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How to Reset Your Kenmore Washing Machine [2 Effective Methods]

Kenmore washers usually last a long time with minimal maintenance. But, then again, everything gets a bit rusty with time. If not taken care of, it will eventually  Just like that you may need to reset them from time to time for a variety of reasons.

How do you reset a Kenmore washer?

Press the STOP and POWER buttons on the settings screen twice each. The following step is to select a washing method. ‘Normal’, for example. Then choose a wash method. For example, ‘Hot’ or ‘Cold’. To complete the reset, push the START button. This should reset your washer to start a new cycle.

If you’re new to Kenmore, you could face some issues. Most of the time, just resetting this washer will solve your issues. 

Let’s get down to business!

Is There a Reset Button in Kenmore Washing Machine?

Most contemporary washing machines include a reset option. Once a problem has occurred, you can use it to reset the machine. On some machines, pressing a button is all you need to do to start a reset.

But unfortunately, your Kenmore washing machine does not have a reset button. But don’t worry! You can still be done with certain methods. 

A popular method of resetting a washing machine is to unplug it and then reconnect it.  Here, I will guide you through the resetting methods for your Kenmore washer.

Quick Resetting Methods for Kenmore Washer

Here, I’ve included two resetting methods for your convenience. They are compatible with Kenmore top and front load washers. 

This guideline can be followed by anyone with basic knowledge. You can use any one of the methods at your convenience.

Method-1: Through Control Panel

You might be thinking using a control panel is a complex procedure. But it’s the complete opposite. This Method is the easiest way to reset your Kenmore washer machine. 

Let us go through the procedure:

  • To begin, push the STOP button on the control panel twice. Then push the POWER button. 
  • Now, choose a wash cycle. for example, “Normal”. Then you’ll have to choose a wash option. For example, “Hot/Cold”. From the settings screen.
  • Finally, to complete the reset, push the START button. And Reboot the washing machine after that.

See, your washer has now been reset and is ready to begin a new cycle. 

Method-2: Through Unplugging

If you’re having difficulties with the first method, or the first one isn’t working, this method should do the trick for you.

Let’s get right into it:

  • To begin, shut down your washing machine.
  • Second, unplug the washing machine’s power connection from the wall socket.
  • Finally, give it some time. It is recommended that you wait at least three or four minutes.
  • Fourth, connect your washing machine’s power line to an electrical outlet.
  • Last but not least, restart the washing machine. 

Your washing machine has now been completely reset. It’s ready to be used to begin a fresh washing cycle. 

How to “Master Reset” a washing machine?

If neither of these methods work, there’s a different kind of reset you can perform. It’s known as the master reset. Don’t worry it’s also pretty simple just like cleaning a water inlet valve.

Here’s how you do it:

The Kenmore washer machine must be unplugged from the power source. To perform the Master Reset. Reconnect the washing cable to the wall. This should let go of all the stored electricity.

Open and close the washing machine lid 6 times. You have to do this in 12 seconds to send a reset command to all of the components. 

You can also run diagnose mode to see if everything is okay. Running diagnose mode should show if there are any faults in the system.  

Sometimes your washing machine might be beyond repair. Then your washing machine may need to be replaced. These are the best washing machines with modern technology in the market.

If you feel your washer is backdated you should replace the whole washer. Newer washers provide better technology. And also feature many new options. 

Additional Information

Anyways, resetting might not always be the cure to your problem. Let’s have a look at what else might happen:

  • Electric surges can cause the washing machine to burn out the power supply. Make sure you plug the wire in surge-protected outlets

You’ll have to replace the entire power supply if it’s completely burned out. But unfortunately, it gets beyond repair most of the time. You’ll have to change the whole machine in that case.

  • Transmission gears might get damaged for excessive pressure. Consider changing the gearbox if the motor is moving but the washer isn’t spinning or agitating. 

Instead of washing a large number of garments at once, do it in short batches. Also, it’s better to keep the washing machine covered. It protects it from dust, preventing many issues.

If you’re looking for a good washing machine cover, here are our recommendations:

  • The washer transmission Malfunctioning is another major issue. Change the drive belt if it is broken or loose in this scenario. 

This should solve the problem if the drive belt was defective. Sometimes it can malfunction if the outflow is clogged. Make sure the drain hose isn’t too long.


Question: Why doesn’t my washing machine complete the cycle?

Answer: If a damaged lid switch causes the timer to believe the machine lid is open, a top-load washer will not move to the dump and spin cycle. This often leads to the washing machine stopping in the idle of the cycle.

Question: How do you start the diagnostic mode on a Kenmore top-load washer?

Answer: Press and hold the “Steam Treat” key four times in a row. This will switch the washer to diagnostic mode and start running tests.

Question: What does it mean when the washing machine’s lights are all-flash?

Answer: All lights blinking at the same time can indicate clogging in the filter line.  There’s a chance your filter outflow line is clogged. Clean out the filter line and try again.


Now you know how to reset your Kenmore washing machine. I’ll end my discussion with a bonus tip for you. Always prefer washing in small batches rather than overloading the washer.

With that being said, We have reached the end of our discussion. Contact a professional if you still have issues. 

Best of luck!