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Why Your Shower Pull Switch Keeps Breaking: 3 Main Culprits

You just bought a shower switch last week, and now it’s already broken? We know the pain. 

But have you ever wondered why only your shower pull switch keeps breaking? Is it because you’re not handling it properly?

Shower pull switches are designed to be turned off. If you always switch it on and off, it can damage the switch. Moreover, buying a poor quality switch can cause it to break. Other than this, a cramped wiring or a loose connection is to blame.

That was just a glimpse of the big picture. To solve this issue, keep reading on. 

Why Does a Shower Pull Switch Break

Why Your Shower Pull Switch Keeps Breaking: 3 Main Culprits 1

Did you know that shower pull cords are meant to last for up to 10 years? Then how come your pull switch keeps breaking every other week?

Well, there may be a few factors behind this. To begin with, steer away from cheap quality switches. These may be cost-efficient in the short run, but don’t last. 

Okay. Let’s consider that you buy the most expensive shower pull switch out there. Is it still malfunctioning? Then check if the switch is screwed in too tightly. 

If this happens, then wiring might be cramped inside. This might cause a faulty connection. Or else, a loose connection may lead to the shower pull cord not working

Those were the major reasons behind a shower pull switch breaking. But just knowing the culprits aren’t enough? So, what’s next? Well, let’s see how we can stop this problem from happening. 

How to Prevent a Shower Pull Switch from Breaking

Why Your Shower Pull Switch Keeps Breaking: 3 Main Culprits 2

By now, we know that there are 3 major reasons behind a pull switch breaking. A cheap quality switch, cramped wire, or a loose connection could cause such a mishap.

Let’s now see how to fix this problem.

1. Poor Quality Switch

Let’s tackle the simplest problem first. Before you rack your brains to troubleshoot the fault, it could’ve been you all along. 

You don’t always have to be a cheapskate, buddy. Sometimes, it’s better to dish out a little money and invest in something for the long run. Go for quality, even when you’re buying an alternative for duct board

You see, cheap plastics pull switches are extremely fragile. Even the wiring may wear off after some time. As a result, this can cause the connections to weaken over time. 

All in all, don’t do it. Now we’re not saying that all cheap switches are of poor quality. But as a word of advice, prioritize quality over price. When buying a pull switch, only purchase from authorized sellers. 

To aid in your decision making, these are some of the best shower pull switches for you.

Now you won’t have to worry about your switch breaking.

2. Cramped Wiring

Apart from a poor quality switch, the breaking shower switch can be boiled down to cramped wiring. Don’t worry, it’s a pretty common connection problem. But how does wiring get cramped, to begin with? 

If you screw in the cover super tightly, this may push the wiring inside. This also puts pressure on the switch. So when you pull on the switch, it has a higher chance of breaking. 

Also due to compressed wires, the connection may start getting cut off.

Now let’s come to the solution. To fix this, simply take a screwdriver. Then, loosen the screws holding the cover in place and try pulling on the cord. If this is effective for you, then your problem is all solved!

3. Loose Connection

Now the purpose of a shower pull switch is to cut off the electricity supply to your shower. Also, you don’t have to cut off the electricity of your home. So this is pretty useful when you want to do any maintenance work. 

Thus, it’s not designed to be tempered with. If you’ve got a habit of pulling on the switch every time you shower, it’s time to stop. That’s because it may be doing more harm than good. 

Rather than that, we suggest that you keep your shower cord on. Although it may seem unnatural at first, you’ll get used to it.

On the other hand, it’s pretty useful when you want to fix an Aqualisa shower too! But when you have a loose connection, it may result in your pull switch breaking.

Don’t believe us? When any of your wires have a loose connection, it causes resistance. 

As a result, this resistance causes the shower switch to overheat. Due to this high temperature, the plastic can easily melt. Then, your shower pull switch can also break!

So how do you fix this? Well, check your wirings for any weak connections. Also find if any wires have weakened, and are on the verge of breaking. If you do find one, your job is all done!

Simply replace the faulty wire. Also, search for any loose screws which may weaken the connection. Upon finding one, tighten it well with a screwdriver. 

Well, now I guess you’ll finally be able to use your shower pull switch.


Question: Can I leave my shower pull switch on all the time?

Answer: Yes. The main purpose of a shower switch is to cut off the supply of electricity from the shower. This is useful when you want to repair the shower. But if you turn off the pull switch after every use, you’ll wear it down quickly. 

Question: Can I replace the pull cord on the shower switch?

Answer: The shower switch of a pull cord can be easily replaced. In general, there are two parts of a cord, connected with plastic. So if the lower part breaks off, you can easily buy a replacement cord. 

Question: Why do switches burn out?

Answer: Shower switches can burn out when there is a loose connection somewhere. This faulty connection can ignite a spark or fire when the switch is turned on. As a result, the switch may burn out. 

Question: Why does my shower switch smell of fish?

Answer: If you notice a fishy smell in your shower switch, it might be a result of molten plastic. When the shower switch overheats, it can melt the plastic in severe cases. Also, the fish smell could indicate burnt Bakelite. If you find a fishy smell, don’t shower in the bathroom until you fix the issue.

Question: What’s the difference between 1 way and 2 way pull cord switch?

Answer: A one-way switch is only connected to one output. As a result, it’s also known as an on or off switch. Most light switches we see are 1 way. But 2-way switches mean that one output has two or more switches controlling it. This can be found in big stairwells.

Bottom Line

And now it’s time to conclude our post. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. 

If you have any queries regarding shower pull switch keeps breaking, let us know. We love getting your feedback.