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How To Identify Shower Valve Manufacturer [Answered]

Yes, knowing the shower valve manufacturer of the particular shower that is being worked on is important.

The brand will ensure the proper parts are being used while repairing. But finding it can be confusing.

How to identify shower valve manufacturer?

We can find the manufacturer of the shower valve by searching for the manufacturer’s mark. This can be found inside the valve, under the base plate, or behind the handle as well. The brand of the valve can also be located along with the model number of the valve.

The following are some ways of identifying the manufacturer. The main locations for the manufacturer’s brand are mentioned. Along with less conventional ways of finding the manufacturer.

How To Identify Shower Valve Manufacturer Brands

To work on any shower valves the brand must be identified. So, while using replacement parts or fixing parts the proper tools and products can be used.

So, before starting the water supply for the shower must be turned off. Then determining the thread size of the pipes, nuts, bolts, and fittings used in the shower valve is also important. Because different thread sizes don’t fit together. And these are essential for all plumbing jobs.

We should first check the top of the handle of the valve. If not found there we must continue by first cleaning the shower valve thoroughly. Now we must check again for any marks for the manufacturer. As in many cases, extensive water damage can damage the marks.

The manufacturer brand is usually displayed on the handle or the outer body of the shower valve. so, clearing out any form of dirt, grime, or external materials can block or cover the brand mark of the company. So cleaning it thoroughly is advised.

If still not found we will have to open the shower valve. Before starting, clearing the shower area is recommended. So, removing any shower panels or other obstacles like dirt, water, etc. is recommended as well. Because, while working with plumbing, such obstacles can be dangerous besides the slippery floors.

We start by first removing the handle cap. Then screwing the handle off. The manufacture mark may be found underneath the handle.

Then we can move on to the main shower valve. By screwing off the base plate of the valve we can look for the mark behind the base plate. 

We should also check the broach. Different companies have different styles of broaches. So, by counting the number of spines on the broach we can identify the manufacturer. A quick internet search will help.

Then again, we can check the suction plate as well. It will usually have a sticker with the manufacturer and the model number. But if not found we will have to look inside the cartridge itself. 

We must first remove the metal collar around the cartridge. Use of a pair of pliers is best for this. The cartridges of different companies are usually unique. So, showing a picture of the cartridge to any hardware store can reveal the manufacturer. A search on the internet can also help.

These tips are also applicable while fixing faucet valves and washing machine valves

Also water cooler valves and others. So, seeing an example of a well-known manufacturer can help in all of these regards.

How To Identify A Shower Valve From Moen?

Moen is a very well-known sanitary manufacturer. And they use some common methods to mark their shower valves.

We should start by inspecting the top of the valve’s handle. If the mark isn’t there, we’ll have to start over by properly cleaning the shower valve.

Now we must look for any manufacturer’s marks once more after cleaning it. Shower valves from Moen are usually marked on the top.

After that, we’ll go over to the main shower valve. We can look for the mark behind the base plate of the valve by unscrewing the base plate. Using a flashlight while examining it is recommended.

We must also examine the broach. The broach is the inner screw of the handle which is responsible for turning the handle. Broaches come in a variety of styles, depending on the company. Moen employs an 11-spline broach design.

However, we can also inspect the suction plate. A sticker with the manufacturer’s name and model number is normally included. If the mark isn’t detected, we’ll have to search inside the cartridge.

We must remove the metal collar that encircles the cartridge. The best tool for this is a pair of pliers. Different brands’ cartridges are usually one-of-a-kind. By showing a picture of the cartridge to any hardware store, the manufacturer can be determined.


Question: Is it possible to swap out faucet valves?

Answer: Handles and spouts from various manufacturers cannot be swapped. In some cases, even the same manufacturer’s trim cannot be swapped between their models.

Question: What are the best pipes recommended for shower valves?

Answer: Copper pipework is used in conjunction with plastic pipework. Copper pipes work great as an insulator and the plastic push-fit connections are watertight

Question: How much time does a usual shower valve last?

Answer: Usually for 20 years if they are not hampered externally. With external damage done to the valves, the durability is unpredictable.


Now you know how to identify shower valve manufacturers. We hope this article could help you with your problem.

If you are still facing any confusion, contact a professional. With that being said, we have come to the end of our discussion.

Till next time, best of luck!