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How to Reset Maytag Washer: 5 Different Methods

Maytag washers are very useful in our daily life.

But sometimes they crash too and create a lot of problems. To restore the washers instantly, we have no other option but to reset them.

How to reset Maytag washer?

There are different methods of resetting a Maytag washer.  Firstly you can search in the user manual of the washer. If you don’t have the manual try disconnecting the power. You can also reset the washer by opening and closing the lid. Rotating the dial of the Maytag washer can do the job too.

But all these methods have proper techniques. If you don’t follow proper techniques you can damage the washer. Scroll down to reset the washer in the right way!

When Do You Need to Reset Maytag Washer

How to Reset Maytag Washer: 5 Different Methods 1

There are many circumstances for which you might need to reset your Maytag washer. Though it’s not suggested that you reset your machine for any small problem.

Resetting the washer without any reason can damage it. So we have discussed all the possible reasons for which you can reset the Maytag washer.

Error Code 

The Maytag washer comes with a digital display. The washing machine is programmable through this display. You will get error codes here if the washer is going through problems. To resolve the error code, resetting the washer is a good option.

Cycle Not Continuing 

Maytag washers function through different cycles like any other washer. Often the washer stops running during a cycle. This phenomenon is known as the Stuck Cycle. Resetting the Maytag washer can start the washer again.

Power Surge

This is probably one of the main reasons behind resetting the Maytag washer. The washer requires continuous power flow for optimum performance.

Any disruption of current for reasons like power surges can cause the washer problems. This can also make you think about using surge protectors for washers. Anyway, the washer can be started easily by a simple reset.

You can reset the Maytag washer for any of the above reasons. Below we have discussed different ways of resetting the water.  Go through the next section to ensure a safe reset of your Maytag washer. 

How to Reset Maytag Washer

How to Reset Maytag Washer: 5 Different Methods 2

You can try different ways to reset the Maytag washer. But not all the options are correct. To make your work easy we have gathered the safest options of resetting your washer.

Following The Manual 

The best way to reset your washer is to follow the user manual. Every washer has different settings which are discussed in the manual. You will get different information like cleaning the inlet valve of the washer and others there.

So try to look at the manual for resetting. If you have lost the document, you can look into the website. You will get the user manual for every washer on the website. Follow that for the best result.

Disconnecting The Power

If the manual didn’t solve your problem, don’t worry, I will! The easiest way to reset the Maytag washer is by disconnecting the power. You have to simply turn off the power switch or pull the washer plug out of the outlet.

But you have to repeat the process for a proper reset. Pull out and pull in the plug three times continuously. This will reset the Maytag washer and it will start working. You can face problems with this method if you have outlets that are hard to plug-in.

Lifting The Lead 

Lifting the lead of the washer is another easy way of performing the reset process. But you must have a top load Maytag washer for trying this method. 

You have to disconnect the washer from power before lifting the lead up. Then reconnect it.

Now lift the lead and close it. Do it six times without any disruption. You must do the lifting process within thirty seconds after reconnecting the power. So try to be as fast as possible. Once you are done, the washer will reset itself. 

Rotate The Dial 

This process is not as simple as it sounds. Because you have to rotate the dial in the right manner to reset the washer. Otherwise, this method will not work.

First set the dial in the normal position. Then rotate it three times clockwise. Stop and then rotate one block further in the same direction.

Now rotate the dial anticlockwise one time to bring it back to the previous setting. The control panel lights should start blinking now. Now, again rotate the dial anticlockwise four times or until the Rinse Light blinks only. Then press start and the reset process will start.

Using the Pause Button 

The chance of this method working is less, but you can give it a try.

Press the pause button at first. Then select the required washing cycle in the Maytag washer. Now press the Start button. This can sometimes reset the washer and it will start working again.

We can suggest some detergents that work excellent with the Maytag washer. Check them out:


Use these products to get the best result from your washer!

Resetting from The Lockbox 

You can apply this method if you have a coin-operated washer with an LED display. These washers are mostly used by commercial laundries.

Unlock the lockbox first. This will start the programming mode. Then choose the Delicates and Knits mode there. Press for five seconds. The washer will start resetting automatically. 

These are all the possible ways of resetting the Maytag washer. We hope now you can solve your washer’s problem by performing a successful reset. 


Why is my Maytag washer not starting?

Answer: Several reasons can be responsible for your washer not starting. Check the power cord at first. You can also change the circuit breaker and fuses if they are damaged.

What are the codes for a Maytag washer?

Answer: Maytag washers have different codes for different functions. Some of their codes are F5 E2, F7 E1, F8 E1, etc. All these codes have particular meanings.

Why does Maytag washer say LF?

Answer: LF is a common code that is often displayed on the washer. This code indicates that there might be problems with the water flowing system. Check the pipes through which water comes in.


We think that now you know how to reset maytag washer. Follow our guidelines properly while resetting the washer.

If you face problems with your Maytag washer frequently, contact their service center. By doing this, you will be saved from a lot of hassles in the future.