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How to Turn Off A Samsung Refrigerator [3 Simple Methods]

A refrigerator can be turned on and off, depending on your needs. A Samsung refrigerator is no different. 

There could be multiple reasons behind turning off your refrigerator. It might seem easy, but is that the case in reality!

How to turn off a Samsung refrigerator?

First, you can use the power button to turn it off. If your refrigerator doesn’t have a power button, detach the power cord from the outlet. Detaching the power cord will power off the fridge. Finally, you can also turn off the circuit breaker to power off the Samsung refrigerator. 

If this is the situation you are in, this article will help you. I have provided very simple steps to turn off a Samsung refrigerator below.

Sounds right? Get started now!

Why Turn Off The Samsung Refrigerator

Samsung refrigerators are usually designed in a way that they can be powered on without breaks. This goes for almost every refrigerator out there. 

Why should you choose to turn it off?

A couple of reasons can be:

  • Going away for a long time
  • Cleaning the fridge
  • Moving to a different location

For reasons similar to this, it is important to turn off the Samsung refrigerator. Below I have mentioned some of the different methods to turn it off. Take a look.

3 Different Methods to Turn off A Samsung Refrigerator

Try these 3 different methods to turn off the refrigerator fully. You can find a suitable enough method and go with it.

Before turning off the refrigerator, it’s important to know the refrigerator runtime before shutting it off. It will help you plan.

Below, I have described all 3 methods in a detailed way. Check it out!

Method 1: Turning off Using The Power Button

This is a very quick way of turning your refrigerator off. You can only follow these steps if your Samsung refrigerator has a power button. 

Follow the steps below for this method.

Step 1 of 3: Locate The Power Button

The button position can vary depending on your Samsung refrigerator model. Locating it is the first thing you have to do.

Step 2 of 3: Turn off Child Lock

Some models have a child lock on the power button to prevent unintentional power-offs. An activated child lock should be disabled in order for the button to work. So, disable it.

Step 3 of 3: Press The Button

Finally, press the button. Pressing the button will shut down the refrigerator. 

These are the steps to follow to turn your Samsung refrigerator off using the power button.

Method 2: Disconnecting The Refrigerator Power Plug

Since every refrigerator has a power cord, you can apply this method to every refrigerator.

Here are the steps for this method:

Step 1 of 2: Locate The Power Plug/Cord

First, look for the power cord on the body of the fridge. Most of the Samsung refrigerators have them at the back since it is convenient. If it’s not at the back, check the two sides; it must be there.

Step 2 of 2: Unplug The Power Cord

Then, unplug the power cord from the outlet it is plugged in. Simply pull the cord out of the outlet it is plugged in. If the outlet has a switch, you can also turn it off. 

If you find the refrigerator sharing an outlet, it might be risky. Create a unique outlet for the refrigerator.

After unplugging the cord, let it sit for at least 15 minutes. You can plug it in after this duration. Anyhow, if you find the power cord damaged, you can replace it.

I have mentioned some quality power cords for you:

Product 1
Product 2

Using any of the cords here will ensure safety and proper flow of electricity.

This way you can turn off the refrigerator by using the power plug.

Method 3: Turning off The Circuit Breaker

If the other 2 methods don’t work, give this one a shot.

Sometimes there is no power button on the Samsung refrigerator and you can’t unplug it. If that is the case, follow along.

Step 1 of 2: Locate The Correct Circuit

First and foremost, figure out the circuit breaker which is connected to your refrigerator. Find the unique circuit breaker assigned to your fridge outlet.

Step 2 of 2: Turn It off

Turn the circuit breaker off in this step. This will disconnect the Samsung refrigerator from the main power source. And, it will turn itself off.

Check if your refrigerator comes with an ice maker. If it has one, remove the Samsung ice maker before turning off the circuit breaker. It will reduce the risks of the ice maker getting damaged.

Following any of the methods above will successfully power off your Samsung refrigerator. 

How to Check If The Refrigerator Is Turned Off Or Not?

You can check 2 things to ensure your Samsung refrigerator is turned off. 

First, check the lights inside the refrigerator. If the light is not glowing, it means the refrigerator is turned off. Secondly, focus on the sound the compressor makes inside the refrigerator. 

If the compressor is not making sound, the refrigerator is not operating. 

Remember that turning off the refrigerator will cause the ice inside to melt. So you’ll have to take all the items inside your refrigerator outside. 

Also, clean the refrigerator thoroughly after taking the items out. Leaving the Samsung refrigerator uncleaned after turning it off may cause problems.


Question: Fridge freezing up at the back, what to do?

Answer: Fridges freeze up at the back because of the less moisture in cold air. The more moisture is sucked out of the air as it gets colder. This moisture then condenses on the surfaces. Because the air inside your refrigerator is coolest toward the back, moisture collects there first.

Question: Is a fridge colder when full or empty?

Answer: A full fridge is colder than an empty one. Compared to an empty fridge, it can keep the cold temperature longer. Inside the fridge, the frozen food holds the cold temperature. The unit will not have to work much to make the empty space cold. Storing too many things in the freezer is also harmful to it.

Question: How long does a Samsung fridge take to cool down?

Answer: The Samsung fridge takes at least 2 hours to cool down. We know you’re very excited to receive your new Samsung refrigerator. And can’t wait to put it to use. But take a breather. After plugging in your refrigerator, please wait two hours to ensure that it is cooling properly. 


I hope that you know the methods regarding how to turn off a Samsung refrigerator. Following these methods will turn off your Samsung refrigerator the right way.

If the above methods fail to work, there might be some problems with the refrigerator. In this case, do contact a professional.

Wishing you the very best!