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How To Fix Crumbling Basement Walls In The Easiest Way

Basement walls can crumble for turbulent weather or any reason. It can be a huge concern for you as it looks horrible.

How to fix crumbling basement walls?

First, you have to resurface your wall. For that, you need to prepare the wall to accept the cement mortar. You also have to add epoxy to make the wall waterproof. Lastly, cover the wall so that the moisture doesn’t go away.

Is this what you’re willing to know? Then our piece is perfect for you. Figure out how to solve this issue and prevent it in the future with us. 

Why delay any more? Hop right in!

Why Do Basement Walls Crumble

Before curing walls crumbling, you must know what is causing it. The root reason is that the porous surface is weak and fragile. 

When the foundation of walls is weak, different factors affect the wall surface. They are responsible for wall detonation.

Such factors are:

  • Exposure to turbulent weather
  • Exposed to constraint rain
  • Inadequate curing of the concrete surface
  • Puny concrete mixture
  • Carbonation via CO2  and H2O exposure
  • Application of excess water during the finishing

These are some factors that can detonate your basement’s wall surface. Now that you know how it’s caused, let’s work to fix it.

3 Steps To Fix Crumbling Basement Walls

How To Fix Crumbling Basement Walls In The Easiest Way 1

To fix the crumbling wall, you have to follow a few steps. This includes preparing the surface, waterproofing it, and finally, resurfacing it.

Worried about how long it takes? The time period for this is similar to that of retiling a bathroom. 2-3 days should be enough! 

Important Tools

  • 120 grit sandpaper
  • Dust Mask
  • Putty knife
  • Saucer 
  • Trowel 
  • Plastering Contractors

If you’ve got these, let’s get into the steps:

Step 1 of 3: Preparation of Surface

How To Fix Crumbling Basement Walls In The Easiest Way 2

If you don’t brush the loose concrete off, whatever repair measures you take, won’t last. To do this, use a wired brush that is attached to a pole. 

Use the brush to sweep horizontally or vertically. You must be wearing a dust mask to avoid breathing any dust.

You can even wash it off with your wet vac and power washer. But keep in mind that doing this can create a huge mess. 

The dust can form into mud and settle on the floor. So, you’ll have to clean up this mess before heading to the next step.

If you want, you can use an abrasive cleaner for this. If you don’t want to make this mess, just clean off the loose concrete and dust. Sweep them right away.

Step 2 of 3: Waterproofing The Basement Wall

How To Fix Crumbling Basement Walls In The Easiest Way 3

As you have dusted off the loose concrete so let’s move on to waterproofing the basement wall. You have to apply a water-based epoxy basement waterproofing coating on the wall.

The epoxy will act as a bonding agent. They will penetrate the surface and mix with some of the powder while you brush the epoxy on the wall.

The application of water-based epoxy as a bonding coat provides a surface. This makes it possible for the resurfacing mortar to stick.

We understand if you’re thinking of which epoxy to buy. To help you, we’re showing you some of our best picks to get the job done:

Product 1
Product 2

These epoxy products are guaranteed to not have an orange peel effect!

Step 3 of 3: Resurfacing The Basement Wall

How To Fix Crumbling Basement Walls In The Easiest Way 4

Now that we are done with the primary tasks, let’s move on to the final task-

Combine water-based epoxy with concrete and sand mix. We will use this to resurface the wall. 

Skim the mixture in small amounts over the surface of the wall. First, do the thin skimming while the mortar is loose. When the mortar is thick, apply chunky filling over the large cracks. This might require adding more concrete sand to stiffen the mortar.

Once you’re done with skimming and surface resurfacing, there is one last thing to do. Apply another layer of water-based epoxy on the wall. 

Make this a thin coat and apply with a paintbrush. You can use the same brush that’s used for painting inside a kitchen cabinet.

When all of this is done, let the wall rest for at least 24-48 hours. The composition will require time to settle. 

When it’s settled, your crumbled basement wall should be fixed. You will get a smooth wall surface that no longer will be dusting or falling off.

Tips To Stop Basement Walls From Crumbling

While you are waiting for the resurfaced wall to settle, take a look at a few tips. These tips can stop your wall from crumbling further in the future:

  1. Don’t let the wall dry too fast. Spray water to keep the wall moist. Remember, use water only the first time after the wall is resurfaced.
  2. Cover the resurfaced wall with polythene. This will help to stop the wall from losing moisture.
  3. Use a concrete curing agent to seal the surface. This action also helps to stop the surface from losing moisture.
  4. Once the wall is resurfaced, keep it away from contacting direct sunlight and wind. Otherwise, it can lead the surface to dust.

We’ve learned, the crumbling of walls takes place because of the initial weak manufacture.  But don’t worry! These tips can stop the wall from crumbling ever again! 


Question: Should I use aliphatic alcohol to the wall?

Answer: Aliphatic alcohol is used to disinfect an unhygienic area. If you want to free the wall from fungicides, you can spray it onto the wall.

Question: Does humidity affect my wall construction?

Answer: Yes, humidity affects your wall construction. In fact, excessive humidity works positively in this situation. It adds moisture to the wall and stops them from drying too soon. 

Question: What can I do to cure mold?

Answer: Use release agents to cure molds. But don’t use too much. Because this can create surface voids. You can even apply white vinegar to kill molds.

Summing Up

There you are! We have mentioned everything regarding how to fix crumbling basement walls

We believe, if you follow our steps, your wall should look perfect in the end. Don’t hesitate and start working now!

We wish you good luck!