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How To Read Smart Electric Meter [Step-By-Step Guideline]

Smart electric meters have been popular since they hit the market. People are shifting to digital devices as they are more convenient. However, you must also need to know how to utilize them efficiently.

How to read a smart electric meter?

Reading a smart electric meter depends on its model type. There are various models of smart electric meters available in the market now. You’d need to first know if you use a single or two rate. The reading of the meter will be different depending on which rate you’re using. You can read the numbers from the digital screen.

Now, that was only a part of the entire discussion. Band together with me to learn how to read your smart electric meter accurately.

Let’s begin!

The Basics of Smart Electric Meter

Smart electric meters are very easy to read. People nowadays use smart electric meters rather than using old electric meters. 

Because they are advantageous and simpler to use. They also don’t make any whistling noise that old gas meters do.   

To read a smart electric meter, first, you need to know how it works. There are different types of smart electric meters. But most have the same initial functionality. 

A smart electric meter comes with a small portable in-home display. The digital display screen shows the reading of the meter. It also shows the following features-

  • Budget marker
  • Battery status
  • Text display area
  • Wireless signal strength
  • Energy display dial
  • Fuel view
  • Cost and consumption display
  • Light indicators
  • Touch buttons

Each of these features shows the status of your electric meter.

How To Read Different Types Of Smart Electric Meters?

Different smart electric meters have different operating systems. It can be puzzling if you’re not familiar with your smart-electric meter’s operating system. 

In this segment, I’ll show how to read different types of smart electric meters.

Smart Electric Meter With Keypad

This type of electric meter comes with a keypad and a small display screen. Reading the meter depends on how you pay your bill rate.

Speaking of the rate, there are two types of meter rates. One is the single rate for both day and nighttime. Another is called 2 rates. Because the night bill rate is cheaper than the day rate.

The process of taking the reading of these ratings are different. Here’s how to read them from your smart electric meter-

Single Rate

Step 1: Press the 9 keypads and wait till you see the “IMP KWH” on the screen.

Step 2: Once the letters vanish you’ll see numbers on the screen. That is your reading.

Step 3: The reading must be done from left to right. Ignore the zeros at the beginning. Also, disregard the decimal points after the number. The meter reading style is the same for all meters.

Two Rate

Step 1: Press 6 on the keypads. Wait till you see the letters “IMP R01” on the screen.

Step 2: Once the letters vanish you’ll see numbers on the screen. That is your nighttime or off-peak ratings.

Step 3: Press 6 again and wait till you see “IMP R02” on display. This is daytime or peak reading. Note down the number. Read step 3 of the single rate if you need further instruction.

Smart Electric Meter with A & B Buttons

This type of electric meter has an A & B button right under the display screen. They are resettable like Kitchenaid dishwashers. It is usually used for single ratings. The process of taking the reading of the meter is given below- 


Press A. Wait for two seconds then press it again. You’ll see the words “TOTAL ACT IMPORT” pop up on the screen. There will be some numbers followed by KWH on screen. List the number.


As mentioned before, read the numbers from left to right. As usual, ignore the zeros at the front and the decimal points.

Smart Electric Meter with Green A Buttons Beside The Screen

This type of electric meter has a green A button beside the display screen. The B button would be located below the screen. 

Most people use single ratings. But if you’ve an 7 meter economy, you’re paying two rates.

These are the best economy 7 meters for household uses-

Product 1
Product 2

You can manually check if your electric meter uses two rates or not. While you’re at it check the distance between electric and gas lines as well. It’s better to check them from time to time.

Single Rate

Here’s how to read the smart electric meter for single ratings-

Step 1: Press the B button to see the screen light up. 

Step 2: The screen will say “meter boost”. Press the A button to select no now. You’ll see some numbers in KWH afterward.

Step 3: The process of reading the number is the same as other meters. Record the numbers from the left side to the right.

Two Rate

If you pay two rates then this is how you’ve to read the meters-

Step 1: Press the A button. Press it again. You’ll see the letters “Rate 01 Act Imp”. This indicates the nighttime rate of the meter reading. Note down the numbers.

Step 2: Press A again to read the daytime reading. Wait until “Rate 02 Act Imp” appears on display. Note down the numbers.

Smart Electric Meter with Three Buttons Beside The Screen

The three buttons should be on the right side of the display screen. You can read different rates from the screen. Here’s how-

Single Rate

To read the smart electric meter for a single rating-

Step 1: Press the button in the middle and note down the numbers.

Step 2: The numbers must be noted from left to right. Disregard the zeros of the starting point & the decimal points.

Two Rate

If you’ve an economy 7 meter here’s how to read the ratings-

Step 1: Press the middle button and wait till you see R1 surface on the screen. 

Step 2: Some numbers should emerge below IMP after that. That’s the reading for nighttime or off-peak.

Step 3: To read the daytime reading press the middle button again. This time you’ll see R2 on the display. Take note of the numbers.

Using smart electric meters is better than using old electric meters. They’re prone to having faulty hardware. This could lead to electrical shock. Using a smart electric meter can ensure your electrical safety. 


Question: What is the use of a meter serial number?

Answer: Meter serial number(MSN) is used to identify the electric or gas meter. It is also known as Meter ID. It’s usually a set of numbers but sometimes there are letters in it as well. Providers use this number to charge for your energy consumption.

Question: How to know if someone is stealing electricity from my home?

Answer: Shut off the main circuit breaker of your house. When you do, your electric meter will stop moving. But if it does then someone is stealing your electricity.

Question: How to read a secure smart meter?

Answer: Press the 9 button on the meter keypad. You’ll see it showing “IMP KWH”. at the bottom of the screen. Besides the numbers, you’ll see KWH. The first 7 digits are your meter reading.


That was all from us about how to read smart electric meters? Was it helpful for you? Hopefully, now you can read your smart electric meter without any trouble.

Until next time, take care!