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No Water Coming Out Of The Bathtub Faucet: 9 Reasons & Solutions!

I know, it’s very irritating for you to see that there is no water coming from the bathtub faucet.

This reason is enough for spoiling your whole day.

That’s why you should know the proper reasons and some easy solutions to solve your problems.

But what are the reasons for no water coming out of the bathtub faucet?

There are about 9 possible reasons behind this problem. For example, leakage or faults in the main water supply or valve or pipes accidentally turned off the water supply, issues with heater, excessive hard water, frozen pipes, rusted or clogged pipes, leaked or clogged bathtub faucets, etc.

There’s much more to know. And I have the solutions for all of those problems too. To learn all of them, unfold the article.

Keep reading!

How to Solve No Water Coming Out of Bathtub Faucet: 9 Easy Solutions

Why is water not coming out of my bathtub faucet? What can be the reasons for it? 

It’s very natural to have these questions in your mind when your bathtub faucet is not supplying any water. Don’t be upset because I’m going to assist you solve your problems.

First, you should ensure that you have paid all the bills for Water. And ask your neighbors if they are facing any water issues or not. 

As now that you are sure that the problem is only at your home, you can proceed along with our guidelines.

Here, I have explained all the possible reasons for water not coming out of the bathtub faucet with some solutions too. Seize a deep breath and calm yourself and follow my guidelines.

It’s time to start our journey!

Reason 1: Leakage in the Main Water Supply

Why is no water coming out of my bathtub faucet? To know the reasons, you should start from the root, the main water supply line.

You should check if the main water supply line is turned off or not. It can happen accidentally. If it is, then you should turn it on.

Then you should search for leaks.

If you notice any signs of water damage on the walls or ceilings and pooling signs, then there is a high possibility of leakage in the main water supply line.


If you notice any of those signs, you should visit a specialist plumber. You should let him inspect to know where the problem is. 

There can be many leaks. So it can cost you a lot too. The repair cost depends on the damages.

Reason 2: Issues with Water Heater 

You should check if the heater of the bathtub faucet is working or not. 

If cold water is coming from the faucet easily, then you should try to turn on the heater. See if hot water is coming or not. 

No hot water coming out of the bathtub faucet? Then the problem is the water heater.


I will instruct you how to fix the bathtub faucet with no hot water. For this, you should call a mechanic and a plumber to repair it. If it’s not repairable, then you will have to buy a new water heater.

Reason 3: Accidentally Turned off Water Supply Valve

Still the problem is not solved? Then you should check if the water is running properly or not in other faucets.

No water in the bathroom but everywhere else? Then you should try to check the water supply valve of the faucet. Because if anyone has turned off the water supply valve, then water will not come through your faucet.


To check the water supply valve, you should know where it is first. You can locate it under the sink in the bathroom. Sometimes it can also be in the basements. 

If it is deactivated, then switch it on and check if the faucet is working or not.

Reason 4: Issues with Water Supply Line of Bathroom

Still, why is there no water coming out of my bathtub faucet? The next task is to check the water supply line of that bathroom.

There is an independent water supply line for every bathroom. You should use that line and check if it has any clogs or leakages or not.


If there are any clogs, you should clean that out. And if there are any leaks, then phone a plumber to fix up those leaks. If it’s not repairable, then you may have to replace it.

Reason 5: Leaked or Faulty Water Supply Valve or Pipes

If there are any clogs or leakages in the water pipes and water supply valve of that faucet, then water will not come through it.


If you can notice any signs of leaking, then you should call a plumber to repair it. And in case of clogs, you should clean that out.

Reason 6: Frozen Pipes

The problem can also occur because of frozen pipes. You should check the pipes of the faucets to detect if they’re icy or not. 

If you have found a frozen pipe, it will not let the water come out of that faucet.


To remove the  difficulty, you should unfreeze that pipe. You can contact a plumber to crack the issue.

You can also solve this problem by using a heat gun or hair dryer to unfreeze that pipe of the faucet. You can try to do so.

You can roll the pipes with insulations to avoid the pipes being frozen. Sometimes the frozen pipes can explode too.

Reason 7: Excessive Hard Water

In many places, the hardness of the water is excessive. Hard water includes many minerals in it. The harder it is, the more the minerals are.

These minerals in the water will create debris. After some time they will clog the pipe and faucets. As a result, the water will not come through it.

You should test the hardness of the water in your home.


You should search if there stands any residue or not in the pipes of the faucet. If there is any, then you should clean that debris out.

You can then put in a faucet water softener to lessen the hardness. As a result, it will purify all the water in your house. 

Here I have recommended some water softeners for your bathroom:

Product 1 
Product 2 

Hope these will be helpful for you.

Reason 8: Rusted or Clogged Water Pipes

After utilizing it for a plenty of years, some pipes can get rusted. This rust can grow more along with time. And after some time, this rust will block the liquid to run through the water pipes. 

The water pipes can also get clogged too. If they get clogged, it will also block the water to go through. 


Call a plumber to check if the rusted pipes are usable anymore or not. If they aren’t you might need to replace them.

To prevent corrosion, you can install an insulator and use a sealant on the pipes. Periodically you may have to seal your bathtub drains.

And for the debris, you should detach those pipes and clean the debris. You can install a strainer to avoid clogged pipes and clean it at a regular interval.

Reason 9: Leaked or Clogged Bathtub Faucet

Have you recently faced low water pressure in the bathtub only? Is the problem limited to only your Bathtub Faucet? 

If you yet can’t figure out your issue, then you should now check your bathtub faucet. Because if there is any leakage in the bathtub faucet or any clogs, then it can be the reason for the problem. 


First, pry off that faucet through a screwdriver. Do I need to turn off the water to replace the bathtub faucet? Yes, you should. You should turn off the water supply line and valve before prying it off. Otherwise, the overflow can drench you out.

For safety reasons, you should turn off the supply valves of cold water and hot water. 

Find the nuts which are holding the faucet against the bathtub. Remove the nuts safely. Sometimes it can have a plastic cap. Remove that too.

The faucet is completely detached from the bathtub. Clean all the debris and residuals which are clogging the water.

If the faucet is leaky and if you think you need to replace it. Then buy a new faucet. And follow the above steps in the opposite order to attach that new faucet to the bathtub. In this way, you can change your kitchen faucet too.

That’s all. Now you know all the causes of why no water comes out of the faucet of your bathtub. Go through the problems one by one to solve the issue.


What can be the reasons for a faucet acting like a jackhammer after turning it on?

The sound you can hear like a jackhammer after turning on or off your water faucet comes through the walls. It happens because of any kind of fluctuation in water pressure in the lines. It can similarly occur when you start other plumbing fixtures. The sound is called Water hammer too for its features. 

What can you do to repair a spluttering tap?

A spluttering pipe is so irritating. And to solve this issue, you should at first turn on all the faucets of your house for a half turn. You should make the water run for two to three minutes. As a result, all the air will get out of the tap. Now flush the toilets. This process is called bleeding.

Is air harmful to your water pipes?

Yes, the air in the pipes is harmful to your water pipes. It can damage them. If you are noticing any vibrating or sputtering sounds from the walls or pipes, then there is air in them. In order to figure out this situation, you should call an expert plumber. He will diagnose the issue and solve it too.

Final Words

There you have it. At last you understand about the causes for the no water coming out of the bathtub faucet. Now you also know how to fix those problems and stuff like that. 

I hope that this article will be helpful for you and you can share your queries in the comment section.

Have a nice day!