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How To Connect Ice Maker To Washer Line In 3 Easy Steps

This summer you bought an ice maker. But you don’t know how to connect it with a water supply. You also don’t know how to keep your refrigerator near your washing machine. That’s why you want to connect it with a washer line.

How to connect an ice maker to the washer line?

There are three steps to connect them. The first step is to connect a 2-way hose splitter with the washer line. Once done, drill a hole behind the refrigerator. Use a water pipe afterward. The pipe will connect the water supply from the washer line to the ice maker.

The above information is just a glance. You should read the whole piece to know how to do it properly. It’s only going to take 6 minutes.

Let’s not wait for anymore and check the info out! 

What Is An Ice Maker Line?

Refrigerators are one of the most important appliances of a household. Users often face problems when using them, be it simple or complex. 

People can get confused on something as simple as placing french-door refrigerators next to walls. But don’t worry if you come across some technical terms. 

A refrigerator also has a lot of components such as compressors or ice maker lines. Since we’re going to work with them, let’s get to know them for a bit. 

In simple words, an ice maker is a machine for making ice, primarily for ice cubes. 

What Is A Washer Line? 

The washer line is a washing machine hose. This connects your top or front load to the washing machine. There is a valve that supplies water to each wash cycle.

If you want to connect your ice maker with this washer line, use a Y shape 2-way hose splitter.

Moreover, the refrigerator should be adjacent to the washing machine. Only then can you connect the ice maker with the washer line.

You can get a brass Y shape 2-way hose splitter. This attaches to the washer line allowing two different discharges. One will supply water to the washing machine and another to the ice maker. 

3 Easy Steps To Connect The Ice Maker To The Washer Line

These steps will help you to connect the ice maker to the washer line. Don’t worry! You won’t have to invest too much time. 

This will just take 1-2 hours max. Yup, the time is clearly less than the duration for retiling your bathroom.

The washer line will provide the water supply to your ice maker.

Step 1: Connect The 2 Way Hose Splitter With The Washer Line

The washer line provides a water supply to the washing machine. So you have to be very careful while working with the washer line. 

You have to first buy a Y shape 2-way hose splitter. For that, we are suggesting some hose splitters-

Product 1
Product 2

After getting one, connect the Y brass hose splitter with the washer line. For that, you should have very good knowledge about washing machine hoses. 

Step 2: Drill A Hole Behind The Refrigerator

The second step is to drill a hole behind the refrigerator. You will need a water pipe. This will connect the 2-way hose from the washer with the ice maker. 

Remember, in this part, you have to be extra careful. Because we don’t want to damage anything. This is why drill the hole carefully just how you’d drill or nail into your asbestos siding

Always use a paddle bit that is one to two sizes larger than the water supply line. This way you can avoid kinking when drilling holes for water lines. 

Use the hole to bring the pipe to the ice maker. Keep one thing in mind, the water pipe must fit the ice maker.

Step 3: Connect The Water Supply With The Ice Maker 

In the last step, as you have the water supply. All you have to do now is to connect the water supply. Connect it directly to the ice maker. 

Attach the water supply line to the top of the 2-way hose splitter. Provide compression fitting by screwing it in place afterward. Tighten the screw with a crescent wrench

To keep the water line in place, run it to the rear of the freezer. Secure it with adhesive clips. 

The above steps will connect the ice maker with the washer line. Follow them and you will definitely get the best results.


Question: What are the sizes of washer water lines?

Answer: Two standard hoses link the washing machine’s back to the water supply valves. The diameter of the hot and cold hoses is  ¾ inches. Hoses are generally labeled to distinguish them from one another. Some hoses are designed to handle both hot and cold water.

Question: Is it possible to manually fill your ice maker?

Answer: You can manually pour roughly 4 ounces of water into the icemaker mold. You can do that only if it is empty. Wait for roughly 2 hours afterward. If the ice maker has fallen ice cubes from the mold, it’s operational.

Question: Does the ice maker stop making ice when it’s full?

Answer: Yes. The tray is refilled, and the operation is repeated until the ice bucket is empty. A wire pokes down into the bucket on most low-cost refrigerators. The ice stacking up pulls this, triggering a switch that stops the ice-making cycle.

Bottom Line

That’s all we could gather on how to connect the ice maker to the washer line. We hope these steps and tips will solve your problem.

Good luck and see you soon!