air circulation, hindering the refrigerator from cooling to appropriate temperatures.

I recommend checking the evaporator fan. Look out for the presence of ice and debris that hinder the fan from working appropriately.

Most Samsung fridges have a fan at the freezer’s internal back wall. This is a more convenient location with easy access.

  1. The Blade Locking Mechanism

Ice buildup or ice fragments can also lead to stuck dirt or debris. Correcting the cooling system by turning the refrigerator off is possible.

  • Start by inspecting the fan area.
  • Clean the surrounding area with hot flowing air afterward.
  • You can then clean the blades and remove all debris next.
  • Turn on your refrigerator and allow it about 10 minutes before you can start using it again.
  1. When there is Water Stagnation

Error 22e appears on the screen when the drainage system is clogged. The fans absorb the accumulated moisture on the blade. This causes the blade to become icier and freeze in the long run.

There will be a loud and heavy buzz from the fridge too. But, the ice chamber and warm zones may be free from these noises.

  • Resolve the issue by defrosting the evaporator.
  • Install a water flow control system.
  • Clean the discharge hole to resolve the issue.
  1. Clogged Vent
What is the 22e Error Code in Samsung Refrigerator: Causes & Fixes 4

Air circulation in the fridge becomes compromised when the vent is clogged. Whenever ice accumulates, it clogs the vents and leads to a 22e error display. Fix this by doing the following:

  • Turning your refrigerator off.
  • Examining the ductwork of the air conditioning system
  • Eliminating any clogging system that exists
  • While at it, ensure to double-check the temperature settings. The controller should not be set at the highest setting as this lets in excess cool air leading to freezing.

Besides what I mentioned, there are many more issues that could trigger the 22e error code. These include:

  • Fridge motor issues
  • Discontinued wiring
  • A defrost wiring that fails to work correctly.

Always aim to know what the issue is before fixing it.


How do I reset my Samsung 22e refrigerator?

Hold the power freeze and power cool buttons concurrently. Do this for at least 5 seconds for most Samsung models. This will reset your fridge.

What are common problems with Samsung refrigerators?

Several common problems exist. They include your fridge not cooling, failing to make ice, and failing to defrost. It could be a case of a noisy fan, door issues, uneven temperatures, and leaking water.

Can Samsung refrigerators be repaired?

Yes, they can. Please return it to the customer service center within 90 days of buying. You can also hire a qualified technician to check it out.

This video explains what the 22e error is and how to fix it