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6 Must-Know Double Sided Fireplace Problems

Do you have any idea about the possible problems your two-sided fireplace might cause? If your answer is yes, then you should gather some ideas before installing. 

Having a fireplace without having an idea about its problems can lead to severe hazards. 

What are the double sided fireplace problems

Two-sided fireplaces can cause smoky interior, odor, water leaking, and wall stains. Moreover, they are easy to have problems regarding dampers and very easy to collapse. Lastly, they’re tough to align with interior decor. So, consider the problems alongside the cost factor before getting a double-sided fireplace.  

That was just a little highlight of the whole. We’ve got a lot more to enlighten you on this. Stick with us till the end. 

6 Common Problems of a Double Sided Fireplace

Just like other appliances, two-sided fireplaces can have some problems Here we’ve listed the most common ones regarding double-sided fireplaces. 

Moreover, the solutions are also suggested. So, without delay let’s just jump in there-

Problem 1 of 6: Leaking Smoke Inside the Interior 

This type of fireplace lacks solid backing or masonry wall. That’s why they have high chances of leaking smoke inside the interior. At times, they might even leak out smoke into both adjacent rooms. 

This happens because cool air can’t enter the fireplace efficiently. So the hot air and smoke can’t leave the place. But according to thermodynamics, this replacing of hot air with cool air is necessary. 


Opening the damper can solve this issue. You need to make sure the air can pass by. That’s all. But this might not always help. 

Installing a glass door on each side can reduce the smoke entering your house. Moreover, using hardwood for your fireplace can decrease the amount of debris and smoke produced. 

Problem 2 of 6: Fireplace Doors Are Prone to Collapse  

The door of the fireplace controls the amount of heat that the fireplace releases. A double-sided fireplace doesn’t have a solid back. This is why the doors aren’t tightly placed or strong enough. 

Closing or controlling the door, which is in most cases made of glass, can collapse. 


You must consider this problem before installing the fireplace. If your fireplace has a good supporting structure behind it, the risk of collapsing will be reduced. 

As fragile doors are hard to control and highly risky. Make sure your glass door has solid backside support. Tell the professional to set a solid support system for your fireplace.

Problem 3 of 6: Creating Odor Inside the Fireplace and the Adjacent Room 

Naturally, all fireplaces give off a certain type of odor. But double-sided fireplaces release a more unpleasant smell inside the room. It happens due to the two openings. If your fireplace isn’t clean for more than a year, the extreme odor will increase. 

Not following a regular cleaning routine will add to your problems. This will create a discomforting odor. Quite similar to an oven filled with dead mice odor, right? That’s why you should address this problem right away.


As fireplaces are mostly used during winter, opening the windows to get rid of the odor isn’t wise. So, the most immediate solution is cleaning. Also, your room can get filled with odor even after opening the windows. 

Clean the fireplace immediately to get rid of the bad smell and related discomfort. Regular cleaning which is at least once a year is a must. Try to sweep the ashes off during the summer when the fireplace isn’t in use. 

Problem 4 of 6: Water Leaking

Most of the time, two-sided fireplaces lack chimney caps. Usually, fireplaces work just fine with the cap. But at times, it might cause problems. 

Water or moisture leaking from the fireplace chimney is one of those. You need to solve this problem right away to restrain further hazards. 


You must attach a chimney cap to your fireplace as earliest as possible. It’ll lock the moisture and keep the water out of the fireplace. 

Thus the water leaking tendencies will get reduced. 

Problem 5 of 6: Stains on the Wall 

Walls are very prone to get affected by fireplaces. For instance, gas fireplaces can make the adjacent wall hot. Similarly, double-sided fireplaces may cause mineral stains on the wall. 

This problem is a direct effect of water damage. But normally water leaking affects the whole house. That can even lead to serious water hazards inside the house. But this problem only affects the adjacent walls.


You can wash them off with soap and water. Again, using water repellent on the fireplace chimney might help as well. 

If you follow the treatment for the moisture problem, it reduces stains automatically. 

Problem 6 of 6: Problems Regarding Air Shaft and Damper 

To run the fireplace properly, the supply of oxygen is immensely important. Thus, a perfectly functioning air shaft and a damper are utterly necessary. 

If they stop working, the wood won’t burn properly. This will eventually lead to other problems like keeping the debris inside. 

It makes the fireplace full of smoke and ashes which can enter the room. It can even cause breathing problems and ruin the safe breathing space. 


First, you need to clean the derbies around the fireplace. Then clean out the flue. If your damper is damaged or absent, install a damper inside your fireplace. To ensure smooth damper operation, lubricate its hinge. 

As this problem is a serious one, there’s no immediate solution for this. So, checking the damper on a regular basis, like once a year can save you. 

Along with these issues, you must consider the cost. You must calculate if double-sided fireplaces are worth it or not. 

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Question: Are double-sided fireplaces efficient?
Answer: Double-sided fireplaces can efficiently heathen up large rooms. Open rooms of the house are very hard to heat up. The big room of the house always has some cold spaces that are far away from the fireplace. A double-sided fireplace can solve this problem efficiently. 

Question: Is a double sided fireplace more expensive?
Answer: It might seem like double-sided fireplaces are expensive compared to normal ones. But if you carefully consider the whole it isn’t. It’s much cheaper than installing two fireplaces. Moreover, it only requires one flue and chimney. 

Question: How wide is a double sided fireplace?
Answer: the width and size of other dimensions can vary obviously. But for the best combination of burn time and viewing area, three sizes are the most desirable. They are 36 inches, 44 inches, and 48 inches. 

Take Away  

Here we are at the end of our article. Hope this post solves all your concerns about double sided fireplace problems

Consider these issues before getting a double-sided fireplace in your home. 

Wishing you a very pleasant winter experience with your fireplace!