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Samsung Refrigerator Size by Model Number: Complete Guide

Ever wondered what size your fridge is? This crucial detail helps you load it and prevents overutilization or underloading.

Samsung Refrigerator Size by Model Number: Complete Guide 1

You want your fridge to work optimally. To achieve this, you must adhere to size limitations.

But how does one know the exact size of their Samsung fridge? Try using the model number to get the specifications right.

Here is how to interpret the size based on the model number. I will help you decode everything with ease.

The Meaning of Model Size Number

Few people realize the power in a fridge’s model number. This is especially true for Samsung fridges.

Contrary to what many assume, this model number is not a simple set of numbers and letters. It is an informative code sealing vital information buyers need to make decisions.

Unfortunately, few buyers know how to interpret the model number. For one, you can tell the age of the fridge by decoding this model number.

I will explain what other hidden details exist in the refrigerator’s serial number. The model number locks a couple of details, including:

  • The fridge type
  • The year of the specific model
  • The country of manufacture
  • The volume
  • The color

How to Lookup the Fridge Model Number

The first thing is to find the Samsung model number on your fridge. It is easy too! Being a home appliance, this model number is on the item, and I will show you how to find it.

Samsung Refrigerator Size by Model Number: Complete Guide 2

Searching for the Model Number

First, check the fridge’s inner wall for a sticker. The model of the fridge does not matter in this case. Check the fridge section and not the freezer compartment.

This critical information sticker contains everything you need to know about the refrigerator. The sticker details the model, serial, and refrigerator revision numbers.

Please keep this information safe, as it may come in handy whenever you need to buy parts for the fridge.

Second, check the outer side wall of the fridge, on the bottom side, and close to the door. But, this information may not be straightforward to understand at first glance.

The details are in barcodes encoding the fridge’s model and serial numbers. Similar information duplicates in numbers and letters that are easier to understand.

Install a barcode scanner on your phone to interpret the codes to understand the details. Note that this sticker is for the factory and not the customer.

Companies need this information when the fridge passes through the conveyor belt.

Third, you can check the packaging box for the model number details. It lists all the details for the company when tracking and accounting for logistics.

It helps when delivering the fridge to the customer. I recommend keeping the information sheet from the packaging. Cut it out from the big refrigerator box for more accessible storage. You never know when the information will come in handy.

Model Number and Type of Fridge

Samsung Refrigerator Size by Model Number: Complete Guide 3

Samsung is not very different from other manufacturers when it comes to variety. The company manufactures different types of fridges with varying model numbers. Below are the top offers:

  • French door refrigerators/ Multi-door refrigerators
  • Fridge with bottom freezer compartment
  • Fridge with top freezer compartments for specific countries
  • Fridges with side freezer compartments

Decoding the Model Number of Samsung Fridges

Samsung fridges come in two similar model numbers. Despite their similarities, there are a few differences worth noting.

The manufacturer indicates information about the fridge type and volume. The details also show the series the fridge belongs to, its color, country of origin, and the type of control used.

To understand this better, I have taken the example RS68N8670S9/EU. This code represents different things. It carries vital information that can help buyers make informed decisions when interpreted.

In this case, 68 denotes the approximate fridge volume or size. This applies to countries that use metric meter systems in liters. Examples are Canada and USA since European nations use cubic feet.

Note that you should never fill the refrigerator. The volume should be a visual representation of the amount of food you should store in the fridge. It also marks the fridge’s capacity rating.

Besides that, some models do not specify the fridge volume. These are often marketed as the 24, G5, and A1 series and have one elevated function.

Comparing Size Options of Samsung Fridge

Samsung Refrigerator Size by Model Number: Complete Guide 4

You should know that Samsung fridges come in one size per model. These models belong to a series, meaning you can find varied size options from a specific series.

The three common sizes you should expect include:

  • Standard depth size

The depth ranges from 27 to 31 inches minus handles and doors. In most cases, expect it to stick 6 inches from the counter.

It offers a pretty decent storage amount. The typical width is 35 ¾ inches, but it’s best to consider the model specifications on the same.

  • Counter depth size

These fridge sizes have a 24 to 25 inches depth without handles and doors. They are a better fit in counters as no doors stick out.

They are more convenient if you want enough walking space. They have an average width of 35 ¾ inches but check the model specs.

They give off a sleek finish and aren’t too wide.

  • Narrow Width Size

These are the narrow-width fridges with size ranges from 29 to 33 inches and depth range of 26 to 34 ½ inches. They work best in finished garages and apartments. They are great for limited spaces but have decent space/ volume.


What temperatures should I set my Samsung refrigerators to?

Always check the manual for specific directions. A fridge setting of 38°F and a freezer setting of -2°F is often appropriate.

How can I tell the size of my fridge?

Calculate the cubic feet size of the fridge by multiplying the length, depth, and width. Next, divide the total by 1728 to get the cubic feet measurement. 

What is the size of the Samsung double-door fridge?

The Samsung RT28K3343R2 253 Liter Double Door Refrigerator is large. It has a depth of 688 mm, a width of 555 mm, and a height of 1545mm.

This video shows you how to spot and read the model tag on the Samsung refrigerator