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Samsung Freezer Not Freezing: 4 Simple Methods To Fix It

You are surely a happy user using a Samsung freezer. Because the features and usefulness it has got are significant. But the Samsung freezer is sometimes seen to be having issues with freezing. What to do then!

What to do when the Samsung freezer is not freezing?

You need to follow different solutions for different situations. For a fan motor problem, you can just clean or replace it. If you have any issues with frosting, you can defrost it manually too. But for any issues with the seal may need professional help. 

This is the primary sight of your main concern. But you must go through my details given next to complete this task successfully.

Get started now!

Fix Your Freezer by Following 4 Methods in Different Situations

You already know that you can fix the freezing issue. That means you do not need to replace your freezer, rather you can resolve it. 

Now, take a look here to see the problems and solutions in detail.

Situation 1: Problem with the Fan Motor

Inspect the connectivity between the coils on the extractor fan motor. You actually have to change your fan motor if you notice something. 

But remember that not all freezer noises are alarming. Because some might be normal as it internal and mechanical operation.

That is when it makes a weird noise all of a sudden. The motor fan is in charge of pulling air over the coils in the evaporator. 

Furthermore, it rotates the air within the freezer. When the fan is broken, it will not be able to circulate air. As a result, the freezer will not be as cold as this is required to be.

This basically happens when something is clogged up in the motor fan. Even air can disrupt the motor fan to work properly.


To resolve this, you need to give your motor fan a good clean. But don’t think it’s too hard. You just need a clean cloth with a few drops of warm water.

Make sure to turn off your freezer before getting started.

Drop a few droplets of warm water on the cloth to dampen it. Then wipe off the dust and debris from your motor fan. Don’t go too hard while wiping as it can break the fan.

If you still see the fan failing to operate properly, you’d have to replace it.

Not sure about the replacement kit? Take a look here to know about our pickups of the motor fan for your freezer:

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Hope this helps!

Situation 2: Frosting Problem

See around the interior of your freezer if it has frost anywhere. If yes, then the coils are frosted. And this would be a start to bad consequences.

Because the coils catching frost would have issues circulating air properly. As a result, your Samsung freezer would not freeze.

You can actually make sure if the coils have actually got any frost.


To check the coil frost, open the interior panel. And if you see that there is frost all over, your freezer’s defrost system is having issues.

Because the defrost system generally prevents any part of your freezer from getting frosted. This system does not generally leave any space to fix.

Therefore, you may need to replace the defrost system. But don’t worry about the current situation as you can defrost it yourself. 

Defrosting is similar to defrosting the Kitchenaid refrigerator.

Just turn off your freezer for like 20 minutes. You would see the frost melting and start to pour. Grasp a thick cloth and squeeze the water to dry it off.

And this is how you can defrost it manually for the time being.

Situation 3: Problem with the Seal

Examine the seal across your refrigerator door to inspect whether it’s cracked or leaking. This generally happens when the freezer has been working for several years. Shut the door properly. 

Then, check if any chilly air is escaping. If you do, then the door seal is faulty. If you’re unable to do so, attempt the dollar bill technique. 

On a dollar bill, open the door and close it again. Then, without opening the door, see if you can pull the banknote out. 

If you can’t, you can be sure the seal is still intact. But if you can, then you must change the seal.


Now, resolving this issue is not that simple to operate. That is why you would need to take help from an expert mechanic.

This might cost you around $200 to replace the door seal. It may take up to days to start functioning properly again.

I don’t recommend you do it yourself. You could actually deteriorate the condition of the door seal. In addition, your amateur actions might take into additional issues.

Situation 4: Problem with the Setting

Sometimes, the problem is nothing serious but silly things. That is, improper or wrong settings could disrupt the freezer.

Setting the temperature too high compared to its interior would interfere with its freezing. You need to make sure that you keep up within the range of the temperature. 

If you go out of the range as mentioned in the manuals, you would have this issue. In addition, changing the temperature too often can also be bad. 

This can also affect your ice maker which would need to remove the ice maker.


Resolving this is just like playing a video game. But don’t forget to follow the manual guideline to do this.

You must have a manual guideline with your freezer. There, you can see how to fix the temperature setting of your freezer.

Just decrease the temperature as much as it is needed. 


Question: Is fixing a Samsung freezer hard or easy?

Answer: No, fixing a Samsung freezer is not that hard actually. Although it may sound complex it actually is not. You can resolve this issue following the proper steps. But sometimes you may also need to have a few replacements. Your mechanic may help you in this regard.

Question: Can I reset my freezer myself?

Answer: Yes, you can definitely do it yourself very easily. To reset your freezer, you must unplug the power supply first. You now need to let it rest for about 10 minutes. In the meantime, the electrical charge would pass out which diminishes the risk. Then turn on your freezer back to reset it.

Question: Can I reset my Samsung freezer without turning it off?

Answer: Yes, you can reset your freezer without turning it off. But you can not do it if your freezer does not have the reset button. The modern freezers do generally have these reset buttons. In that case, you can just click on the button and reset your freezer.

The Final Words

Now you know why your Samsung freezer is not freezing! I suppose that your confusion is no more about this freezing concern. 

Remember to shut off the door after you are done with your freezer. Because this can damage the freezer as air goes in and gets clogged at times.

All the best!