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Replace Main Water Shut Off Valve Cost: Everything You Need To Know!

Every household has a main water shut off valve. It is used to control the water supply to the entirety of the house. 

We don’t need to use the shutoff valve unless we’re working with something. As a result, the problems are often overlooked. It’s important to keep it in check and get a replacement whenever necessary. 

So, you might ask, what is the cost to replace the main water shut off valve? 

The price depends on a lot of factors. The cost and quality of the valve, additional tools and supplies. You also need to consider plumber cost if you’re hiring a plumber, location and other additional costs. On average, the main water shut off valve replacement can set you back for $375 to $600 or more. 

This was just an overview. Want to know more about when you need a replacement, and what factors can affect your cost? Let’s begin!

Replace Main Water Shut Off Valve Cost: How Much Do I Spend? 

The cost of replacing your main water shut off valve is a bit subjective. 

The main water shut off valve will last up to 10-15 years effortlessly. Taking care of the valve is a must in this case. Common problems like water shut off valves being stuck can happen. This calls for the replacement of the valve.

Different factors can affect how much the process may cost. Only replacing the valve costs about $150 to $300 on average. The cost can spike up to $600 if there are any additional repairs and replacements involved. 

Factors That Can Affect Your Main Water Shut Off Valve Replacement Cost: 

There are a few factors that can affect the cost of your main water shut off valve replacement. Keep these in mind while setting your budget.

Type of Valve 

There are many types of valves available for you to choose from. Although we recommend getting the ball valve because it’s the best in quality. The type of valve you choose can have an impact on the final cost.

It’s important to know how each type of valve works before making your final decision.

Plumber Costs 

If you’re not very skilled at handling things like these, get a plumber to help you out. A plumber would understand the situation of your house better and give you the best solution. 

The cost of a plumber can range from $150 to higher. This is based on the severity of work, availability of resources, and your location. Make sure to contact your local plumbers for a proper idea.

The severity of Work

How is the condition of your shut off valve? Is everything around it in good condition? Do you need any other repairs or replacements? 

These are important questions that we need to address. If you have a leaky pipe or any broken sections, your cost can go significantly higher. Make sure you get your system thoroughly checked beforehand.

Factor 1: Location of your Valve

Your main water valve is pretty easy to find. Follow along your main water line of the house until a knob or lever is seen. It’s likely to be in an outside wall or the basement of your house.

In older houses, finding the valve can be a bit harder. In that case, If you hear water running in pipes with no leaks, following that can work.

Your house will generally have a ball valve in place. An older house may even have a gate valve.

The position of your valves can change the final cost. If it’s harder to find, it’s going to be expensive.

Factor 2: Corrosions 

Once you’ve found your valve, look around to see any signs of corrosion. See if you find any sort of residue around your valve. If the residue doesn’t come off, there’s a chance that your valve is corroded. It requires a replacement.

If your valve has corrosions, there’s a chance that other parts of your system are corroded as well. And you need to fix the entirety of your system, thus hiking up the cost. 

The cost of an entire system replacement can go as high as $2000, based on other factors.

Factor 4: Shut off Mechanism

Try turning the valve on and off a few times to see the condition of the valve. If it’s stuck or the valve keeps turning, it might be problematic. It might have corroded and needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

An improper shut off mechanism can spike up your cost as well.

Required Tools

This isn’t important if you’re generally used to household plumbing works. But if you’re planning to start from scratch, you’d need some tools. Household tools like wrench, lubricants, etc. are an absolute must. 

If you don’t have these tools with you, you need to buy them as well. The cost of tools can increase the final replacement cost as well. If you’re looking for a good quality wrench to help you out, check our recommendations: 

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These are some of the best available in the market, and for good reasons! 

With that, we’ve discussed the cost of replacing your shut off valve and factors that can affect your final cost!


Question: How long does a shutoff valve last?
Answer: If handled well, a good shut off valve can last 10 to 15 years without any hassle. However, factors such as type of valve, quality, and surrounding factors should be considered.

Question: Can the main water shut off valve be repaired?
Answer: Yes, the valve can be repaired for minor problems such as stuck valves and small leaks. For major problems, a replacement is the way to go! 

Question: Why do shut off valves go out of order?
Answer: Shut off valves can go out of order for multiple reasons. These include regular wear and tear, sedimentation of minerals, corrosion, etc.

Final Words 

The main water shut off valve in your house is important. If your valve has a problem, getting it replaced is a good idea. Having an idea about replacing the main water shut off valve cost is important. 

In this article, we’ve discussed all the details about replacing your main water shut off valve to help you get a clear idea. We hope you find this article helpful!