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My Toilet Leaks At The Base When My Tub Is Draining: What To Do Next?

Leaking toilets can be really messy and smelly at the same time. We totally understand that. But before you hire a plumber you may want to check and fix it yourself. Luckily, it’s not as complex as you think it is. 

But why does my toilet leak at the base when my tub is draining

One of the most prominent reasons behind this problem is a clogged drain line. You see, when the main drain line gets clogged, water can’t go anywhere. As a result, it goes up and tries to reach the nearest entry point. When this happens, you’ve to unclog the drain line. If it’s too messy, you should hire a plumber. 

Anyways, that was a quick look at the entire discussion. Keep reading if you wish to solve this problem once and for all. 

Let’s not wait around any longer and head right in- 

Possible Reasons Behind a Toilet Leak

There are different kinds of toilet leaking. For example, a toilet can leak between a tank and bowl. That’s why you’ve to find out the cause first. 

If you’re feeling bad or unlucky, don’t be. These problems are common occurrences and happen a lot more than you think. 

Clogged Drain Lines

My Toilet Leaks At The Base When My Tub Is Draining: What To Do Next? 1

The most probable reason behind your toilet leaking is a clogged drain line. This is also the most common reason behind most toilet leaks. 

If there’s a leak between the toilet and shower, it’ll cause an overflow. Because, when you drain your bathtub, the water tries to go to the sewer. 

It will then encounter the clog and if the clog is very serious, the water won’t go through. So, it then tries to get out through nearby exit points. 

And that’s your toilet. Toilet entrances are usually very close to sewers. Sometimes, it can be a kitchen sink too. 

You should feel lucky because it could’ve been a kitchen sink instead of a toilet. Some situations can be really nasty, can’t they? 

Wax Rings Have Worn Out

A wax ring seals off the connection between a toilet and a drain line. It can sometimes get loose and cause a leak at the base. 

So, if you’re seeing sewage water at the base, be sure to check the ring. If it’s loose, you’ll have to replace the wax rings. 

Wax ring replacement requires the toilet to be removed. So, contact the nearest service if you’re looking at a loose wax ring. 

How To Fix A Leaking Toilet

My Toilet Leaks At The Base When My Tub Is Draining: What To Do Next? 2

You can always start with a flange plunger. Using a flange plunger is super easy and reliable. But it can’t always fix a leak. Especially, when there’s a potential drain clog involved. 

You can also unclog a toilet using dishwater liquid. Sometimes, all you need is soapy hot water which can loosen the clog. 

Method 1: Use an Electric Drain Snake

Electric drain snakes often prove to be very useful. When there’s a massive clog involved, you can manually try to break it. They are also called drain augers. 

These drain augers come in different sizes. They are mostly 6 feet to 50 feet long. The short ones are used to clean P traps of a toilet. 

The larger ones can clean toilet drain clogs and the ones that are further away. Your snake has to be 25 feet long at least. 

Insert the snakes and keep pushing till you find obstacles. You can then crank it with adequate force. Bring it back to clean its head. Repeat the process multiple times. 

To help you out, we’ve added some of our favorite picks- 

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Now, you can choose whichever you prefer or can afford and get started! 

Manually flush the toilet and check if it’s fixed or not. If it flushes, your job is done. 

Method 2: Unclog the Drain Line From Clearout Point 

If the first method didn’t work, you’ll have to adapt and improvise. You can also clear a clog from a drain cleanout. This method is tougher and messier than before.

Locating a drain cleanout is easy. Try to look for a cog on the drain line. They are usually capped off and require a pipe wrench to open. They are also a bit hard to open. 

When you’ve found the clearout point, get the wrench. Be aware that when you uncap the clearout, it can overflow and let out a lot of waste.  

You should also gear up before you attempt this. After letting some waste out, get the snake and try to push the clog. 

You should be able to reach the clog better now. After some good pushing and cranking, turn the cap off. Try flushing the toilet now. 

Finally, if the problem still isn’t fixed yet then unfortunately it’s out of your hands. This problem has escalated way too further and could be a big drain issue. 

Don’t hesitate to call the professionals at all. They will provide an accurate explanation and solve the problem. 

Necessary Precautions To Take During a Toilet Leak 

My Toilet Leaks At The Base When My Tub Is Draining: What To Do Next? 3

Like toilets, even the basement drain can back up sometimes. Luckily, the precautions are always the same for both situations. 

Avoid Using Toilets, Sinks & Other Appliances 

Refrain from using toilets or sinks after a toilet leak. The water doesn’t have a place to go. So, the more you drain, the more it’ll overflow. 

Most importantly, don’t flush the toilet. The water tank holds a lot of water. It’s a very common mistake committed by a lot of people. 

Trust us, you really don’t want to make the situation worse than it is. 

Wear Protective Gears Before Starting To Fix

Sometimes the water that gets overflowed contains various toxic gases. Wearing gloves and gas masks will protect you from sewer gases like Hydrogen Sulfide.

They are extremely intoxicating to the lungs and skin. Maintaining all of these will give you an edge in countering this unfortunate situation. 

If you’re dealing with a huge overflow, evacuate and call the service immediately.


Question: How do you fix a toilet that is leaking at the base?

Answer: Toilet leaking at the base can indicate many problems. It can be a loose wax ring, a loose tee bolt, or a clogged drain line. Each of these problems has its own solutions. 

Question: Are bathtub and toilet drains connected?

Answer: In modern households, bathtubs and toilet drains are separated. But they eventually meet up and enter the main drain line. So, a clog in the main sewer will cause overflow in both the bathtub and toilet. 

Question: Should you seal around the base of a toilet?

Answer: Sealing around the base is an excellent idea and is loved by professional plumbers. You can caulk around the base. It’s cheaper and easier to do it and caulk lasts a long time. 

Final Words

That’s all from us on why my toilet leaks at the base when my tub is draining. We hope that you’ve found the explanations that you were looking for.

Good luck out there, and hope you can get it fixed!