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How to Extend Door Jamb for Storm Door [2 Easy Methods]

Storm doors benefit from the adaptability and protections offered by outdoor doors. It helps sunlight and air to ventilate into your home. While also acting as a safety barrier to bugs in your living space.

But it becomes a problem for many when jamb doors need an extension. We’re here to help you out on this today.

How to extend door jamb for storm door?

Door jambs for storm doors can be extended on your own. You won’t need a mechanic for that. You can buy an extension kit and follow the manual to extend door jambs. Again you make a door jamb using boards, wood filler, and primers. You just need to cut the jamb and place it in a frame.

Let’s not waste any more time! Gonna get started with the article!

Extend Your Door Jamb for Storm Door

Basically, the pieces of wood that are on both sides and on top of your door are called door jambs, aka door frames. These jambs run the length of the wall from one side to the other. 

In these circumstances, the width of the doorjamb must be increased. This necessitates the installation of jamb expansions, or wood strips, solely on a single side of the doorjamb. 

The extension of the door jamb is complemented with furnished floors. It will cost a bit to furnish the house.

Now, let’s follow up on how you can extend your door jamb.

For Interior Doors

For interior doors, it’s easy to extend the door jamb. You just need to measure the required size of the jamb. You will need the piece from which you will make the door jamb. Then You need to cut the piece according to your required measurement. 

After cutting you have to place it on your storm door. Then apply wood filler which will help the door jamb to get placed perfectly. And after that remove the dust and clean it properly.

In the interior doors, the walls have the scope to be decorated. You can give your own touch in decorating these. A simple way is sticking window clings. You can stick these in either the windows or the walls.

For Exterior Doors

For exterior doors, it may be quite difficult to extend a door jamb. But it’s not that tough.

We frequently add extensions to the storm doors. Extensions are simply pieces of wood or PVC nailed to the existing jamb. 

Screwing through the face of the board into the jamb at 4″ will not be strong enough to support a storm door. Hence, extend the door jamb.

As a beginner, you can buy a door jamb extension kit. And it’s easy to use an extension kit. Because in the manual everything is written about adding it in detail. You just need to follow them.

Storm doors can be decorated without outdoor outlets.

Follow these steps below to successfully extend exterior door jambs:

  1. You have to get the accurate size of the extension. Otherwise, it will look odd. After getting the extension you will put it on the storm door.
  2. Then you have to bind them together. You will need a fastener for that. The fastener you will use, relies on your opening. Is it brick or wood?
  3. To maintain the jamb snug and flush, you will like to pocket screw it to the existing jamb. After that, you can shim beneath the board and screw into the wood/brick gap.

The extension kit you want to use has problems too. Firstly, the extension kit is not always available. Secondly, it will become too expensive for many people. You don’t need to spend this much money only to extend the door jamb

You can extend the door jamb without an extension kit too. You will just need a considerable-sized board which you will also need for the extension kit too. You are required to have a significant amount of primer to bind its cut ends as well.

By the way, if you want, you can replace the storm door too. If you are not happy with the current one.

You may also buy an extension kit of door jambs for your outdoors. Here are some affordable extension kit door jambs available in the market:

Product 1
Product 2

These extension kits will help you to make your job easy. You do not have to make extra effort or labor for this easy job.

I hope this detailed process will lessen your worry now.


Question: What is the best way to fix a door jamb which is too small?

Answer: To fix this issue, you need to measure the part that is missing. Then you need to cut a plain piece according to your gap. Make sure the piece is cut perfectly.

Then place the particular part in the gap. You can fill the slight gap with a wood filler. 

Question: What is the best way of adding a storm door to a pre-existing doorway?

Answer: Almost every storm door on the market is reversible. That is, the connector can be installed on either side of the door. You may also need to drill a hole for the clasp on some doors. You have to remove the old door and then add the new storm door to the front.

Question: What should I do if the frame outside my front door doesn’t allow for the installation of a storm door?

Answer: Attach a brick or stone mold on each face of both the door handles and decorate to your desired color. To receive the drip edge from the storm door, the brick mold must be flush at the top of the door jam.


Now is the time to bring the article to a close. I hope you now have sufficient knowledge about how to extend door jambs for storm doors.

You can seek professional assistance if necessary, but you can simply do it yourself with a few basic and simple instruments.

Just make sure to do these carefully and don’t take unnecessary risks.

Comment if you need to know anything else and we wish you a pleasant day!