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Why My Samsung Refrigerator is Blinking: Quick Fix

Noticing my Samsung refrigerator blinking for the first time is giving me reasons to panic. Samsung provides a self-diagnostic error system with every refrigerator. If I am seeing the display blinking it means the fridge is identifying a problem. Do I need to panic about it? 

Why is your Samsung refrigerator blinking?

Samsung refrigerator blinking is to let you know the internal problems. The problems might be a power outage, temperature issues, water leakage, or even the ice bucket. To stop blinking we can reset the fridge and fix the temperature. We also have some tips to save you from this issue in the future.

A lot to process? Hold on, we have prepared a whole article to discuss it.

Why My Samsung Refrigerator is Blinking 

The Samsung refrigerator comes with some smart features. It is capable of detecting minor to major problems of its own. Whenever we see the fridge blinking then and there we know some problems occurred inside.

But we cannot always guess what’s happening inside. There are several reasons for blinking.

Without wasting any more time let’s know the reasons in detail!

Reason 1 of 4: Power Outage 

Have you encountered a situation where your refrigerator is not getting power on? You need to make sure it’s happening.

When your refrigerator will start blinking, check the power cord. It might be loose or unplugged. 

Is the power cord alright? Then you might need to check your house’s circuit. 

This is a common scenario in locations where electricity frequently goes. Power outages can also cause brown water from the well .

Samsung Refrigerators will not stop blinking until you make sure the power going in is proper.

Reason 2 of 4: Temperature Rising 

Did you leave the fridge door open? The temperature will rise slowly if you do this. If the temperature is above 59 degrees Fahrenheit the blinking will start.

The cooling system of the Samsung fridge provides a feature where it will let you know the situation by blinking.

The control panel of your Samsung refrigerator will automatically stop blinking when the temperature is back to normal.

Reason 3 of 4: Water Leaking

Your Samsung Refrigerator has a dispenser and some drawers. You may notice water coming out from these or under the unit.

Other than these, water can also be discarded from the contents of your fridge.  

If the water goes through the Autofill compartment of the fridge the autofill indicator blink will start. 

You should also check the back of the refrigerator and the water filter if there is any leaking.

After this procedure, clean the refrigerator’s water line.

Reason 4 of 4: Ice Bucket Placement

Samsung refrigerator detects if your ice bucket is on spot or not. You need to make sure the ice bucket is on the right spot.

The blinking will go on until the ice bucket is adjusted properly.

How Do I Fix Samsung Refrigerator Blinking  

Samsung Refrigerators can start blinking because they might be damaged. We need to make sure what happened and correctly diagnose it.

Before you go and request a service we have stated a few solutions for you.

Solution 1: Resetting The Fridge

Samsung Support Center always advises resetting the fridge first when it starts blinking.

Just follow these steps to reset it. But before turning off the freezer make sure it runs long enough.

There are two buttons called “Power cool” and “Power freezer”. Now press the two buttons simultaneously. Hold the buttons for a couple of seconds.

After releasing the buttons the system of your refrigerator will reset. The blinking will turn off automatically.

But if your refrigerator is blinking because of a temperature issue then go for the next solution.

Solution 2: Fixing The Temperature 

Is your fridge blinking because of the temperature? Let’s fix it then.

Samsung refrigerator comes with a digital display. You can change the temperature on the screen. But if the blinking continues even after fixing go through these steps.

There is a control panel over the ice maker. You can fix the temperature from that.

Just press the “Fridge” button for 5 seconds. 

Solution 3: Reconnecting The Power Supply

This is another solution to stop the blinking. Disconnect the power, once you see the deli drawer panel  blinking. You can also power down from the circuit.

When you disconnect the power or cut the power down you need to wait for 2 minutes before reconnecting.

Solution 4: Clearing The Water

Samsung refrigerators can leak water for several reasons. If your refrigerator is blinking because of water leakage go for this solution.

Firstly, check the water filter of your refrigerator. Connect the pipes properly. While doing that make sure your refrigerator is turned off.

Secondly, check every drawer and dispenser of the fridge. If you see any water spilled from any content discard the content and clean the water.

Making sure the fridge is dry inside and out will stop the blinking. 

If you have a faulty water line we suggest you have some great water lines. Check these out!


Taking some precautions will make sure you will not face this blinking issue in the future.

What Can I Do to Avoid Blinking From Now on?

To avoid this situation you can take some precautions. You need to check the ice dispenser, water lines, and power supply connections more often.

When you adjust your Samsung Refrigerator in a new place try to make every connection properly.

Keep in mind not to store any hot content in the fridge. Closing the doors properly should be your top priority.

Check if your Samsung Refrigerator door does not have any holes. 

If your home’s power circuit has problems try to fix that as soon as possible.

Taking these precautions might save you from the issue in the future.

That is all!


Question: How can I reset my Samsung 2 door refrigerator?

Answer: To reset the 2 door refrigerator turn off the power. You need to wait for 5 minutes to clear the electrical charge. Turn the power back again. You have successfully reset the refrigerator.

Question: Can I run diagnostics on my Samsung refrigerator?

Answer: You need to press and hold power freeze and power cool on your display simultaneously to run diagnostics on your samsung refrigerator. Hold these for ten seconds. The screen will flash and then you can start the diagnostic.

Question: Why is my Samsung freezer not getting cold?

Answer:  If the temperature of your Samsung freezer is rising check the door seal. Over time the door seal is worn out and it lets warm air get inside. Improper airflow is the reason behind this problem.


Now you know why your Samsung refrigerator is blinking. Knowing the reasons and following proper steps will fix your situation quickly. 

Samsung refrigerator blinks to alert you about the situation. We don’t need to panic, we just need to follow the procedure. 

We hope learning this information will save you some money.

Thank you for being patient and staying with us till the end!