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How To Get Static Out of Couch [Simplified]

Sometimes we buy couches to relax.

But with time we start feeling random shocks from them.

Getting shocked is far from relaxing. Even though the shock you receive is not harmful, it sure is unpleasant. 

How to get static out of the couch?

You could start by spraying the couch with anti-static products, fabric softeners also go a long way, You can also use humidifiers. But it could get tiring to always have to do these to avoid getting shocked. So, we have also given you a list of things that aren’t as time-consuming. 

So what are you waiting for? Dive in and get shocked by seeing how easy the solutions are!

What is Static Electricity?

How To Get Static Out of Couch [Simplified] 1

When an object’s surface is charged with an electrical charge, it’s known as static. A shock is generated when the charge moves from one object to another. Humidity has a direct impact on it.

Why Does Static Happen?

Microfiber is used to make the majority of sofas and couches. While these are fantastic for the furniture’s softness, comfort, and longevity, they are also excellent conductors of electricity.

How To Get Static Out of Couch [Simplified] 2

Due to the conductivity and retention of static energy in the microfibers. We feel a shock. The imbalance in positive and negative electrical charges causes this static electricity. It is simply electrical charges building up on top of various materials and objects. 

When the air is cold and the humidity is low static build-up. So you are likely to feel more static in winter. Humidity starts to build up starting from spring to winter.

How To Get Rid of Static from Couch

How To Get Static Out of Couch [Simplified] 3

It is annoying when you keep randomly getting shocked throughout the day. But don’t get worked up over this. Because we have got the solution for you! Given below are 7 steps to get that static right out. 

Step 1: Add Humidification 

Dry air causes static to accumulate. The only solution to this seems to be adding water to the air. And the only way to do this is a humidifier. 

Humidifiers help to add moisture to the air. And the humidifier is very easy to use. Turn up the humidifier ever so slightly. You don’t want to make the air too moist. 

Keep the humidity above 30%-50%  for the best outcome. Also to avoid mildew, clean your humidifier every week. 

There are many benefits of having a humidifier. One is you can run it as much as you want. 

But don’t get stressed if you don’t have a humidifier. Because an alternative way is using water in a pot. 

Here, what you can do is get a pot of water. Then place it on a stove and let it evaporate. You can make this more useful by adding different kinds of fragrances.

These are by adding a drop of essential oils, evergreen springs, citrus peel, and cinnamon sticks. This way you can get rid of static and make your house smell nice. 

This comes in handy because couches can smell really awful at times. When you have pets or toddlers they could spill drinks or vomit on your couches and getting the vomit smell out of the couch is pretty tough. It can also be time consuming. So you must take precautions like this to be safe.

Step 2: Dryer Sheets

While it is impossible to put a whole sofa into the dryer. You can still use dryer sheets and it will work the same.  

Take a dryer sheet and lightly brush it along the sofa. You don’t have to aggressively run it. Just a gentle go through is enough.

Step 3: Cleaning Floors

Keeping your floors clean and tidy by sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming can also assist to prevent static electricity by minimising dust. You can also get ESD flooring.

Step 4: Anti Static Spray 

While you can buy this product from anywhere. You can also easily make it right at home. Take a spray bottle and mix equal parts of white vinegar and water. The ratio could also depend on what works for you. Then shake the bottle to mix. 

Fabric softener liquid will also help. Mix nine parts of water to one part of fabric softener liquid. 

Do not spray a lot. You don’t have to soak the couch. Just A little spritz is okay. The mist will settle on the couch and stop the static.  

As you can see, DIY anti-static spray can be made any time with just two ingredients. But you will not always have the time of day to make them. So, we have listed below some products that will come in just as handy:

Product 1
Product 2

Step 5: Covering Sofas

Because they are so easy to clean, polyester and microfiber sofas are very popular. But, they also get the most buildup of static electricity because of how synthetic their fabric is. 

Running a dryer sheet every day could seem like a lot of work. So, instead what you can do is cover the couch with sheets made up of natural fibres. This will keep the static away.


Is it possible to ground a couch?

Answer: Yes.If you want a long-term solution, you will have to reupholster your couch using a piece of more durable fabric. Because the fabric is not a conductor, it is an insulator. The static charge is held in place and will not flow if a grounding wire is connected. 

Why is there so much static in my blanket?

Answer: Certain fabrics are more prone to shock you in winter than other fabrics when the air is dry. When it comes to your bedding. Static cling is a problem with rayon, acetate, polyester, and nylon, therefore avoid them if at all feasible. Instead, choose a more natural fabric, such as cotton, wool, silk, or linen.

Do all couches accumulate static electricity?

Answer: No, whether your couch will have static electricity depends on the type of fabric it has. Some fabrics are more prone to have static electricity than others. For instance, microfiber and polyester accumulate more static than others.


We hope after trying out these solutions, sitting on your couch will not be a problem. 

Remember this, you cannot completely get rid of static electricity if you have electricity conducting couches. But, the best we could do is help give you tips and tricks on how to get static out of the couch for a while.

Rest assured that these will definitely help you “rest” on your couch peacefully.