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How to Cut Tile Still Attached to The Wall [Step-by-Step Solution]

Wanted to make your wall more colorful? Most people don’t know if it is possible to remove the former one freshly at all. If possible, how to do it? Many questions revolve around the head. 

How to cut tile still attached to the wall?  

Take necessary protection to prevent dust very first.  Mark the cutline with a grease pencil. Spray the tile surface with water using a handheld sprayer, Cut through the tile with an angle grinder. Using a little bar, insert it into the joints. To pry the sliced piece free, use pressure. Using a vacuum, remove the dust.

It’s a quick overview. 

Let’s jump into the deep!

Materials Needed

  • Masking tape
  • Piece of plastic
  • Fan
  • Goggles
  • Respirator
  • Grease pencil
  • Water
  • handheld sprayer
  • angle grinder
  • Vacuum
  • Wet rag

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Attached Wall Tile Cutting Process [5 Steps To Go]

Step1 of 5: Take Necessary Measures to Protect from Dust

To keep dust from the cutting process from spreading throughout the home, cover any doorways in the room that go to other parts of the house with a piece of plastic secured in place with masking tape.

Cover the vents in the room with plastic for the same reason. Open windows for air ventilation. Place a fan for outward airflow.

Wear safety goggles to keep dust out of your eyes and a respirator to keep dust out of your lungs.

Step 2 of 5: Mark the Cutline

With a grease pencil, draw the cutline you’ll be creating on the tile face. Place masking tape over the tile piece that you want to stay connected to but if it is an accent tile and thicker than the wall, go along the edge of the specified line. 

The tape will keep the tile you don’t want to cut away from chipping.

Step 3 of 5: Spray Tile Surface

To keep the dust formed by cutting down and to give lubrication for the cutting blade, spray the tile surface with water using a handheld sprayer.

Step 4 of 5: Cut Through the Tile

Cut through the tile with an angle cutter. By running the blade over the tile surface, start at one end of the cut line and work your way to the other. To keep the tile moist, spray it with water as needed.

Reach cut through the tile without damaging plasterboard, make numerous passes with the blade if necessary. 

To cut tile closer to the wall’s corners where the grinder blade can’t reach. Switch to a rotary tool with a tile cutting bit to make curved cuts in the tile. The rotary tool should not be used on a damp surface.

Using a tiny pry bar inserted into the joints, pry cut pieces off the surface. Apply pressure to the bar as you slide it under the cut piece to pry it off the surface.

Tips on Cutting Tile 

Tip 1: A Shadowline cutter, a basic edging tool with a blade that cuts to a fixed depth, is used to cut a rabbet, or shadow line, on drop ceiling tiles that are bigger in size.

Tip 2:  Make a partial-depth vertical cut on the face of the tile with a carpet knife, then make a perpendicular horizontal cut along the edge that meets the vertical cut.

Step 5 of 5: Remove Dust

It may appear hard to remove all of the adhesive and grout off the wall, but you may do it using a cold chisel, utility knife, or tile cutter.Using utility clippers or pliers, remove the spacer lugs as well.

Clean dust from the whole area with a vacuum. Then, using a wet rag, wipe down all surfaces to eradicate any signs of dust. If you don’t have a vacuum at that time, you can use powdered tile adhesive to go off

Keep the window fan going for several hours after cutting to assist eliminate any dust that has remained in the air.


Question: When to call professionals? 

Answer: Removing tiles off a wall is no laughing matter, therefore wearing protective gear is essential. Whether you have asthma or hypersensitivity, you should employ a professional instead of removing the tiles yourself. Always prioritize your safety and well-being.

Question: Is it possible to cut wall-attached tile without an assistant? 

Answer: No,  you need at least one supportive assistant to proceed with the work. As a spray, the surface, removing dust, and cutting through the tile will continue together.  In that case, one hand is never enough. 

Question: How long will it take to cut the wall attached tile for one room? 

Answer: It’s a time-consuming process. It varies from person to person.  If you do have all the materials and knowledge,  You need at least 3 or 4 hours to complete the cutting.

Final Words

Now you know how to cut tile still attached to the wall.

If you’re still unable to do it, you can call a professional. 

Hopefully, this article is very helpful.

Good luck with your tile cutting!