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Ceramic Heater Efficiency: Must-Knows Before You Buy One

Choosing the wrong heater for your house can make your life extremely uncomfortable. So, you must consider which type suits your home. 

What if the chosen one starts consuming more energy than you can afford?  

A lot of questions are yet to be answered, right?

What determines a ceramic heater efficiency?  

Firstly, you should consider energy efficiency. Then, the cost of running a ceramic heater and the other cost factors as well. We’ve even compared ceramic heaters with other available ones.  Moreover, we’ve discussed some hidden cost factors that’ll help you to choose the most suitable heater.

That was just the outline. There is more to it. Hence, stick with us till the end to know in-depth. 

Things To Know About Ceramic Heaters Before We Start 

A ceramic heater is a kind of portable electric heater. It’s not completely made of ceramic. So, don’t get deceived by the name. They’re mostly plastic components and metallic elements.

The main heating element is made of ceramic to justify the name. The ceramic plates warm up when electricity passes through them. Then metallic baffles (like aluminum baffles) absorb the heat. The oscillated fan blows the hot air around the room afterward. Unlike, functional ceramic fuses which need checking to see if they are working or not.

Main Types

Ceramic heaters can be broadly divided into two categories. One is the convective ceramic heater, which heats the room at a quicker pace. Another is the radiant ceramic heater that is long-lasting but less effective compared to the others. 

You can’t jump to an instant conclusion about which of these two is the best. One of them is more effective while the other radiates more heat and is long-lasting. 

The radiant heater stays warm for a long time but their heating area is limited. They only heat the heater itself and 2 feet (approximately) around. 

Whereas the convective heater can warm up the whole room easily. It has a blowing fan attached that spreads the hot air rapidly. 

But the energy efficiency of both types is quite the same. So, choosing one will obviously depend on your particular situation.

This is much like comparing a combi boiler with an electric shower. There’s no absolute answer. 

What Are The Key Factors In Determining The Ceramic Heater Efficiency

Controlling the temperature of your house during different seasons is important. During winter, you need to warm your surroundings. The opposite goes for summer days. 

Electric space heaters are an affordable way of keeping your house warm. But choosing the right heater for your space is tricky. You need to consider a lot of things. The functions, mechanism, and possible problems. 

For instance, you must know how an electric heater works while installing it.  Also, knowing the troubleshooters of different issues, like cold air coming out of the heater is a must. 

Let’s consider some determining factors of a ceramic heater. This will help you to understand if this can work fine with your situation or not. 

Are Ceramic Heaters Energy-Efficient

Ceramic heaters are the best pick for small spaces. They’re extremely energy efficient and literally the best for covering a regular size room. Its mechanism requires less energy than the other types. 

Nearly 1KW an hour is enough for this type. Even though that’s a lot of energy but it’s lesser than most others. Ceramic heaters are designed with an energy-eco saving mode that saves energy. 

It might be shocking but most heaters have almost 100 percent efficiency. They can completely convert electrical energy into heat. A very little amount of energy wastes in the noise. As ceramic heaters are mostly noise-free, the residual loss is very minimal.  

Again these heaters can keep track of the temperature by using their automatic thermostat. So, they adjust themselves according to that. Thus, it can save energy by turning them off while the room reaches your desired preset temperature.

Are Ceramic Heaters Cheap To Run

Yes, ceramic heaters are cheaper than most others. The way ceramic heaters function saves energy more precisely saves money. 

For instance, ceramic heaters require around 1KW energy. So, it costs around 4.8 dollars. Whereas other heaters require around 1.5 KW energy. Hence, the bill for 24 hours equals 7.2 dollars. Now you know how much you can save approximately by choosing the ceramic one. 

It requires very little maintenance. Hence, the maintenance cost isn’t too high. Ceramic heaters are the best option if you want a low-cost heater. 

Why Are Ceramic Heaters Better Than Other Available Heaters

Oil-filled heaters are largely considered as a replacement for ceramic heaters. To clear out your confusion, we’ve added a comparison table:

Ceramic Heater Oil-filled heater 
Pros Light-weighted Controlled heat direction Portable and easy to moveHeats very fastExtremely safe Allergy preventive Noise-freeSemi Portable 
Cons Makes noises Lower heat output Works fine in small roomsWorks slowly so energy is used for longer period of timeWell fitted for large spacious rooms.Not completely safe, Can be risky for kids, pets, and blind people.Very heavy

This should answer your questions about whether these two heaters are similar or not. Now choose the one you find more suitable for your needs.

Some Hidden Cost-Saving Factors Of Ceramic Heater  

As we’ve already discussed the direct costs of ceramic heaters. Now we’ll focus on some of the factors that we mostly ignore. But if we take them under consideration, it’ll help us to understand the efficiency better. 

Long Term Costs

Ceramic heaters can last 2 years easily. Well, only if your one isn’t faulty. In normal cases, just with the minimum maintenance, it should run fine for 2 years or more. Then you might need to replace it. 

On the other hand, it has no prior installation cost. You can just bring it to your room and start using it. Considering the cost of setting it, running it, and the long-lastingness, a ceramic heater is a good option. 

Cost Generated From Safety Aspects

Another thing is the safety aspect. Most of the time we don’t think about the hazards that might lead to a huge cost burden. If we can ensure a safe device, it’ll cut a good amount of costs for a while.  

Ceramic heaters are extremely safe for household use. If you have kids, pets, or older people with weak eyesight, this should be your first pick. This cool-touch facility has made this heater very popular.

Moreover, ceramic doesn’t get excessively hot, the chances of getting burned are reduced. The automated shutdown method prevents the heater from mishaps. Like getting excessively heated and causing combustion or starting a fire like a fireplace turning itself on

In conclusion, ceramic heaters cut costs for minor or major accidents. Cutting this hidden cost also makes it a better pick in regard to efficiency. 

To make your search easier, we’ve got a list of our best picks for ceramic heaters. This will help you to finalize your desired heater:

Product 1
Product 2

Just grab the product that matches all your criteria. Don’t forget to calculate the cost and energy efficiency before finalizing.


Questions: Are ceramic heaters expensive to run?

Answers: Ceramic heaters are expensive in comparison to fireplaces. But if you consider the energy efficiency, this is much better than most others. You can save money by using its features tactfully.

Questions: Can you leave a ceramic heater on all night?

Answers: Even though leaving an electric appliance on all night isn’t wise. But you can leave ceramic heaters for overnight usages. It has wonderful features that’ll keep an optimum temperature. So, the comfort won’t be disrupted.

Questions: Can ceramic heaters cause carbon monoxide?

Answers: No, as ceramic heaters use electricity for functioning. They don’t cause CO. Only heaters that use combustible fuels can cause carbon monoxide. 

Final Note

That was all from our side. Hopefully, you’ve got a good understanding of ceramic heater efficiency now. 

Choose one using your knowledge and considering your situation. 

Best luck with your heater searching mission!