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How to Get Rid of Centipedes in Drains: Answered

Finding a centipede in your shower drain can be pretty traumatizing. It might be a sign that your house will be crawled by centipedes all over, if it’s not already! 

If you see a centipede, make sure you don’t see it again.

How to get rid of centipedes in drains?

First, exterminate any that you see. Next, clean your drainage pipes and openings. To maintain a centipede-free environment, remove their prey and use dehumidifiers, silica packs, and some other ways. We don’t want any centipedes visiting us soon.

If you can pull these off, not only the drain but also your house will be centipede-free. Let’s explore all the steps that you can take-

Quick Fixes For Keeping the Centipedes Out of Drains

How to Get Rid of Centipedes in Drains: Answered 1

Centipedes usually live outdoors or in abandoned places. They don’t only look dangerous, they can be deadly when they bite too.

In order to keep ourselves safe, it’s important that we remove them immediately. Here are a few solutions that might help for now-

Exterminate The Centipedes

Whenever you find a centipede crawling around your drain, exterminate them immediately. Rather than squishing them, use strong disinfectants to kill them. 

You can also use bug sprays at the corners of your house. 

If you don’t want to kill them, that’s fine too. Simply use your broom or vacuum cleaner to sweep them away. Rather than choosing violence, leave them outside your house.  

In case you feel squeamish around centipedes, contact a professional exterminator.

Disinfect Drainage Pipes & Openings

If centipedes have any favorite place, we would say it’s inside a drainage pipe. Centipedes don’t have to fight against flowing water all the time here. 

Usually, centipedes crawl out of drainage pipes at night. Because at that hour, the pipes dry off and become unsuitable for them to live in. They hunt for moisture.

To stop that, you can pour a drain cleaner at the drainage opening. Centipedes will die when they will come in contact with the toxic cleaner.

If you don’t have a drainage cleaner at hand, go for a DIY solution. Pour a cup of white vinegar and half a cup of baking soda consecutively. This will surely disinfect your drain.

Once the centipedes are gone, keep maintaining your drainage system. Otherwise, they might make a surprise appearance.

Long Term Solutions To Eliminating Centipede Infestation

How to Get Rid of Centipedes in Drains: Answered 2

Getting rid of them from the drains is not enough. There are several other places that they can crawl up from. And you need to pay attention to all of those.

Here are the ways to get rid of this poisonous creature-

Remove Other Pests

Centipedes are known as carnivorous animals. The ones that enter your home devour meaty insects, spiders, earthworms. Larger species often devour small reptiles and mammals. 

If centipedes don’t find food, they’re more likely to go away. Killing all other pests and bugs might deter centipedes. 

Apply pesticides routinely as well. Because you can’t expect pests to be gone in one day.

Seal Cracks And Leaks In Your House

The cracks or leaks around your house might become a suitable spot for centipedes to enter through.

A leak in water supply pipes can create a moist area. That makes it the hotspot for the centipedes to crawl in. 

Seal them with caulk or concrete. This will stop centipedes from harvesting and laying eggs. 

So, always schedule a routine check of the pipes. Often you will hear water running in the pipe without any leak. However, if any leaks are found, repair them instantly.

Kill Dampness Using Silica or Dehumidifier

Centipedes often travel to houses in search of humidity and moisture. If a centipede isn’t exposed to moisture at all, it will dry out and die.

Packs of silica can help you wick away all the moisture from air and ground. 

Use it in the areas where it’s full of mites, molds, and mildews. Like your kitchen or shower. 

Just place 10 grams or a bigger pack of silica around the moist corners and places. You have options of ½ to 25 grams of packs. Choose according to the level of dampness.

Or get yourself a dehumidifier for these moist areas. Adjust the humidity accordingly so you can avoid centipedes being attracted to such hotspots.

Clean Sanitary Based Places

These certain areas such as your shower or bathroom are always damp with water. And that makes it the ideal place for centipedes. So, clean these areas regularly. 

Give special attention to the rims of your toilet drain. If possible, clean it with a brush from inside and out. 

Properly clean the toilet seat as well. We don’t want the black soot in your toilet to attract centipedes. 

Ventilate Your Bathroom

An exhaust fan in your bathroom can keep it well ventilated. Moreover, it can keep the little visitors away. 

Turning the fan on after you shower will keep the bathroom dry. Any water around the drains or the floor will evaporate faster. A dried bathroom means a centipede-free bathroom. 

Here are some of our top choices for bathroom exhaust fans- 

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If the current exhaust fan doesn’t work its magic in a few minutes, contact the HVAC contractor. You might need a more powerful one. 

Take Measures for Window and Doors

Centipedes don’t only crawl from the drains, they have other passages too. They can sneak into your house from the windows and doors. 

Always keep the doors closed. Check for cracks above or below the doors. Even the slightest gap can help the centipede sneak in. Use a sealing agent to close the gap

For the windows, install a mosquito net to keep the centipedes out.

Often windows get soaked because of rain. If it’s made of vinyl, the moisture will set under the window. Remove the window frame and let everything air dry.

Secure House Perimeter 

Pesticides can be of great help for demolishing centipedes. Using them periodically can reduce the chances of any pest or centipedes showing up. 

Apply them all around your house, both inside and outside. You can even use sticky traps for this. This helps the most when a number of centipedes are always crawling around. 

Finally, you’ll be rid of these centipedes from your home.


Question: Does rubbing alcohol kill centipedes?

Answer: Rubbing alcohol is used as a disinfectant on surfaces. It can kill a centipede if you pour it directly on the centipede. 

Question: Why should you never squish a centipede?

Answer: Centipedes can be larger than the ones you see in households. You should be grateful that you don’t see a 30 legged creature in your house. Squishing a centipede will create a gross scenario for you. Moreover, more germs and bacteria might take birth from them. 

Question: Will hydrogen peroxide kill centipedes?

Answer: Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful chemical. It can kill any germ on any surface. If you pour it on a centipede, it will instantly kill it. You see, hydrogen peroxide reacts on the centipede’s skin instantly. You might even see their skin burning. 


Now you know how you get rid of centipedes in drains. We hope that these pieces of information helped you get rid of those poisonous creatures.

Make sure that you cautiously handle all the chemicals we mentioned. Those chemicals can be toxic for humans too. 

If things get too much to handle, do not hesitate to call pest control. It’s better to have them demolish the centipedes. We don’t want anyone to get bitten.