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How to Use a Wet Vac to Clean Carpet: 5-Step Guide

You might’ve seen wet vacuums to pick up dirt and debris from the garage or basement.

Maybe, you’ve done it yourself once in a while.

But when it comes to cleaning the dirty carpet somewhere in the house, would it be the right cleaning tool?

How to use a wet vac to clean carpet?

YES, it is possible to clean a dirty possible with a wet vacuum cleaner. There is a three-step process involved here, that you need to abide by to get the output. The steps are: prepare the room, clean the dust and stains, mix the carpet cleaning solution to water (as per instructions), and finally execute the cleaning.

However, in case you’ve got minutes to each of these steps in-depth, we’ve got an entire article to enlighten you on that. 

Let’s hop on the wagon and jump right in!

5 Steps of How to Use a Wet Vac to Clean Carpet 

How to Use a Wet Vac to Clean Carpet: 5-Step Guide 1

Using a wet vac is quite easy. You don’t need a lot of skill when you’re cleaning a dry surface. But when it comes to cleaning a carpet, there are a few things to consider. 

Here are the steps of how you can clean your carpet using a wet vac:

Step 1: Prepare the Room

It’s important that you take the necessary preparation before you clean your carpet. First of all, you have to make sure that the room is dry. Otherwise, it’ll make the room a complete mess. 

Then, remove the furniture to make some room for cleaning the areas where you can’t reach. While you may feel a bit lazy to do it, the end result will satisfy you.

Step 2: Clean the Dust and Stains

Next, you’ll want to clean the dust off the carpet. That’ll make the cleaning process a lot easier. 

After you’ve cleaned off the dust it’s time for removing the stains. You’ll find a lot of stain removers in the market. When applying the stain remover make sure to read the instructions first and then use it. 

Step 3: Apply Carpet Cleaner

As before, read the instructions first before applying the carpet cleaner. Although you do need to mix it with water no matter what cleaner you use. 

After you’ve mixed the solution you have to apply the solution evenly on the carpet. Don’t make it too wet as it’ll start to look flooded. So, make it wet enough that you’ll be able to scrub off the dirt.

Step 4: Scrub Off the Carpet

Now, this is the most important part of the entire process. It’s also the hardest as you’ll have to use a scrub brush on the carpet. 

Scrubbing the carpeting will help the wet vac suck the dirt easily. Moreover, it’ll remove any leftover stains if you’ve ever had a beer stain.

Step 5: Clean the Carpet Using the Wet Vac

Attach a flat extension to your wet vac so it can have good suction. Now, suck out all the water and dirt off the carpet. After you’ve repeated this step a few times, your carpet will be as good as new.

That’s it. You’re done! Now you need to take care of your carpet otherwise it’ll get too old too soon.


Question: Do I need to remove the filter for wet vac?

Ans: You shouldn’t do this. It can damage your machine.

Question: How long does a wet carpet take to dry?

Ans: Usually, it’ll take between 8-10 hours.

Question: Can you sleep in a room with wet carpet?

Ans: Yes, it won’t cause any problems to your health.


That’s all we had to say about how to use a wet vac to clean carpet.

We hope you answered all the questions you had regarding this topic.

Start cleaning your carpet if it’s dirty.

Good day!