Should I Seal Marble Tile Before Grouting? [Explained]

seal marble tile before grouting

You just renovated or installed new marble tiles in your bathroom. Now you’re thinking about how to protect it from grout stains. Well, we’ve curated the perfect article for you! Check it out! Should I seal marble tile before grouting? The answer is simply a ‘Yes’! You should definitely seal your marble tiles before grouting. … Read more

How To Remove Floor Adhesive [Check Out These 8 Methods!]

how to remove floor adhesive

Thinking of remodeling your floor space? After the frustrating task of removing old flooring, you see another challenge. Now, you’re faced with blobs of old adhesive that’s giving you a headache. How to remove floor adhesive?  We have prepared different types of adhesive removal techniques for you. Use a Mastic remover or mechanical grinder for … Read more

Rectangular Tile Direction: Utilize & Create 9 Patterns

rectangular tile direction

Did you spend hours looking at tiles? You’ve already selected the rectangular shape, color, and material. Now you’re racking your brain thinking of the correct pattern. Which is the best rectangular tile direction? Well, standard rectangular tiles have several possible layout directions to choose from. You can use the classic stack, cross-hatch, and checkerboard patterns. … Read more