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How To Remove A Stripped Set Screw From A Kitchen Faucet: 4 Different Ways

Kitchen faucets use diversified set screws to secure faucet handles and spouts. Sometimes the driver bits of the screws get stripped. You can’t unscrew them with a screwdriver.

How to remove a stripped set screw from a kitchen faucet?

There’s a number of ways to remove a stripped screw set from a faucet. You can remove it using a rubber band. Or, you can use an electric drill to grip the head of the screw and pull it out. You can also use the drill with a screw extractor. Cutting a notch can also be an option.

Whichever solution you’re looking for, we have it all. This article will give you all of the necessary instructions.

Let’s get started!

Why Screws Get Stripped

Want to extend the supply line of your kitchen faucet but can’t seem to unscrew the screws. The screws are probably stripped. Screws can get stripped for many reasons. For example:

  • Your pilot hole is too small or no pilot hole has been drilled
  • Your driver bit is dull
  • Using wrong sized driver bit
  • Low-quality screws
  • Screws made of stainless steel or brass are softer than ordinary steel screws. They are more likely to get stripped.

Now that you know how screws get stripped, let’s find out how to fix it.

4 Ways To Remove Stripped Screw Set From Kitchen Faucet

How To Remove A Stripped Set Screw From A Kitchen Faucet: 4 Different Ways 1

Removing a set screw can be very easy and again a little complicated. It depends on what condition the screw is in. To find out, take a look at the following steps.

Tools you might need

Gather everything you’ll need before you start working. Some of them might already be at your home:

  • Rubber Band
  • Power drill machine
  • Screw extractor set
  • Assorted metal drill bits
  • Wrench or locking pliers
  • Hammer
  • Rotary tool

Solution 1 of 4: Using A Rubber Band

How To Remove A Stripped Set Screw From A Kitchen Faucet: 4 Different Ways 2

If the driver bits are not stripped completely, all you need is an extra grip. Take a rubber band and wrap it around the screw head’s bits. Take a screwdriver and grip the screw keeping the rubber between the screwdriver and screw. 

Pull the rubber band tight enough so that there’s no slack. This should provide the grip to get the screw removed. Now force the screwdriver down and rotate counterclockwise. By this, the screw should come out loose.

Solution 2 of 4: Using A Power Drill

How To Remove A Stripped Set Screw From A Kitchen Faucet: 4 Different Ways 3

Sometimes the screw is not completely sunk into the material. You might be able to take it out using an electric drill in this case. 

Place the chuck of the drill over the head of the screw. Tighten the jaws of the chuck to secure a proper grip. Drill the screw gently in reverse, the screw should come out.

Be careful while using a power drill. A lot of accidents happen because of not using it carefully.

Solution 3 of 4: Cutting A Notch

As the bits have detonated, how about cutting a notch into the screw hole? 

You’ll need a rotary tool for this. If the screw is penetrated deep into the surface don’t use this solution. Because it can detonate the surface. 

Attach a cutting wheel with the rotary tool. Cut a single slot on the head of the stripper screw. After this, you can use a flathead screwdriver and rotate the screw counterclockwise. This should allow the screw to come out.

A screw is a small object, so the job is done with a rotary tool. It won’t work if you had to expand the faucet hole in your kitchen. For that, you would need a grinder.

Solution 4 of 4: Using A Screw Extractor

A screw extractor should be used if the screw is too stubborn. And there are no traces of bits remaining. Screw extractors counter thread the screws and make it come out.

Chuck the screw extractor in your drill driver keeping the burnisher end facing out. Reverse drill at a slow pace with the burnisher engaged in the screw head. Drill for about 1/16 of an inch into the screw head.

Now turn the driver a bit around so that the extractor section is facing outside. Slowly squeeze the trigger while pressing the extractor on the screw head in reverse. You should feel a bit engaged with the screw head and come out slowly.

If you don’t have any screw extractors, we have picked some of the top performers:


These screw extractors are highly reviewed by the customers. The bit quality is excellent and never tends to fail your objective.

Here we are! These were the solutions we could pull off to solve this problem. To remove a stripped screw from your faucet, you can use any of the options listed above.

These steps unfortunately won’t work if you want to remove a plastic nut from the kitchen faucet.

Tips To Avoid Stripped Screws

Here are some quick notes on how to avoid getting stripped in the first place. This won’t take much of your time:

  • Always use the right bits for your screw.
  • Always line up the screwdriver with the screw.
  • Apply proper force. If you don’t apply adequate force, the driver will twist away and start stripping the screw.
  • Use a few drops of oil on the threads of the screw while screwing them in. When you try to unscrew them, they will come out easily.

Additionally, you can remove hex screws without hex screwdrivers.

These tips can come in quite handy when you need them. Make sure not to forget any of it.


Question: What head of a screw is the least likely to strip?

Answer: The answer is in the question. Non-slip head screws are less likely to get stripped. They have better grip and so don’t let the screwdriver slip.

Question: Can faucet handles be stripped?

Answer: The faucet handles are threaded more efficiently. So usually, they don’t get stripped. But if you feel that they are coming off loose, you can use plumbing tape around the threads.

Question: Can power drills be used as a router?

Answer: Usually, drills lack the power and speed for safe and effective routing. Drills are designed for downward pressure. While a router can handle sidewise pressure. So, drills can’t be used as a router.

Final Verdict

Finally, we are at the end of our discussion. Now you should know how to remove a stripped set screw from a kitchen faucet.

We hope we can solve your problem. All you need to do is just pick your choice of solution and fix your stripped screws. 

Good Luck!