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How to Repair Overcut Or Damaged Drywall Around Electrical Box Outlet: 5 Easy Steps!

A damaged drywall scenario destroys the excellent look of the house.

You may be thinking about the best options to repair. 

You must determine how to repair overcut or damaged drywall around the electrical box outlet.

The 5-step guide indicates removing the electrical covers to measure the damaged area. After that, you can place the repair clip to attach the plywood. The last and most important step is to plaster the wall in the right direction. There are many ways you can make the drywall last longer.

I ask you to pay full attention to the steps provided. When you can do the right thing, you will be happier than before. 

5 Steps Guide To Repair Overcut Or Damaged Drywall

Do you know how to repair overcut electrical boxes? You won’t need a technician to repair it. All you need is a screwdriver, a repair clip, and mesh tapes.

You would need a piece of plywood as well. Don’t forget the drywall saw; it came in very handy. 

I will help you with a step-by-step guide to fix the problem. Make sure you have all the items acquired. This is before attempting to fix the overcut or damaged drywall.  

You should get them from the electrical box repair home depot. Check if there are instructions provided in the packages when you buy the products. 

Read them carefully so that you know what to do correctly:

Step 1: Take Off the Cover of the Electrical Outlet Box

An overcut drywall around the electric outlet does not look good. First, you should not use a drill machine to drill and nail blindly. As a non-professional, it won’t help you.

It damages the drywall stretching further around the electrical outlet.  

You would wonder how to fix a drywall outlet hole too big. The first step is to take off the cover of the electrical outlet. Use a screwdriver or perhaps a knife, depending on the screw size.

Whatever is convenient for you should be the best choice! 

After removing the cover, you may discover the depth of the damage. It has probably spread further into the wiring of the circuits. You are in luck that there is no short circuit issue. 

Turning off the power that distributes electricity around the house is good. 

At the back of the socket, the impact of the damage may be more significant. What you have to do is consider a wider angle of the damage. It can be up to a few inches from the outlet. 

Step 2: Measure And Cut The Damaged Area

In this step, you would use a measuring tape or a ruler. This is to measure up to about 2 inches. You can use a pencil to draw a rectangular shape from the outlet. 

The idea is to create a template outside the electrical box outlet. A fair idea of creating a template would help you with proper fixes.

I recommend you not to measure the area further than 2 inches. You would be wondering how to fix an outlet hole cut too big. This will give you more pain. 

As we mentioned before, a drywall cutting saw is a convenient tool. They can be used for various purposes, such as fixing damaged wall anchor holes. You can just cut a little hole around the anchor before plastering it.

You should be able to measure and mark the 2 inches wide area successfully. Follow the marked lines to cut the area using a drywall cutting saw. 

After a few seconds of cutting, the damaged drywall would come off. You can inspect the depth of the damage by looking at the back. The back side of the piece of the wall would showcase the depth of the damage.  

Step 3: Place The Drywall Repair Clip

In step 3, you should consider the gap between the electrical box and the drywall. If the gap is less than ¼ inches, you should fill it with acrylic latex caulk. 

But this is later, as you must screw the repair clip first. 

Simply place the repair clip into the vacant side of the cut you made. The purpose of the repair clip is to hold the plywood tight when you attach it. 

It would be best if you were asked why there is wall damage around the electric outlet.

The damage to the wall happened probably because of the malfunctioning electric outlet. There are chances that the electricity distribution is not even around the house. The wiring system is causing damage to the wall. Check other power outlets in the house to see how they are doing. 

Most screwdrivers have options to check if there is power in the outlet. 

You must switch on the power first and check how the socket is doing. Repairing and replacing the electric outlet can help you. This is to avoid further damage to the wall. 

You can attach a g-clip in the electrical box as well. The g-clip electrical box repair process would be beneficial. It is good if you do it all around the house. 

Step 4: Attach Plywood In The Damaged Area

You have probably acquired a big 10-inch plywood. Using a box knife, you can gently cut the 2×3 inches from the plywood board. Don’t forget to mark out the measurement before applying the cut. 

Without proper marking, the cut will not be good and precise. Make sure to mark it slightly lower than the hole. This is to fit the plywood perfectly onto the drywall.

Before placing the plywood, check if the repair clip is screwed correctly. You can use a hammer drill to attach the plywood to the clip. Or a screwdriver will do as well. 

After you are done with the placing, you have two options to consider. You can either screw the cover of the electric outlet or buy a new one. 

Replacing the electric socket is a good idea. Just make sure you don’t buy an oversized electrical box

The size must fit the measurement you made on the wall. 

When you have fresh new products to install, it will prevent further damage to the wall. 

Step 5: Plaster The Wall

The last step is to plaster the wall. Before you do so, make sure you use mesh tape to attach the wood. This will make the plywood stay firm inside the plaster. 

The good side of the plaster is that it will completely hide the repaired area. To repair plaster around the electrical outlet, you need a joint compound. 

Apply the joint compound gently around the area that is cut and fixed. Take some time to plaster the area, ensuring no lousy look ultimately. 

You can add a second layer of plaster after the first layer dries down. Feathering the edges is also recommended. This will blend into the wall very nicely. 

Plastering the whole house is a good idea. As an alternate option, you can also make the drywall look better. This ensures that your house looks the best after an electrical job. 

Tips To Keep The Drywall New 

The positive side of drywall is that it is very durable. It has provided a new sight for many years. 

Repairing the drywall is a good idea after an electrical job. This is to keep the areas around the outlets from damaging. 

There are many tricks you can apply to keep the drywall damage free. 

Keep thinking about how to repair overcut or damaged drywall around the electrical box outlet. Because keeping the walls clean is needed to prevent electrical outlet issues also.

The best practice is dusting and washing the wall more often. This is to keep dirt away. As time goes by, if you are not cleaning the wall often, cracks may start to appear. 

Applying a water-resistant primer is also a good idea to prevent moisture formation. An excellent job on the wall maintenance would prevent any internal electrical issues. 

US Gypsum 81099011451 Drywall Repair ClipUsed for fixing holes in the drywall
Marine Grade PlywoodDesigned for proper cut according to measurements
Dewalt Atomic 20V MaxHammer Drill Machine for smooth drilling applications
Leviton GFNT1It comes with an added layer protection cover for more extended durability
US Gypsum 380270072Suitable for DIY wall painting


Is it possible to place the plywood without removing the outlet cover?

It is not possible to place the plywood without removing the outlet cover. You won’t be able to measure the damaged area correctly. You won’t be able to cut the plywood to fit the wall. 

Can I place the plywood without the repair clip?

You won’t be able to fit the plywood properly without the repair clip. The repair clip holds the plywood perfectly when screwed together. This is to avoid future damage to the wall. 

What happens when I plaster the drywall?

Plastering the drywall can give you many advantages. The durability would be longer if you use different layers of plastic on the drywall. You may not have to spend much on maintenance. 


You should not wonder how to repair overcut or damaged drywall around the electrical box outlet. This is because we have given you an excellent way to repair it. 

I hope you find success after reading this article.

Bye for now!