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Frameless Glass Shower Door Not Closing Properly

Nowadays, most people have a frameless glass shower door in their bathroom.

That is why most people face some similar problems with the shower door.

And one of these problems is that the frameless glass door is not closing properly. 

Why is the frameless glass shower door not closing properly?

The frameless glass shower door doesn’t close properly if there is any loose screw on the door. To know if there is any loose screw on the door, I have to check a few things. First I have to check the hinges of the door. And then I have to check the latches and the handles of the door. 

Now, we’re going to know more about this. As well as we’re going to know how to fix this problem. 

Why Is It Happening?

Often, we have to face some problems with the frameless glass shower doors. Among them, there’s a common problem that most people face. That is, the glass shower door doesn’t close properly. 

After installing a new frameless glass shower door, one can also face this problem.

You will see a thousand reasons for this problem. Among the top reasons is the hinges problems of a frameless shower door. To solve this problem we just need to know one simple solution. That is the frameless shower door hinge adjustment. 

There is another reason why we can’t close the shower door. Yes, there is. Sometimes it happens because the glass door is loose. For this, we just have to tighten the shower door and we’re done.

Now, sometimes there could be gaps between the tile and the wall of our bathroom. These gaps could be a problem while installing the glass shower door. Because water could come out of the shower through these gaps. 

Another thing is, it also could be a reason why the shower door isn’t closing properly. That’s why filling gaps between tile and wall is very important before installing the glass door. 

I believe we are about to discover more at this moment. In regards to keeping a glass shower door shut.

Frameless Glass Shower Door Not Closing Properly: Solutions

Shower doors made of glass come in a variety of styles. That is why the solution for each type of shower door is different. 

Here are some things in this table that you’re going to need for fixing the doors:

Types of DoorsTools
Pivot glass doorScrewdriver
Sliding glass doorAllen key

So, here are some solutions for different types of shower doors written below. 

Pivot door

Pivot door is the door that we pull for opening it or closing it. Generally, after opening the door, it closes on its own. 

What to do if a pivot door doesn’t close properly? You might ask-

Again, there are different kinds of pivot glass shower doors. Such as there are magnet doors, bifold doors and so on. 

Magnet Shower Door

Magnet shower door has magnetic locks. Sometimes this magnet of the lock doesn’t work. The magnet shower door will not close in this instance. That means I may have to replace the door’s magnet.

Bifold Shower Door

Now suppose, as it doesn’t take long to retile showers, I redecorated my shower. Also, I installed a bifold shower door.

So, the bifold shower door is a door that folds in the middle when we open it. 

Sometimes, the bifold shower door won’t stay closed as well.

If that happens, I have to check the hinges of the door first. If a screw is loose, all I have to do is tighten it.If the door still doesn’t get fixed, then I have to check the latches. I’m responsible for tightening any loose screws

And if the latches are alright, then I have to check the handle of the door. If all the screws of the handle are tight, then my door should close properly. 

If it’s a normal pivot door, I have to follow these same steps to fix it. Normal pivot doors are almost similar to the bifold doors. But the only difference is that these doors don’t fold in the middle.

Sliding door

Sliding glass doors are another type of shower door. We have to slide the door to open it or to close it. 

Sometimes, it’s a common problem that the shower door is not closing at the bottom. Some people call it a sagging door. When we are using a  sliding door, we might face this problem the most.

Because most of the time if the door becomes loose, the door drops downwards. We are going to know how to fix a shower door that has dropped.

A sliding shower door can’t be closed if it has dropped. Because if I try to close it, it’ll get stuck at the bottom. And the door will get really tight to move. 

First, I’ll take a look at the sliding door. There should be two rollers at the top of the door one below the other. These rollers will be used for adjusting the shower door. 

If you are looking for a suitable roller for your glass shower door, then we have some excellent recommendations for you. Check these out-

Product 1
Product 2

You will need 2 for a glass shower door. These are the best in the market, so try them.

Both of the rollers are supposed to have an Allen key hole on them. If I roll the roller counterclockwise, the Allen key hole will move along with it. 

If the keyhole is at the bottom, then the door is set at the highest position. That means, the door can’t be set any higher than this position. 

And if the keyhole is at the top, then the door is set at the lowest position. This means I can’t lower down the door any more than this.  

It is time to adjust the positions of these Allen keyholes. And for that, I will need an Allen key set. 

For holding the door up I will set the Allen key hole of the upper roller downwards. I will do it by rotating the rollers with my fingers. Then I will notice that the door is lifted a Lil bit. 

It will make the door easier to slide or move. At this point, I will take an Allen key. There is a hole. Just in the center of the roller. I will check whether it’s the right key for that hole or not. 

After finding the right key, I will tighten up the roller. After that, I have to adjust the bottom roller depending on the door’s movement. 

I will have to rotate it to adjust the door. When I will feel the door is fine I will also

tighten the bottom roller. 

But I have to tighten it slightly. I can’t tighten it too much. Then I will see if my door is still getting stuck or not. Also, I will have to check if I can close the door properly or not. If everything is fine, then my shower door is all set. 

These are the solutions to fix the glass shower door. If we’re working on our shower door, it might be hard for us to take a shower. In this situation, making a temporary shower could help us a lot.


How do you stop a frameless shower door from leaking?

If you find leakage on your frameless shower door, you just have to seal the leakage. You could use duct tape primarily for sealing the leakage. Because duct tape is water-resistant. After a few days, you can replace your glass shower door with a new one.

Can I replace just the glass shower door?

Yes. You can replace just the shower door without replacing your entire shower glass wall. You just have to match the new glass door size with the old one. Then you can install a new glass door. Replacing only the shower door will save a lot of your money.

How much will it cost to replace a glass shower door?

To replace a glass shower door, the average cost will be around $300 – $1,000. If you replace a frameless glass shower door, the cost will be around $950 – $1,000. But if you want to replace a sliding glass door, the cost will be around $250 – $450


After all this, we know why the frameless glass shower door is not closing properly. At first, we just have to find out which kind of shower door we have. 

Next, we have to find the right method for our door to solve the problem. Then, if we follow that solution method, our shower door will be fixed. 

Happy fixing your frameless glass shower door!