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Shower Isolator Switch Not Working: What You Can Do

Can’t wrap your brain behind why your switches keep getting damaged.

I’ve all been there, bud. 

We get you if you struggle with your shower isolator switch not working. 

A shower isolator switch may malfunction when you turn it off frequently. Also, overheating and using a low-quality switch are all to blame. In case you find that your switch is overheated, turn off the main power. Next, open the switch cover and check for damage. Then, replace all the essentials and reassemble.

That was just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s dive deeper to find out how to fix the isolator switch.

Why is Your Shower Isolator Switch Not Working?

Before diving into how we can fix this isolator switch, we’ve got some work. Let’s find out the prime reasons why your switch is damaged. 

So without any chit-chat, let’s look at the culprits behind this phenomenon.

1. Frequent Turning Off

Improper use is one of the primary reasons behind a damaged isolator switch. Do you know the primary purpose of an isolator switch?

Well, it’s designed to cut off any electricity supply to your shower. This is best for fixing a plumbing problem.

So if you’re in a habit of switching the isolator switch off after showering, stop! This practice is worse for you than you think. Technically, you’re not saving any energy by switching it off. 

Electricity is only consumed when you turn the shower on. Thus, it’s best to keep the switch on at all times.

2. Overheating

Next up, we have the classic problem of overheating. But, what causes the isolator switch to overheat? 

It’s all in the connections. You see, if there’s a faulty connection anywhere, it could cause trouble. That’s because a loose connection means a strain on the switch to perform the same function. 

This may lead to ignition, which causes the plastic cover and wires to melt. 

3. Low-Quality Switch

The last reason might be that, you’ve chosen a poor-quality switch. Now, there are loads of options in the market. Some switches may even be significantly cheap. 

Are you tempted to get a deal that seems too good to be true? Then remember, that it probably is. 

You see, cheap switches and wires may save you money in the long run. But they’re not durable at all. They’re also the culprit behind a broken pull switch

That’s why it’s best to buy a good quality switch. Here are some tried and tested switches that you can try:


These will last and perform longer than your previous one.

Is a Shower Isolator Switch Same As a Shower Pull Cord?

So we said quite a bit about why your shower isolator switch isn’t working. But there’s a common query that may trouble you. 

Many people get confused about whether a shower pull cord is the same as a shower isolator switch. Even if their shower pull cord stops working, people freak out. 

But don’t sweat it. The thing is, they both have the same functions. 

Both of these mechanisms were created to cut the shower from electricity. So the only difference lies in their method of usage. 

Only, the shower pull cord features a pull mechanism. On the other hand, the isolator switch can be turned off. 

Now you’ve entered the central part of the story. How do you fix a shower isolator anyway? Let’s find out.

Shower Isolator Switch Not Working: 5-Step Solution

Just like removing a shower riser rail, this is quite simple. Do the steps we wrote, and your problem will be solved. 

Keep in mind, this is a solution to the overheating problem only.

Step 1: Turn off the main power

First of all, turn the main power that leads to the switch. Although this seems obvious, you’d be shocked at the accidents.

Even if you think you turned off the main power, double-check.

Step 2: Open the Switch Cover

Next, open the main cover of the switch to access the wires. For this, you’ll need a screwdriver. 

Remove the screws and pop the cover open. 

Step 3: Check for Damage

Once you can see the parts of the isolator switch, it’s time to assess the damage. One of the clear signs of overheating is obviously, molten wires. 

Apart from that, look out for weakened insulators. 

Step 4: Replace the Necessary Parts

Once you’ve assessed which parts of the isolator switch need a replacement, get to work. 

Depending on the damage, you may have to switch a few wires. Or,  replacing and wiring the switch may be required!

Step 5: Reassemble Everything

Once you’re done reassembling, turn on the power from the circuit board. Now, try switching the isolator switch. Hopefully, your problem will be resolved.


Does an electric shower need an isolator switch?

Yes, electric showers are advised to come with isolators. In general, it’s recommended for showers to have a 50A pull cord or a 45A switch. But the difference between a pull cord and a switch is their location.  Whereas the pull cord is located in the shower, the switch is outside.

Is it safe to always leave the shower switch on?

Leaving a shower switch on has no particular pitfalls. However, remember to turn it off when you leave your home for a vacation. Or else, it could lead to a potential hazard. 

Why has my shower switch burnt out?

Shower switches burn out mainly due to loose wiring. This loose wiring results in sparks, when electricity flows through them. As a result, the switch burns out or melts.