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How to Get Kerosene Out of Clothes [6 Easy Steps]

Kerosene can stain your clothes really easily. By any chance, if that happens how will you deal with it?

Surely, you won’t throw away your dress. The best way is to get rid of the stain. 

How to get kerosene out of clothes?

Kerosene can be hard to remove from your cloth. Using oil-removal soap such as dish soap and warm water can get the kerosene out. Using baking powder and vinegar or lemon juice can be effective as well. These will remove both the smell and the stain of kerosene. 

There are multiple steps involved to remove kerosene from your cloth. Each of the steps has its own guidelines. I have mentioned them all.

Dive down to learn better!

6 Steps Guide to Remove Kerosene out of Your Cloth

Removing kerosene is not that hard. But you need to follow a process in order to do so. It cannot be done simply in the dryer. 

There are multiple steps involved in the kerosene removal process. Follow the steps below to remove kerosene and its smell from your clothing. 

You’ll be needing dish soap, warm water, baking powder, and vinegar. Vinegar and baking powder are really effective at removing stains

Step 1: Drench it in Water with Soap

Firstly, you’ll be needing a bucket and oil-reducing soap. Pour oil-reducing soup into the bucket. Using warm water can fasten the process of removal. 

You can use dish soap or oil-reducing shampoo as oil-removal soap. Oil-reducing face wash can be used as well. 

Warm water accelerates the process by spreading the soap into the cloth. You can use your hand or a brush to clean the stained area.  

If you’re in the market to buy oil-reducing soap, you can consider these two products. They are highly effective and do a great job. 


These two oil-removal soaps will sip the oil out from your clothes. 

Step 2: Keep the Cloth in the Mixture

Let the cloth sit in the water and soap solution for 30 minutes. 

After 30 minutes pick the cloth and check how much kerosene has been removed. It’s difficult to get all of the stains out in a single attempt. 

Rinse the cloth under clean cold water and do step 1 again. Keep doing it until all the kerosene has been drawn out.

Step 3: Using Baking Powder

Afterward, you’ll be needing some baking powder. Baking powder is really effective to remove any stains or smells. 

You’ll be needing some sort of acid as well. Acids such as lemon juice or vinegar. Baking powder and vinegar create a solution that kicks the stains and smells out. 

Sprinkle some baking powder on the stained area and rub it in. 

Step 4: Baking Powder and Acid Solution

After rubbing the baking powder, pour 2 teaspoons of vinegar on it. Using a higher quantity of vinegar can damage the fabric. 

Vinegar can be used on clothes in many different ways. You can even remove wrinkles from clothes with vinegar.

Keep it in the mixture for around 5 minutes. Don’t let the solution sit for more than that. It can burn the cloth and damage it.

Vinegar and baking powder are really strong together. So be careful when the clothing is in the solution. Use gloves for better safety measures. 

Don’t put baking powder in your washing machine. 

Step 5: Bleach Method (Only for White Clothes)

Rinse the cloth under cold water to clean the solution. Make sure the baking powder and vinegar are cleaned properly.

This should get the stains and smells of kerosene out of your cloth.

But even if it doesn’t work or a huge amount of kerosene slipped, you can use bleach. Although, bleach is more powerful than baking powder. Also, it is really risky to use colorful clothes. Bleach will draw out the colors and even cause damage to the cloth.

Use a teaspoon of bleaching powder for cloth-sized t-shirts. Mix with a bucket of water and then brush the stained area with a brush. 

Your house might smell like bleach after following this method. 

Step 6: Rinse it Under Cold Water

After following all the steps. Make sure you clean your clothes with clean cold water. Warm water can be used as well.

The most efficient way is to use the washing machine. Using the washing machine for the above step is also possible. But if the kerosene has spilled in a small area of the cloth. It is better to scrub it with your hand. 

But if it has spilled all over the cloth. Just put it inside the washer. 

How to Remove Kerosene Smell from the Cloth?

The above-mentioned step can remove the kerosene smell as well. But, let’s say you didn’t spill kerosene. There’s just the smell of it in your clothes. Following all the steps is not important. 

You’ll be needing lime or lemon juice to remove the smell. The acid will cut through the smell. After scrubbing with lemon juice. Use soap to remove excess acid from the cloth. This process is effective to draw out gear oil smell as well.  

Clean the acid with soap and rinse it under cold water. 


Is kerosene harmful to my skin?

Answers: Low exposure to kerosene to the skin is not harmful. But in the long run, it may cause dermatitis. 

Does kerosene leave marks on the clothes?

Answer: It does leave a mark on your clothes. The longer it stays the darker the mark will be. So act fast. 

Are there kerosene removal soap in the market?

Answer: There are specific soaps to remove kerosene. But using normal oil-removal soap works similarly.  


So that’s all for today. I expect you’re all clear about how to get kerosene out of clothes.

The amount of kerosene does affect the number of times you have to wash. Be aware of this!

Good luck removing stains!