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How To Stop Extractor Vents Rattling In The Wind: 3 Reliable Solutions

After a tiring day everyone wants a good night’s sleep but if the vents rattle in the wind that wishes can go down the drain. It acts like the background noise that you simply can’t blur out.

How to stop extractor vents rattling in the wind before it makes your eardrums bleed?

You can either live with the noise or take steps to minimize the sound. For starters, you can replace the fans with electronic ones. Or buy pointed down fans so that wind doesn’t collide with them. And to completely eradicate the problem you can switch to windows for ventilation.

Confused about what we just said? Well, there is no need to fear. That’s because we have more detail waiting for you. All you have to do is keep on reading.

How to stop extractor vents rattling in the wind: 3 Remedy

The wind is always up to some sort of mischief. Sometimes they blow shut the doubles gates. Or keep you up all night by rattling the vents.

No matter what’s the case, there’s always a solution. And today we’re going to guide you through the solutions for reducing the noise of the vents.

Solution 1: Replace the fans with electric shutters

Before we start we’ll like to give you a fair warning. This solution is a bit expensive. Not as expensive as furnishing a house but it’ll be a bit heavy for your wallet.

Since that’s out of the way now we can get down to business. So, to cancel out the noise from the vents you can replace the fans with electric shutters.

One of their striking features is that they are fully automatic. This means that they will only work when they are needed.

So, unlike fans, they aren’t exposed to the wind all the time. Thus they won’t create any noise for you.

Solution 2: Buy the downward-pointing fans

You might be super proud of how clean your vent fans are. But keeping them clean won’t help you keep out the wind.

In fact, you need to protect your extractor vents fan from the wind. For that, you can buy the pointed down fans for the outer part of the duct. 

If the fans are facing down then they won’t interact with the wind that much. So, they won’t make so much noise once their daily meetings with the wind are cut short.

This will spare your ears.

Solution 3: Switch to windows for ventilation

Another option that you can consider for some peace and quiet is windows. Yep, that’s right. You can throw away the annoying extractor vent and simply switch to windows.

Before you complain about moisture issues we’ll like to point out that people lived for years without vents. And all of them had a moisture-free bathroom.

That’s because the window allows air to come into the washroom and allow proper ventilation. Although it does take a few extra hours to dry up the bathroom at the end of the day you’ll have a noise-free house.

So, even if you make a temporary bathroom or a well functioning one you can stick to windows for ventilation. You don’t need the vents.


Question: How long should an extractor fan stay on for?
Answer: You can keep the fan on for as long as you want. There is no fixed rule about it. However, we suggest you keep it on for 10 to 15 minutes.

Question: Do extractor vents use a lot of electricity?
Answer: The best feature of extractor vents is that they eat up very little electricity. In fact, they can survive with 5 to 36 W of power for a whole month.

Question: Do bathroom extractor vents need to vent outside?
Answer: The vents have the role of keeping the rooms moist free. So, to get rid of the humid air they need to face the outside world. Otherwise, they will keep on circulating the air inside the bathroom and you won’t see any results.

Final words

Well, you have reached the end of our article. That’s all we have on how to stop extractor vents from rattling in the wind.

We hope you found this helpful. However, if you have any questions or queries feel free to leave a comment below.

We’ll love to help you out. As for now, we’ll take our leave. Have a nice day. Goodbye!