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Moen vs Pfister Bathroom Faucet: Which One To Pick?

Faucets are very important for your bathroom. You should be selecting the best faucet to enjoy the best service and comfort. If you chose the wrong one, you’ll have to suffer a lot for leaks and who knows what.

Moen and Pfister are among the best bathroom faucets. You must be confused between the two, like everyone. We’re here to help!

Which one to go for:  Moen vs Pfister bathroom faucet?

Moen gives you high-end features and a wide range of selections. Whereas Pfister gives you easy installation and cost-efficiency. Moen faucets add a classy look to your bathroom. Pfister, on the other hand, is quite phenomenal with eco-friendly features. Both are well known for their outstanding customer service and durability.

But that’s not enough to choose between these two faucets. Look into this article as we have prepared a head-to-head analysis in your favor.

So what are you waiting for? Jump right in!

Moen vs Pfister Bathroom Faucet: Quick Comparison

If you’re in a rush, worry not. You can follow this quick analysis to get an insight into the whole article.

InstallationComparatively hardComparatively easy
StyleEye-catching & elegantMainstream
Customer ServiceExcellentExcellent
Cost EfficiencyExpensiveBudget-Friendly
DurabilityLong termLong term, roughly used

Now you know the basic features of these two faucets. But we recommend you not to make the decision right away. It’s always better to know the details before choosing something that you don’t plan to change soon. 

Moen vs Pfister Bathroom Faucet: Head To Head Comparison

Well, you might’ve been able to pick between Pfister vs Delta faucet. But you still are confused between Moen and Pfister Faucets. We understand that this choice is complicated. 

But you have to choose one to enjoy the best service.

Here is a head-to-head analysis of these two faucets. We have tried to make it easy for you to choose. We have analyzed the installation process, features, style, cost, durability between these two. 


Moen vs Pfister Bathroom Faucet: Which One To Pick? 1

Moen faucets come with one-hole, two-hole, or three-hole installations. The three-hole ones feature two levers for hot and cold water. The installation of the three-hole one is a little complicated. 

You have to add putty from under the escutcheon to avoid any leaks. Well, don’t be afraid. It’s just like installing a pool pump timer.

Pfister faucets come with the easiest installation. They also come with one-hole, two-hole, or three-hole installations. These faucets need no putty and don’t have issues like leaking. Pfister faucets are heavier than Moen faucets in general.


Pfister faucets are easier to install in comparison to Moen faucets.  So in this case, Pfister faucets are the winner.

Style And Design

Moen vs Pfister Bathroom Faucet: Which One To Pick? 2

Moen faucets are designed to showcase a classy look. Having them installed will immediately catch the eyes of anyone who enters your bathroom. And with all the diversity they have in design, you get a lot of options to choose from.

Their smudge-resistant finish prevents them from having any visible fingerprints on them. You need a greasy hand to make them dirty. They also design most of their faucets with anti-corrode features. You don’t have to worry about rusting.

Most of the Pfister faucets are coated with good-quality brass. They look elegant but not revolutionary. In other words, they are not eye-catching. They seem like any other faucets in your bathroom.

Pfister faucets also come with the anti-spot feature. They have fewer varieties in terms of design. They have been in the business for over 100 years. But their design has never been outstanding. They can’t be called out of style either.

Pfister faucets ensure the provision of safe drinking water. They have filters attached to them that remove dirt and harmful particles. Recently, Pfister started making eco-friendly faucets that use less water. 


Moen gives you a wide range of choices. Whereas, Pfister gives you eco-friendly features. Both of them are spot-resistant. Moen has a better variety of designs than Pfister faucets. 

Cost Efficiency

Moen vs Pfister Bathroom Faucet: Which One To Pick? 3

Moen faucets are comparatively more expensive. But they provide quite good features for the price tag they summon. 

Pfister faucets are comparatively less costly. The price they put on each faucet or product is quite reasonable. The feature they offer is also quite mainstream. 


In this case, you have to make the choice. If price isn’t your concern, Moen bathroom faucets are your go-to option. On the other hand, if you want a reasonable price, you can stay with Pfister faucets.


Moen vs Pfister Bathroom Faucet: Which One To Pick? 4

Moen faucets can last up to 10 years without any leaks or damage if used in the right way. In many houses, these faucets are recorded to serve for over 30 years. If you can keep your faucets clean, no one can guess their age.

Pfister faucets can also go 8 to 10 years without leaks or any other problems. These faucets are recorded to survive rough use. This is one of the reasons people prefer Pfister bathroom faucets.


Pfister faucet steps a little forward in this race as they are capable of handling rough use. You can’t also eliminate Moen faucets from the race as they are quite long-lasting too. 

Customer Service

Moen vs Pfister Bathroom Faucet: Which One To Pick? 5

Moen offers a limited lifetime warranty for their faucets and fixtures. Their customer service review is great. They provide immediate assistance over the phone and email. They maintain a consistent position in customer priority.

Pfister provides a warranty of 5 to 10 years, depending on the product. But, they provide a lot more. They provide all sorts of services. For example- your water valve handles breaking down. Their response is also quite satisfactory as denoted by most customers.


Looks like we have a tie. Customer service of both Moen and Pfister is top-notch. People are satisfied with the service for years. This is one of the reasons these brands are at the top of people’s choices.

Final Verdict

We have compared all the aspects of the two faucets head-to-head. Now it’s up to you which one you prefer. If you want to choose from a wide range of options and money isn’t your concern, pick Moen. 

If you want to stay on budget and enjoy a long-term rough-use service, go with Pfister faucets.


Question: Which faucet finish is more durable for the bathroom/lavatory?

Answer: Brushed Nickel is the most durable finish for faucets. They don’t show any fingerprints or water spots. However, keep in mind that Nickel finishes don’t go well with stainless steel accessories.

Question: Do Pfister/Moen bathroom faucets have hand-free options?

Answer: most of the hand-free faucets designed by Moen and Pfister are for kitchens. But, they also have a few models for the same purpose for bathroom faucets.

Question: Can I use baking soda to clean the brushed nickel finish?

Answer: Yes, you can use baking soda with lukewarm water to clean brushed nickel finishes. You can also use a mixture of vinegar and water to serve the same purpose easily.

Summing Up

We hope that this clears your confusion about Moen vs Pfister bathroom faucets. If you’ve finished reading this, you have all the answers you’re looking for. 

Now you should be able to pick your choice. Good luck!