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Water Valve Handle Broke Off? [Fix It Easily]

It is really a problem if your water valve handle is broken. We can’t turn off the water or turn it on. Water may also leak! So we must fix this problem.    

What to do if your water valve handle broke off?

If you have a broken water valve handle, you can fix it in 2 different ways. You might have to replace it or use a universal handle. Replacing the handle is comparatively easier. If you don’t find the exact same handle, use a universal handle to solve your problem.

Do you want to know the details, so you can fix it? Then read along!

Why Do Water Valve Handles Break

Rust is the main reason why the water valve handles break. It builds up over years. 

Rust penetrates the handle and creates friction in it. Vigorous movement either cuts the patch of the handle or breaks it. 

Sometimes rust buildup even causes the ball valve to break, so this must be fixed.

How To Fix A Broken Valve Handle: 2 Simple Methods

Water Valve Handle Broke Off? [Fix It Easily] 1

Don’t panic because of a broken valve handle. It can be fixed easily. And most importantly, you can fix it yourself. Fixing it yourself also reduces the cost of removing the valve. You won’t have to spend money on a professional plumber.    

There are a couple of instructions you need to follow. If you do not follow the instructions properly, this can lead to errors. You don’t want that, do you?

Tools Required To Fix It

First thing first, you need some tools to fix the valve. Gather all the things you require.

Here’s what you need:

  • An adjustable wrench 
  • Channel locks
  • Pipe wrench 
  • Large tubing cutter
  • Small tubing cutter for tight spaces
  • One barrel 
  • New valve  

Method 1 of 2: Replace The Water Valve

Water Valve Handle Broke Off? [Fix It Easily] 2

The best way to fix a broken water valve handle is to replace it. Setting up a new valve is quite similar to setting up Fusan anti-siphon valves. But replacing the valve requires getting rid of the broken valve first. 

Now, how to get rid of the broken valve? 

After shutting off the water from the main valve, water still remains in the pipe. Go to the lowest possible point in the house. For example- go to a bathroom, set the barrel for collecting the water, and open the valve. 

It helps to drain out all the excess water. 

Now, you have to disconnect the water supply line from the shut-off valve. This is because it’s attached to other lines. Lose the nut with your adjustable range and remove the pipe from it. 

After that, use your pipe wrench to hold the broken valve. Now, lose the compression nut. Losing the compression nut removes the broken handle valve completely.

Sometimes, pipes may get stuck with the valve. If it does, you need to cut that part of the pipe. Use your tubing cutters to cut it and remove that.    

Now that you have removed the broken valve, it’s time to replace it.

First, set the compression nut in the pipe. Second, take your new shutoff valve, hold it with your pipe wrench and tighten the compression nut. Now, reconnect the water supply lines and tighten them with your adjustable wrench. 

Lastly, to make sure water is going through, turn on the main source of the water valve. Check if there’s any leak. 

That’s it! You have just replaced a broken water valve! 

Sometimes old houses do not have main water shutoffs. If your house is old, you might need to replace the valve while water is flowing.

Method 2 of 2: Universal Handle can be very useful

Sometimes it is hard to find the exact same handle for the valve. To fix this, you can purchase a universal handle. 

It is adjustable for any water valve handle. You’ll need to remove the valve and then set it. Now just adjust the valve.

You can also use it for your main water valve if it is broken.     

If you are looking for a stainless universal handle, we have some suggestions for you:

Product 1
Product 2 

Now you have your handle, then go and fix it!

There are also times when Symmons shower valves are hard to operate. See if there are mineral deposits or dirt in it.

Helpful Tips

Water Valve Handle Broke Off? [Fix It Easily] 3

Now while you’re fixing the valve, you need to keep a few things in mind. Make sure to follow this properly. And the outcome will be a completely fixed water valve.

  • Make sure you shut off the water from the main valve. 
  • Empty the excess water from the pipe. You can collect the excess water in a bucket.
  • Make sure all the other valve handles have no leak.   

Keep these in mind and you’ll have your valve handle fixed in no time! In case you are also wanting to buy flush valves. You can look into Mansfield 210 and 211 as they are running quite well in the market.

And that’s all we had to offer today. Choose whatever method you like to fix your broken valve. But make sure to follow our instructions properly.

On a side note, always pressure test PEX lines. So you can avoid problems related to that.


Question: How to turn off a broken water handle?

Answer: Use matching screwdrivers for pulling off the handle of the valve. After that, you will get the pliers. Use the adjustable range to turn it off. Or set a universal handle and then turn it off.

Question: How much does it cost to replace a broken valve?

Answer: It will take almost $40 to buy a new valve. If you fix it yourself, you can save $100 – $150 by not giving it to a plumber. 

Question: How often should I replace shut off valves?

Answer: You should replace shut off valves in 8-10 years. After using water valves this amount of time, it usually starts to leak, fails to work, patches cut off.   


That’s it! If your water valve handle broke off, simply replace it. All you have to do is follow our instructions properly. 

We hope we’ve helped you get rid of any confusion regarding what to do. Good luck with fixing your valve handle.

Till then, stay safe and sound!