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How To Reset a Bosch Refrigerator [4 Methods]

Irrespective of how excellent electronic devices might be. They will show operational glitches. And Bosch refrigerators are no exception.

How to reset a Bosch refrigerator? 

Since there is no reset button, you need to unplug it. And then plug it back in. Just to be on the safe side, give it an hour before plugging it back. Now, you should be seeing lights turning on. Which would be an indication that your refrigerator is operational again. 

But, there are different resetting methods for your Bosch fridge. Applying each of which depends on the problem you are resolving. 

I will tell you about 4 different resetting problems that you might face. And their quicker and simpler solutions. Keep reading!

Bosch Refrigerator Resetting: 4 Different Situations 

No one just reset the refrigerator out of blue. Obviously, there is a specific problem which you think would solve with resetting the fridge.  

These situations could be different for anyone. One might think resetting it would normalize its temperature. Another might be facing an alarm beeping situation. 

Let’s check out 4 different resetting problems and their respective solutions!

Situation 1: Reset Bosch Fridge from Demo Mode 

Demo mode simply means that your refrigerator is not operational yet. And don’t fall for the lights. When you power it up the lights will work anyway.


First of all, switch your fridge off. Wait for a couple of minutes.  Now it’s time to turn it back on. Remember, right after you turn it back, press the refrigerator’s alarm off button

The amount of time between switching on the fridge and pressing the alarm button should not exceed 5 minutes.  

Also, you need to hold the alarm off button for at least 5 seconds. Or until you hear the beep sounds. You will hear it beeping three times. This indicates a fridge reboot

After rebooting your fridge will be completely operational and will work just fine.

Situation 2: Reset Bosch Fridge Annoying Door Alarm 

The purpose of a fridge door alarm is basically to tell you that door is open. And no one would argue that it is a very useful feature. But it’s equally annoying like the dent of the refrigerator door.  


Whenever you hear the fridge door alarm beeping. Simply make sure that the fridge door is properly and tightly closed. It can also be done with the reset button. Bosch-B30BB930SS features that button.

Also, some Bosch models like Bosch-B30BB930SS feature separate resetting options for a door alarm. You will find these settings through the fridge’s control panel settings. 

In addition to that, it can also be disabled completely through the fridge’s settings. And door alarm, dent in 

Situation 3: Reset Bosch Fridge Temperature Alarm

This alarm is often triggered when you leave the fridge door open. Also, you will hear it if you fill your fridge or freezer with hot food. 

And then there are refrigerators that keep freezing food


Basically, the fridge won’t let the temperature increase beyond a certain point. That is why when you put extremely hot food in a fridge, you are making your fridge work hard. 

This is why you need to make sure that the food is not too hot for the fridge. 

To deal with the temperature alarm, find out what is the cause. If your door is open, close it. And in case of food make sure you put it into the fridge when it’s down to room temperature. 

After that simply press the OK button or the alarm button. Pressing one or the other would of course depend on the model of the fridge. 

Situation 4: Reset Bosch Fridge Water Filter Alarm

Some Bosch models come with the water dispenser along with the Bosch water filter. This filter keeps out unwanted stuff and minerals. 

Check out Bosch refrigerators that comes water filters:

Product 1
Product 2

Water filter also comes with an alarm system. It lets you know when to change the filter with the new one. Usually, you have to change the filter every 6 months. 


To deal with the alarm, you first change your water filter. After that press and hold the change filter button for at least 3 to 5 seconds. 

Wait for the light to go off. Which is an indication of a successful alarm reset. 

Remember, if you change the filter before the alarm goes off. To keep track of the new filter’s condition you would still have to reset it. In that case, you need to press the alarm filter button repeatedly until it says zero. 

Water filters basically filter out impurities. Resetting Bosch Refrigerator Vs Troubleshooting Bosch Refrigerator

It should be clear that resetting your Bosch refrigerator is different from troubleshooting a Bosch refrigerator.

Resetting is more like managing your fridge the way you want. And it is often done from the control panel. 

Troubleshooting means that you have a problem like if your Bosch refrigerator is not cooling enough or maybe the Bosch refrigerator dispenser stops working

Also refrigerator ice not making is also a troubleshooting issue that might not be solved with just minor resetting. 

Furthermore, Bosch will provide you with the service manual for troubleshooting. That is why you may want to try that before calling the customer service or technician. 


Question: How long does it take for my fridge to cool after I reset it?

Answer: If your fridge was operational when you did the hard reset, it will keep the temperature the same for the reset duration. If it’s a sealed fridge that is unplugged, your food is at a safe temperature for about 3 to 4 hours. And for a freezer, it will keep your food frozen for a day or two. 

Question: What does the “super” button do on Bosch?

Answer: Some Bosch models are equipped with “super cool” and “super freeze” mode. They both do the same but super cool is for the fridge and super freeze is for the freezer. Super cool would adjust the freezer to 34 degrees and super freeze would adjust it to -8 degrees.  

Question: What is the coldest setting on Bosch Fridge?

Answer: No matter what Bosch model you have, the highest number is the coldest. You will see the range of 1 to 5 on your temperature dial. This number is simply an indication of how much power your fridge should put out. 


Now you know how to reset a Bosch refrigerator. And when to do what kind of reset. 

As I mentioned resetting procedures only work on specific kinds of situations. First, you need to recognize that situation. After that, you apply the right resetting method. 

That’s all. Goodbye!