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How To Reset a Norcold Refrigerator [3 Easy Steps]

A portable refrigerator preserves food for you so that you don’t run out while on a vacation. It can be really frustrating to keep looking for stores to get more food while on a vacation.

But, this may be both a blessing and a curse. The fridge might stop working while you are mid way to your destination. And it’s normal to get flustered and not know how to fix it. 

How to reset a Norcold refrigerator?

There are 3 simple ways you could reset your Norcold refrigerator. The most easy step would be the power button. But no need to worry if that doesn’t work because we’ve got alternate steps. You could always reset it from the power board. Lastly, the most interesting step would be using magnets! 

If these seem helpful, why don’t you take a step further into the article and see how easily you could do it. 

If you’re getting hot headed from your Norcold just not cooperating with you we are here to cool you down with our simple and effective step!

Steps to Reset Norcold Refrigerator

It may seem really complicated to reset a Norcold refrigerator. But by going through the steps given below you’ll see just how easy it is.

Step 1: Reset With Power Button

Try to turn your fridge on and off to reset it. Every domestic fridge should have a reset button itself. If this step does not help try and look for the reset button. 

When you turn the fridge off, unplug it as well from the outlet. Needless to say, always make sure that your fridge isn’t sharing an outlet. The on/off button is usually in the control panel. Which is located between the fresh food compartment and freezer. 

After turning it off, give it a few minutes before you turn it on. To turn it back on again press the power button. This should do the job of resetting.  

If this simple process gets your fridge to work. You don’t have to go into the complicated steps.

This is not working for you? Don’t worry because the next step definitely will. 

Also, you can not turn the fridge off at any moment. Before turning it in, know the time of running it beforehand.

Step 2: Resetting With Magnet 

Take off the access compartment door on the lower part of the fridge which is situated on the outside of your RV. And when doing this keep the refrigerator on. 

The reason for keeping it on is to check if the LED light is not flashing but lit. Because if it is flashing these instructions will not help.

On the contrary, if it is lit, look for the recall kit box. Remove the recall box if you cannot reach it. A simple spring clamp holds no to it. Be cautious while doing this, otherwise, the wires of the circuit might get damaged. 

Each one of the 3 clips that secure the box cover to its base can be opened with a flat-blade screwdriver. Remove the base’s cover. Be careful not to remove any wires which are attached with the circuit board because the wires are needed to reset the switch.

You’ll need to find the reed switch which is on the motherboard, in front of the LED. it appears to be a tiny black rectangular-shaped component. It’s ⅛” wide and ½” long. With the circuit board labelled switch beside it. 

Hold your magnet on top of the reed switch specifically to the right and hold for 5 seconds. Refrain from touching the other areas of the circuit board. 

Moving the magnet around will just delay the fix. You have to hold the magnet for a certain amount of time on the correct spot. When the switch has reset, you will hear a slight click. And the LED light will turn off. 

After going inside the RV be sure that the fridge is turned on. Also, there is no beeping. And no messages on the display of the front panel of the fridge. 

Wait a while to see if the fridge is working correctly. Place the lid over the three clips on the base of the recall box and press firmly to secure them. Reinstall the reclamp box in the original spot. Keep in mind that the wires of the circuit board must be securely fastened. 

We have given you the names of these magnetic pickup tools so you don’t have to look for them:


And that’s about it for this step.

Step 3: Power Board

In the power board, there should be 4 wires. The wires are given below:

  • 12 VDC negative and positive wires.
  • AC power cord.  
  • Gas valve solenoid coil wires.  
  • Spark/sense electrode assembly wires.

Turn the refrigerator off and remove the wires given above. Proceed to take off the cover of the power board. Then connect the wires which you have removed again.

Turn the fridge on. On a 16-pin connector, locate Pin 15. (P1). Right next to Pin 14 is the empty socket, which is Pin 15. 

Ten to fifteen seconds after connecting the insulated jumper wire just like how you would connect an extension cord to a mini fridge, short out the power board’s ground connection to Pin 15. Once the controls have been reset, a sound will be heard.

Restart the refrigerator after turning it off. If the “no co” code still appears, repeat the process described above.

Reasons Your Norcold Might Not be Working

There are several reasons why your Norcold is giving up on you. But we have pointed down a few common ones below. 

Reason 1: Propane or Electricity Problem

If your fridge has stopped working. These two things should be checked first  if you notice your fridge showing any type of problem. 

Reason 2: Fridge Burner Failing

Higher altitude could cause your fridge burner to fail. The solution for this is simple. Just keep at a lower altitude.

Reason 3: Leaking

There could be a leakage of certain substances inside the fridge. You could face a strong smell. Give proper ventilation to the RV to remove the smell. 

And the fixing process for this is sealing it. But buying a new cooling unit could be the easier option for you.

Then again. This is just a mere explanation. There are several other reasons for a Norcold not working.


Question: What is the meaning of fl on a Norcold refrigerator?

Answer: FL denotes that there is flame in the burner when there shouldn’t be any. Owners have reported seeing the error code “No FL” shown on the Norcold  RV refrigerator panel, which indicates that there is no flame supplying fuel to the cooling system and that the flame has gone out or did not ignite.

Question: Why is my Norcold refrigerator making a beeping sound?

Answer: Norcold refrigerator making a beep signals that the door is still open. This problem is known as an auditory error condition which occurs when condensation forms and settles on the printed circuit board. This condition causes the door to beep repeatedly.

Question: How can I bypass my Norcold thermistor? 

Answer: You can bypass the Norcold thermistor by unplugging the electrical connection in use. The thermistor is connected to the inside compartment light by two wires that run from it to the light. A four-wire electrical connection socket can be found close to the light. Unplug it and your work is done.


We hope now you don’t face any problems in the future on how to reset a Norcold refrigerator.

This way you can save money by not calling a repairman every time you need to fix your fridge. Don’t let your fridge get to a point where it needs resetting. 

Thank you for staying with us till now!