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Toto vs Kohler Toilets: Which Is Better?

Renovating the washroom is a difficult task because it requires a lot of attention. Choosing the best quality toilet for your washroom can be tough.

Toto and Kohler are the two best quality, renowned toilets. This brings the question of which one’s the better toilet for you? 

Worry not cause we have the answer to your question!

Which one’s right for you between Toto vs Kohler Toilets?

Toto is definitely better than Kohler toilets as it has more features. Most plumber and toilet experts prefer Toto. However, Kohler is a more budget-friendly and high-quality toilet as well. Hence, go for Kohler if you are tight on budget, or else choose Toto toilets. 

If you are still confused about choosing between the two then read more. We have discussed a detailed comparison between Toto and Kohler toilets.

Toto vs Kohler toilets: Notable differences

Choosing between Toto and Kohler toilets can be difficult if you aren’t aware of their basic differences. Before jumping straight into the details, take a look at the table we’ve provided below. This will give you an idea about these two and their differences:

FlushingPowerful (g max)Moderate (Aquapiston)
Installation methodsamesame
Maintenance LessRegularly
Leaking and lose flushLessRegularly

Toto Vs Kohler Toilets: Detailed Comparison

Now that you know the basic differences and features, let’s get straight into the details. You’ll be able to make your choice after you go through this section-

Design & Comfort

Toto toilets have a variety of models like classic, modern and unique. Colour options are diverse and on top of that, they look very luxurious.

Toto toilet models are ADA compliant and can be used by all aged people including the disabled as well. Toto offers a one-piece, two-piece, wall hung, and wall-faced toilet including a round fronted and elongated bow.

The toilets are designed in a way that makes them look small. Toto toilets have great space savings models making them the perfect fit for small apartments. Since they are small and space-saving, this makes them a little less comfortable than Kohler.

Kohler, on the other hand, has distinct-looking toilets with a variety of sleek and traditional designs. These toilets look luxurious and comfortable as well. It has a huge range of colors to choose from including floral, white shade, gold, and rose gold.

The models meet the ADA requirements making it save a lot of water annually. This company lets you choose from elongated and round bowls to provide maximum comfort.

All in all, Kohler is more comfortable as it is not space-saving and small like Toto. Toto is also comfortable and has more versatile toilets compared to Kohler.

Flushing Technology 

Toto comes up with the popular G-max flushing technology. This helps to flush the waste in one go very efficiently. 

Other Toto flushing technologies like E-max, Tornado, Dual-max are efficient as well. E-max is more eco-friendly and Tornado is the earlier version used by Toto.

Additionally, Toto uses less water when flushing which makes it more eco-friendly. There are rumors that other brands are trying to copy the technology of the G-max, But Toto is way ahead with their flushing system. 

Another advantage of using Toto is that it makes very little noise while flushing. This is important because it reduces noise pollution around the area.

Kohler comes with Aquapiston flushing technology which is well-known in America. It also has a powerful flushing mechanism that can clean wastes in one go. Kohler also saves water while flushing compared to other toilets.

Similar to Toto, Kohler also has noise-canceling technology. Kohler flush will not work properly if the toilet refill tube pops out, so make sure it is fixed before you purchase.

Kohler has more good flushing systems like the Aquapiston. Here are some of our suggestions:

Product 1
Product 2 

These are the best ones in the market. And you can use this without any worries!

Toto is superior when it comes to powerful flushing compared to Kohler. Toto saves more water and makes less noise than Kohler during a flush.


Both Toto and Kohler toilets are relatively easy to clean. It will only become difficult if you buy a two-piece toilet. This is because the gaps between the tank and the bowl are hard to clean. But if you know how to unclog a toilet, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Toto toilets have a CEFIONTECT or SanaGloss surface finish. This helps the toilet stay clean by preventing dirt from sticking to the surface. The coating also stops stains and mold build-up.

Kohler toilets, on the other hand, are made from vitreous china. This is very easy to clean as well. The Clean Coat technology of Kohler adds a thin layer to the surface of the toilets. Hence, it helps keep the toilet clean for long hours against dirt and waste.

Due to the coating and efficient flushing, Toto toilets can be cleaned easily. It’s recommended not to use an abrasive cleaner, bleach, and acidic or alkaline detergents on Toto toilets. It may end up resulting in damaging the toilet material.

Kohler toilets may sometimes require more than one flush to be cleaned. This is because the flushing and the coating on these toilets are not as efficient as Toto. Avoid using abrasive cleaning products, bleach, and acid or alkaline detergents on Kohler toilets. You can use soft abrasive products or gentle toilet bowl cleaners to clean dirt and debris.

Toto is easier to clean compared to Kohler toilets. If you want to avoid cleaning regularly then get the one-piece toilet of Toto. It has all the components to stay clean for months.

Maintenance Cost

Maintenance is one of the most important things to consider when buying a new toilet. Some toilets are difficult to maintain due to the unavailability of spare parts.

Kohler is an American brand toilet that has spare parts available all across the country. When it comes to Toto, it’s a Japanese brand with spare parts available in America. 

Compared to Kohler, Toto spare parts are less available. Because they have distributors in America whereas Kohler manufactures here.

According to many plumbers, Toto toilets are easier to maintain than Kohler toilets. The maintenance cost for both toilets is around $150-350.


A toilet is an important thing to consider when it comes to renovating a washroom. It is not convenient to spend and maintain a toilet every now and then.

Toto toilets are more expensive than Kohler toilets because of their durability. An example of price can be Toto Ultramax II costs around $575-600. Whereas, Kohler Stately Memoir costs around $448-500.

Toto toilet’s pricing starts from $250 and can go up to $9,000. Kohler on the other hand starts from $100 and can go up to $7,500.

If you want the best quality durable toilet for your washroom then choose Toto toilets. You can avoid paying the plumbers multiple times for repair. 

However, if you are tight on budget then choose Kohler. Because they will cost less and provide years of good service.


Toto toilets have fewer issues with leakages and loose flushes. Hence, this makes Toto more durable and easier to maintain than Kohler. If you have your Kohler installed in your basement, you might want to convert the drain to a shower drain. This will help you deal with leakages better.

Toto and Kohler both are ADA compliant and their models meet WaterSense, Beyond Green, CalGreen, and many other certifications. Certifications make them recognized and proven brands providing good quality toilets.

These certificates make these toilets environment-friendly, eco-friendly, save water, and compatible for all kinds of people of age. Both Kohler and Toto come with at least a one-year warranty after purchase.

Both the toilets come with good durability. But in the durability battle, Toto wins. 

Final Verdict 

Choosing between Toto and Kohler is your personal choice. All the facts are right in front of your eyes. Choose whichever you think is the right one for you. Because for us, it’s a tie. Both of these toilets are good in their own ways.

If you want to choose Toto, you’ll have good service for a long time. Kohler will give you good service as well but it is less durable than Toto and needs to be maintained. If you choose Kohler, you’ll get a toilet at a very affordable price. 


Question: What is a better 1 or 2 piece toilet?

Answer: Both 1 and 2 piece toilets perform better in a similar fashion. Flushing power and efficiency are the same. It is just that a two-piece toilet can be installed as it is a DIY (Do-it-yourself) project. One-piece toilets require a plumber to install.

Question: What is special about a Toto toilet?

Answer: Toto comes up with a lot of features. Such as Hand-free, toilet paper-free, automatic flushing systems, and air purifying systems. A lot more features are there which do not even need messy toilet paper again.

Question: Is an elongated or round toilet better?

Answer: Elongated bows are more comfortable for most people but round toilets serve other purposes. Round is also comfortable but it works best in small washrooms by saving space. Round toilets are a little less expensive than elongated toilets.


That was all regarding the Toto vs Kohler toilets battle. You should be able to choose after going through our guide.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to your budget and your personal preference. 

Good luck choosing one!