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Sunbeam Heated Blanket Error Codes: Full Solving Guide

Electric blankets are super cozy to use.

All of us can agree to that without a doubt.

But sometimes, those blankets can show error codes.

Luckily, they’re easier to fix than you think.

What should you do when you see Sunbeam heated blanket error codes? 

The Sunbeam heated blanket can show up to 6 error codes. All of them have different reasons for showing those errors. But resetting is a standard solution for all of them. You may need to check connections for F, F1, F2, and FF errors. If the electric blanket shows E or E2 error, reset the blanket.

That was just a short answer. I have explained all the error codes in easy words. That might have seemed confusing, but no need to worry.

Keep reading to know more about the error codes and their solution. 

Troubleshooting the Sunbeam Electric Blanket Error Codes: 5 Problems & Solutions

Dealing with electric blankets isn’t the same as dealing with normal blankets. There are many types of electric blankets that you can use. 

Sunbeam electric blankets can show up to six different error codes. Because of that, it can get quite tricky when you try to solve them. 

Luckily, I have sorted and provided solutions for all of them. All you need to do is to follow them through one by one. 

Problem 1: Sunbeam Heated Blanket Showing “E” Error Code

Sunbeam electric blankets only show this error when there’s a loose connection. It can also be possible because of a power cord being disconnected. 

Solution 1: Check the Connection 

The first thing you want to do here is to check the connection. By that, I mean all the connections. 

Start with reattaching the power cord to the blanket. Make sure it’s attached firmly. After that, look for a loose connection between the power cord and the outlet. 

If the power outlet is hard to plugin, try other outlets or replace them. The connection must be firm. 

When you’re done, check whether the error code is gone. In most cases, it’ll go right away. 

Solution 2: Reset the Blanket

You’d have to take a step further if the previous solution didn’t fix it. Resetting a blanket solves most of the issues instantly. 

To reset the blanket, disconnect the power from the control module. Wait 1-2 minutes and reconnect it. It should solve the problem. 

Problem 2: Sunbeam Heated Blanket Flashing “E2” Error Code

Like the E error code, another one that might bother you is the E2 code. But the E2 code is shown because of different reasons. 

The Sunbeam heated blanket shows the E2 code because of a sudden temperature increase. It also causes electric heaters to blow cold air. Make sure to check your thermostat settings. 

A loose connection between the blanket and the control module can cause it. 

Solution: Check the Power Cord

The problem lies with power, so you’ll have to start with the cord. Check for any bent pins. If you find any, you can fix them with a plier. 

Meanwhile, make sure you don’t connect the cord in reverse. It can generate a lot of heat. Also, don’t forget to check the connection while you do so. 

Problem 3: Sunbeam Heated Blanket Showing “F” Error 

The F error in Sunbeam electric blankets generally means a connection error. There are probably some issues with your power supply as well. 

When you wash electric blankets, there’s a high chance of damaging the wire. The cords being tangled can also interrupt a connection.

Solution: Reset the Settings Completely

The F error always needs resetting. But unlike the other resets I have mentioned, this one is longer. 

Disconnect the cord from the blanket and wait for a solid 20 minutes. This will do a hard reset. Afterwards, plug the cable into the blanket. 

Wait for 3-4 minutes before you plug it into the wall. 

Problem 4: Sunbeam Blanket Flashing “F1” & “FF” Error

A poor connection between the blanket and the power cord can cause an F1 error. The control panel will flash the F1 error multiple times when it detects the problem. 

The FF error code only appears when there’s a problem with gradient controls. It can also indicate warming as well. 

Both of these problems are solved in the same way. That’s why I’ve put them together.

Solution: Unplug and Replug the Power Cord

This is the easiest solution of all, just because this only takes a moment. Simply unplug the cord from the blanket. 

Replug the cord and wait a few seconds before turning on the blanket. Turn on the blanket, and the error code will be gone!

Repeat the process several times if the error code doesn’t disappear. 

Problem 5: Sunbeam Blanket Blinking “F2” Error

The F2 error shown by the Sunbeam heated blanket means low current. This can occur when the cord isn’t attached firmly to the wall. 

It can also happen due to miscommunication between the blanket and the controller. 

Solution: Secure the Connection & Check the Controller

The answer is the same as before. Check if the power cord is attached firmly. As for the controller, you can try testing your blanket with another one. 

If it’s not fixed, you can either call customer support. Or, you can replace the controller with a new one. 

For your convenience, I have come forward with some of my favorite controllers:

Product 1
Product 2
Product 3

You can now choose any of them, and they’ll set you up with a working blanket. 

Don’t hesitate to call Sunbeam customer care if the error codes remain. They’ll send experts to have a look and will fix the problems. 

If you still have the warranty, make sure to claim it while you still can. 

Readers Also Ask

What does P mean on my electric blanket?

If a blanket shows a P error, it means it’s on self-protection. This happens when there has been a misuse recently. Folding or too much pressing can cause this error code to appear out of nowhere. 

Why is my heated blanket not working?

The heated blanket mostly stops working because of a poor connection. The blanket’s wire is spread everywhere. That’s why if the wire itself isn’t connected, the blanket won’t warm up. Check the wall connection as well. 

How long do Sunbeam electric blankets last?

Sunbeam electric blankets are known to be endurable products. Proper maintenance can help it survive longer. If you start using an electric blanket, you can expect at least 12 months. After a year, you may run into problems, but that’s highly unlikely.