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How To Reset Speed Queen Commercial Washer [4-Step Guide]

Bought yourself a new speed queen washer but forgot to focus on the details out of excitement?

It can get worse if you can’t reset your washer.

Don’t panic, whatever you’ve done can be undone. 

How to reset the speed queen commercial washer?

To reset your washer, you must turn off the washer’s switch first. Then plug out the machine from the electric outlet. After that, shut off the water connection to avoid any water mess and wait for a while. Finally, switch on the washer again!

Now we are aware that this might still be confusing to some. Our article has a stepwise guide that would clear all your doubts. Keep on reading for the details.

Sounds about right? Let’s get started!

How To Reset Your Speed Queen Commercial Washer: 5 Simple Steps To Follow

How To Reset Speed Queen Commercial Washer [4-Step Guide] 1

Not knowing how to reset your washer is not that big a deal. People with no specific reset button on their washers also face this issue. No matter if your washing machine has a specific reset button. 

We’ll show you how to reset your speed queen washer in the most efficient way possible. 

You can think of it as a textile washing machine and dishwasher knowledge exchange series. Follow the steps:

Step 1 of 5: Turn Off The Switch

First, you’ve to switch off the washing machine. While switching it off, make sure you do it safely because any insincere move would cost you in many ways. And washing machine switches can cause extreme electric hazards.

Remember one thing! Don’t use anything wet to turn off the switch. And make sure your hand is completely dry before you touch the switch.

Step 2 of 5: Unplug From The Electric Panel

How To Reset Speed Queen Commercial Washer [4-Step Guide] 2

Take the plug off the wall at this point. It could be securely stuck and difficult to remove. Allowing your fingers to slip beneath the plug and touching the metal prongs isn’t a good idea. 

To remove the plug from the wall, pull steadily and wiggle it if necessary. The plug end should then be hung. Use a twist knot or clamp to clip the plug to itself once it’s been removed. This should keep the plug end from dragging on the floor.

Now, you might think of a random clamp for this. But you might need to consider clamps with specific features. Now, don’t stress out. Because you can look up the recommendations we have got for you below:

Product 1
Product 2

These are the clamps that are pretty efficient for this purpose. You can count on these products without any hesitation.

Step 3 of 5: Shut Off the Water

The next step is to minimize the possibility of a mess with the electronic components. This can be accomplished simply by turning off the water supply to your washing machine. 

Turn off the water to the hookup valves. Do it by sealing the hookup valves, or turning off the water main altogether. It’s possible that you don’t have this single handy valve. Or the handle may have just broken

In that situation, you can turn off the water at the valves that link the wall to the washer. 

But with the same washer connection, these can rust closed after a few years. These may or may not turn when you expect them to. That is why we recommend you close the main water shut-off valve.

Step 4 of 5: Wait For A While And Plug Again

How To Reset Speed Queen Commercial Washer [4-Step Guide] 3

Now, you need to wait for minutes. Make sure you wait a minimum of 10 minutes. In the meanwhile, you can rub the dust off the parts. You can take a standard cloth and rub off the parts gently. 

Once you have taken enough time for a break, it’s time to plug again. Now, plug in the machine to the electric outlet again. Remember one thing! You may find it difficult plugging in at this stage. But no worries! Because you can fix it in no time!

Step 5 of 5: Switch On The Speed Queen Commercial Washer 

How To Reset Speed Queen Commercial Washer [4-Step Guide] 4

Finally, turn on your machine’s switch. Your washer has now been successfully reset. You can now fill the washtub with more clothing. You can also change programs as needed if you desire. 

If there’s still an issue, you can still fix it. You can ask for assistance from any professional in this respective field. And you can always consult the manufacturer about any issue with your washer. Also, get an idea of how to wash with oxiclean in the washer while you’re at it. Because not knowing about your washer usage can cause further problems.

These are the steps to follow to reset the speed queen commercial washer. Make sure you go through the steps thoroughly. Because missing out on any instruction can lead to unwanted and unexpected issues.


Does a washing machine have a reset button?

A reset feature is available on most contemporary washing machines. This allows you to restart the washer when an error code or fault has occurred. You can reset the motor on some machines by pressing a button. However, some devices may not have a reset button. Those machines can be manually reset. 

What are the common washing machine issues?

A common problem is a washing machine that won’t start. It is also usual for washing machines to be noisy or vibrate excessively. When draining, the washing machine can produce noise or not drain at all. Overfilling or underfilling a washing machine is also a possibility. Occasionally, the washing machine will not spin. A common cause is a water spilling from the soap drawer.

Why does my washing machine have water at the bottom?

Well, there could be numerous reasons for this. Your drain pipe may be kinked as the first cause. Your drain or hose is clogged if this is not the case. Other elements may also have a role. Your load may be too heavy for a good spin cycle. Alternatively, the sensors in your washing machine may be faulty or old.