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How to Fluff Pillows In Dryer Without Tennis Balls [3 Effective Methods]

Have you just washed your pillows and want to know how to fluff them? Well, we all have seen our mothers putting 3-4 tennis balls inside the dryer. It definitely helps to fluff the pillows in a better way. But what if you don’t have any balls, then what!

How to fluff pillows in dryer without tennis balls?

To fluff pillows, flip-flops, t-shirt balls, and stuffed toys are great options instead of balls. In addition, you can also dry through household dryers. Just set the heat on the lower level and you’re good to go. But if you have none of these at home, try the traditional way.

That’s just a sneak peek of our whole segment. Read through to learn all the alternative ways in a broader way.

Fluff Pillows in Dryer Without Tennis Balls: 3 Effective Methods!

In spite of using tennis balls, there are some other ways to fluff your pillows. These methods are really useful and time-worthy. Many people don’t know the tennis balls technique. And dry out their pillows following these alternative methods.

The upcoming segments will guide you to 3 alternative methods to fluff your pillows. 

Read along!

Method 1: Use an Alternative of Tennis Balls to Fluff Your Pillow

It was definitely a convenient way to fluff pillows with tennis balls. But we don’t always have a couple of tennis balls present at our house. 

In that case, what would you use except tennis balls?

Well, don’t worry. There are multiple alternatives to tennis balls out there. Firstly, freshly washed flip-flops are a great choice. Further, you can just insert a few stuffed toys in the dryer. These will also serve the purpose. 

Lastly, wrap 3-4 t-shirts together and prepare a ball-shaped lump. This ball will also show a great result such as tennis balls. Try out different ways and experiment with that.

Method 2: Using Household Dryer

The household dryer is your best friend when we’re talking about fluffing your pillows. The dryer is the easiest and simple process to work with. 

I have prepared a list of top household dryer brands. This list may help you to choose yours:

Product 01 
Product 02 
Product 03 

Anyways, who doesn’t want the simplest way to get their work done? Definitely, you do. Hence, our first method will show how you can use a dryer and save time as well as energy.

Step 1: Set A Very Low-Temperature in Dryer 

Firstly, wash out the sweat stains, dirt, and debris from the pillows. Further, squeeze out the extra water. Now, gently insert the pillows into the dryer. As the pillows will expand, hence don’t overload the machine.

Now, you’re probably wondering, what’s the ideal temperature for drying my pillow? High or low?

Well, a lower temperature is advised while drying materials like pillows. Because low heat will keep pillows protected from any harm or breakage. 

Whereas, high heat can easily break down the filling and quickly wear them out. Materials like polyester can cause lumpiness on high heat.

Step 2: Dry for 45-60 Minutes

After starting the machine, the only thing you have is to wait. Because in a lower temperature machine you go through several cycles before completely drying. It’ll take at least 45-60 minutes. 

Meanwhile, you can fix your bed slats from falling out. But, don’t forget to keep an eye on the dryer. After completing each cycle, pause the machine, bring out the pillows. Then shake those using both hands to fluff them off. 

Further, put them inside the machine once again.

Step 3: Keep Pillows Under The Sun

Finally, the dryer has completed its task by now. Pull out the pillows from the dryer and squeeze them thoroughly. Squeezing is essential as it’ll show you how to apprise you if the pillow is still wet.

You can also check it by sniffing and smelling any bad odor. Any stinky odor will be a sign of a partially dry pillow. If that’s the case, no need to put the pillow inside the dryer again.

Just keep them under the sun and it will do the rest. Sunbath helps extract excess moisture and a musty odor.

Method 3: Without A Dryer

If you don’t have a dryer at home, don’t hesitate. I’ve got an alternative option for you. Here, I will be discussing the traditional method of drying your pillows. 

Applying the heat of the sun is a great way to dry and fluff your pillows. It might be a little time-consuming yet will save you from paying electricity bills. Plus, it’s way easier than cleaning a polyester couch.

Step 1: Choose A Sunny Day 

Yes! You have to choose a scortchy sunny day to heat your pillows. Whatever format (indoor or outdoor) you choose, a sunny day is equally necessary. Because the heat of the sun will absorb the excess water and moisture.

In the outdoors, just place the pillows on your verandah or on the roof. But if you’re planning to place them inside your house, set them beside a window where plenty of air and sun heat reaches.

Step 2: Hang Pillows on Clothesline 

Try to hang the pillows on a clothesline. It will let the airflow in and out. Therefore, your pillows will dry faster. But if you don’t have much space for clotheslines, don’t worry.

You can either hang them on a wall or lay pillows on a flat surface. Though it will require more time. In both strategies, you have to rotate the pillows both ways. So the heat will reach every corner. 

While drying, the stuff inside the pillow will gradually cling to itself. Sometimes, you will notice lumps as well. Who wants to use a lumpy pillow? None.

Thus, pull out the pillows from the cliff every hour or two. Further, shake and massage the surface to break off any lumps. These procedures will take a lot of time but will definitely serve the purposes.


Question: How to dispersal a pillow?

Answer: Hands work best to dispersal your pillow. Squeeze and squash the pillow using both your hands. Press the clumps with fingers and massage the outer layer gently. It will dissipate the leftover clumps. Finally, fluff the pillow by pressing them both wards.

Question: How to make my pillow look fuller?

Answer: Generally, experts suggest inserting at least 2” bigger than your pillow size. More precisely, 18.5”x28” requires 2 inches extra inserts. Hence, the subsequent shape will be 20.5”x30”. This shape will create a plumpy and luxurious look on your pillow. 

Question: Why is my pillow becoming lumpy?

Answer: Over time, you will notice your pillow becoming lumpier. It’s because the stuff is gathering dirt, debris, and moisture. Eventually these cause clumpiness in the pillow stuff. You can easily wash out that dirt by washing them in the washing machine. 

End Note

Let’s get apart here. We’ve tried to explain almost everything about your concerned issue. Hopefully, now you know how to fluff pillows in dryer without tennis balls.

The last tip, count that as a bonus. Replace your pillow stuff every 4-6 years. It’ll provide you with a good experience and comfort. 

Have a good day!