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220 Gallon Aquarium Weight And Size [Everything You Need To Know]

You may be thinking of buying a massive 220-gallon aquarium for your home. Wondering how much space you’ll have to put in your aquatic life inside? Well, we are here to give all the answers and help you out.

What can be the 220 gallon aquarium weight?

The weight of a 220 gallon glass aquarium would be around 2182 pounds. Without water, it’ll weigh around 350 pounds. The size (L x W x H) will be 72″ x 26.5″ x 26.5″. For a saltwater aquarium, the weight is around 2241 pounds. 

This is just a little preview of the aquarium. We know you are eager for more information now. Let’s dive into the article and explore further!

What’s The Weight Of A 220 Gallon Aquarium?

The weight of the water will be different for a freshwater tank and a saltwater tank. Normally, the weight of pure water is around 8.33 pounds per gallon. If your aquarium is a 220-gallon tank, it can contain (220 x 8.33) pounds of water. It means almost 1832 pounds of water. 

A saltwater aquarium weighs a bit extra due to the amount of dissolved salt in the water. The weight of saltwater is 8.55 pounds. When the gravity is a specific 1.027. The 220-gallon aquarium will be able to hold  (220 x 8.55). This means 1881 pounds of water.

A 220-gallon aquarium will take 7/3 feet space of a room. You can fill up the tank with 880 kg of water. If your aquarium is closer to the kitchen, an extended water supply line could help fill the aquarium quickly.

Different Weights Based on Content

Fish Aquariums are quite heavy when they are full. The weight varies depending on the things you decide to put in the tank. Let’s take a look-


An empty 220-gallon tank weighs around 158-160 kg. In pounds, it’ll be 350 lbs.

Water Filled

A 220-gallon tank can contain 1830-1836 pounds of water. This means almost 880 kg of water. 

So, when filled with water, it weighs around 2180-2186 pounds. It’s a little more than 988kg.

For saltwater, the weight of a water-filled aquarium will be 2241 pounds.

Remember, fish can’t live in pure freshwater. To make the water fish-friendly, especially sea fishes, mix discharge from the water softener in the aquarium. Or you can use  ⅓ part brine water with fresh water. Fill up your massive tank with water and keep a 1-inch gap on the top.


Instruments add some extra weight to the aquarium. You need a water filter, heater, LED lights, air pump, and wave pump for your aquarium.

A water filter for a 220-gallon tank weighs around 5.4kg. Led lights weigh around 5-6kg.

The air pump, heater for 220-gallon aquariums weigh between 5-6 kg.

So, all the instruments together weigh around 20-22 kg. Your 220- gallon aquarium can take up to 900 kg weight. Make sure you balance the weight while adding other things to the tank.

Added Decor

The weight of decorating items should not extend  ⅙ part of the weight of water. A 220-gallon tank can contain around 880kg of water. So, the weight of the decor should be within 146 kg. 

As fish love good hiding places, PVC pipes cut out are good for this. You can use black or other types of PVC pipes to make hiding places and tunnels for fish. 

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Don’t worry, PVC pipes are not harmful to fish and they are very lightweight.

You can use fake fish caves, plants, toy models, pebbles to decorate the tank. Leave plenty of space for the fish to swim.

Types of Fish

There’s no exact weight limit for the fish in your aquarium. Even how many fish you want to add depends on you. Just make sure after adding the instrument, decor, and fish the overall weight stays within 900kg 

The best part of having an aquarium is being able to pet a wide range of fish. There are around 50 types of freshwater aquarium fishes that you can put in here. 

And that’s all you need to know about your aquarium. Now you can set up the tank and enjoy petting beautiful fish.


Question: How often do we need to clean the aquarium?

Answer: You don’t need to clean the aquarium every day. Deep cleansing and draining all the water once a month is enough. 

Question: How to prevent the discoloration of water?

Answer: Use a water conditioner and good quality chlorine neutralizer to keep the water fresh. These will prevent the discoloration of the water.

Question: Should I use tap water or filtered water for the aquarium?

Answer: Using tap water to fill up the aquarium is completely okay. There’s no need to put filtered water in. As your aquarium already has a filter installed in it.


And we’re wrapping up now. Now you have clear answers regarding 220 gallon aquarium weight and additional information.

Let us know if you successfully set up your aquarium. 

Have a wonderful day!