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How to Clean Kenmore Dishwasher Filter [In 4 Simple Steps]

Is your Kenmore dishwasher filter not looking clean? Everybody uses their dishwasher to wash the dishes but sometimes even the dishwasher needs to be washed. However, it’s not as complex as it seems. 

How to clean Kenmore dishwasher filters?

Firstly, you need to make the dishwasher vacant. Take the shelf from the bottom away of the dishwasher to reveal that part of the dishwasher. Then remove the lid near the spraying arm by unscrewing it. Fill the sink with hot, soapy water, wipe the contents attached to the ‘coarse’ & ‘fine’ filter.

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How to Clean Kenmore Dishwasher Filter

When the dishes are still uncleaned even after a dishwashing cycle, the filters may need to be cleaned as well.

Dishwasher maintenance is often overlooked in many kitchens. Until anything goes wrong, little care is given to it. 

Washing the filter screen of a Kenmore dishwasher can help avoid problems.

Now, let’s start the cleaning process step by step. 

Step 1: Make the Dishwasher Vacant

First things first, you have to put on a pair of rubber gloves for safety purposes. It will protect your hands from germs as well as dirt and any kind of accidents.

Turn off the power, waterline, and water shut-off valve. 

If you are unable to halt the flow of water. It might be because of an issue with the water shut-off valve so check it first. 

Then remove all the clean dishes from the dishwasher. 

Also, take the shelf from the bottom away of the dishwasher to reveal that part of the dishwasher. This has a spray arm as well as two filter-type parts. 

And then, load the kitchen sink halfway with hot water and dish soap.

Step 2: Removing the parts

Your second step will be, removing the lid near the spraying arm by unscrewing it. 

This filter serves as a shield to protect the heavy items and utensils from being entangled in the main pump. 

In case there is a gap between your dishwasher and countertop, fix it to work more effectively. 

The second compartment, located at the rear of the dishwasher, filters out different forms of dirt, such as food crumbs and other remnants left on dishes. 

Put the detachable part in the soapy sink water. 

Remove the filters from the dishwasher’s rear. This section has two types of filters: a “coarse” filter as well as a “fine” filter. 

The “coarse” filter catches food and transports it to another place to be disposed of throughout the dishwasher cycle. 

The “fine” filter enables water to flow back through into the wash cycle whilst filtering all other materials out.

Step 3: Cleaning

Wipe off the contents attached to the “coarse” & “fine” filter with your gloved fingers and discard them in the trash. 

Soak the detachable pieces of such filters in the kitchen sink’s soapy water.

Wipe the interior of the dishwasher using a dry cloth to remove built-up filth and soap slimes, which will allow the area to dry before cleaning with a sponge.

 Ensure proper safety. Because the risks associated with dealing with electrical equipment are quite substantial. 

Wipe clean the inside of the Kenmore dishwasher with a moist sponge and a dab of dishwashing detergent. After rinsing the sponge with water until it is clear, begin cleaning the filters that are sitting in the sink.

Rinse well and pat dry thoroughly with a towel.

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Step 4: Test run

Reinstall the filter parts back in their appropriate positions.

For a final cleaning, run the dishwasher empty and check if everything is working fine. If your dishwasher is having any leakage problem you can also fix it then. 

There you go! This way you are done with the cleaning process. Congratulations! 


Question: How does one clean the filter in a Kenmore ultra wash dishwasher?

Answer: The top filter unit is located on the base of the Kenmore Ultra-wash dishwasher. To remove the lower filter from the dishwasher base, grasp it in the circular aperture, raise it, and pull it toward you. Keep the filter under flowing water until it is cleaned.

Question: How can I keep my Kenmore dishwasher in good condition?

Answer: Dishwasher maintenance is often overlooked in many kitchens, and until anything goes wrong, little care is given to it. Washing the filter screen of a Kenmore dishwasher can help avoid problems from arising. Try to put on protective gloves while removing all clean dishes from the dishwasher.

Question: What components of a dishwasher must be cleaned?

Answer: There should be three items visible: a spraying arm, a coarse net filter as well as a cylindrical filter.  You will have to clean the cylindrical & coarse mesh filters in the dishwasher. In case the bottom shelf is on your way, you may detach it totally out from the dishwasher.

Question: Is it possible for a dishwasher to leak if it is overloaded?

Answer: Yes, it is possible. Overloading your dishwasher will cause it to work twice as hard. As a result, overfilled water can leak through the door rather than the outlet line.


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